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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Go with the flow: the mesmerising moves of Russell Maliphant

With a dance version of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, a collaboration with Greek composer Vangelis and his touring show Silent Lines, the questing choreographer is busier than ever I’m lost on an industrial estate in Acton, west London, looking for Russell Maliphant. There’s an anonymous door, behind it a dusty workshop, then another door. I push through to find a dark, cocoon-like studio with the hushed atmosphere of intense creation. The bodies of five dancers are blurred by ripples of light projected over them. Maliphant sits in front, monk-like in his focus. The seamless spirals of the movement are instantly recognisable as the serious, soft-spoken choreographer’s work. His mesmerising pieces, including Push and AfterLight, have won many prizes – Maliphant picked up the best independent company trophy at this month’s National Dance awards – but his presence in the dance world is not as loud as some of Britain’s other major players. Continue reading...