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Thursday, June 13, 2019

French artist Frederique Stref launches inaugural art exhibition in Singapore

Jun 13, 2019 - A UNIQUE BLEND OF ART NOUVEAU WITH THE ANCIENT GREEK TECHNIQUE OF ENCAUSTIC (HOTWAX) PAINTING - FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND ART SHOWCASE IN SINGAPORE SINGAPORE – June 13, 2019 Merging the sensuous texture of melted wax and the endearing translucency of glass sculptures has produced some outstanding artworks which will be displayed for the very first time in Singapore. The unique and visually-striking art pieces are the brainchild of French artist Ms Frederique Stref - who has invented and mastered this innovative and complex technique to create stunning artworks that have graced the homes of art lovers and halls of corporate buildings in both Europe and Asia. Said Ms Stref, "I have chosen to hold my inaugural art exhibition in Singapore as I believe that this city is the gateway to Asia's booming art markets and fast-expanding arts communities with varied appetites for different kinds of art forms. Singapore is also a place where new concepts and avant-garde ideas are well-received. We have heard so much about Singapore as a hub for start-ups and tech innovations. So I am confident that this is a great place for artists to test and nurture new techniques and art creations to appeal to increasingly savvy and diversified art fans, collectors and investors looking for the next big bang in the art industry." Encaustic art Natural movements, expressions, textures, scents. Frederick’s Stref's ability to blend sensory elements with molten glass and scented wax gives birth to the material form of encaustic (hot wax paintings). Such a delicate mix engages the viewer’s sensory pleasure of sight, smell and touch. One can almost envision the French artist kneading through the warm and deliciously scent wax. Frederick Stref said, “The encaustic hot wax painting technique is a gestural luscious and tactile creative process that requires deep involvement with encaustic matter. The texture and radiance of viscous liquid suited my sensory nature, enabling me to render my deepest feelings and creativity” Growing up in Nancy, the French capital for Art Nouveau, Frederique Stref was inspired by her father and renowned French glass artist, Rene Stref, who used the “pate de verre” kiln casting technique to create outstanding artworks and sculptures. Her extensive travel and living experiences in many parts of Europe and Asia bore a strong influence in her art. She was being surrounded by Art Nouveau architecture while living in Brussels. And the elegant lines of Danish and Dutch designs have wielded a strong influence in her while living in Copehagen and in Den Haag. Recalling serendipitous experiences she had in her travels, “While I was living in the Netherlands, I stumbled upon artworks made with encaustic art in an art gallery in Amsterdam. The sensuous texture of the medium brought back fond memories of the glass sculpture that my father used to create in his workshop. The sensual resonance of paintings of ‘Natvar Bhavsar’ that I came across in Hong Kong also planted the seeds of my art practice of expression of emotions through colour”. With a clear idea of her aims in her own art practice, Frederique understudied Gary Simmons, an encaustic master with decades of experience with wax and encaustic techniques. From this, she started developing her own encaustic art. Today, Frederique Stref lives in Singapore, launching her international career as an encaustic painter. Some of her artworks have been acquired and displayed in Paris, Berlin, Lugano Hong Kong and Singapore. Her latest artworks using her unique encaustic art technique will be shown for the first time to the public at her inaugural exhibition on June 13 at the NPE Art Residency and Gallery at 41, Kallang Place. Admission to the exhibition is free of charge. About Frederique Stref Growing up in Nancy, the French capital for Art Nouveau, Frederique Stref was inspired by her father, the well-reputed and respected glass artist, Rene Stref – who used the “pate de verre” glass casting technique to create outstanding artworks and sculptures. Combining her father’s passion for molten glass and her love for nature, scents, movement and textures of natural objects, she has assimilated several art techniques, one of which blends Art Nouveau with the ancient Greek technique of encaustic (hot wax) painting that involves manipulating the glass texture of scented wax. Some of her artworks have been acquired and displayed in Paris, Berlin, Lugano Hong Kong Singapore Today she has turned her passion for art into stunningly lifelike encaustic paintings. For more details on Frederique Stref’s inaugural art exhibition, please visit Release issued on behalf of Frederique Stref by Stratagem Consultants Pte Ltd For more information, please contact: Tham Moon Yee / Soh Tiang Keng / Julian Kay Tel: 6227 0502 Email: - ASIA TODAY News Global Distribution Category:  Arts & Culture Exhibition FeaturedNews:  Show in Featured News