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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Greek Wedding: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Go

GUEST CODE: Thanks to our multicultural society, you may find yourself at a wedding this summer that celebrates in ways you aren't familiar with — and we're here to help. Each week, the HuffPost Canada Living team will take a look at a different culture ...


Resilience helps Greece reach new heights

( - There certainly aren't too many people who would have predicted that Greece and Costa Rica would meet up in the second round at this World Cup. Yet the two underdogs will square off on Sunday in Recife for the right to advance to the ...


Greek far-right leader's wife under house arrest

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Lawmaker Eleni Zaroulia, wife of Greece's jailed far-right leader, has been placed under temporary house arrest until judges decide whether to detain her pending trial for allegedly running a criminal organization. Judges disagreed ...


4-point gurus Greece thrive on latest upset

Greece is through to the last 16 at the World Cup by the slimmest of imaginable margins: Thrashed by Colombia 3-0 in the opener, holding Japan 0-0 with 10 men, and only scoring in its final game. Georgios Samaras' injury time penalty on Tuesday provided the 2-1 win needed to eliminate Ivory Coast in Group C. After disappointing in their first two matches, the Greeks came alive against Didier ...


Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the US and abroad

by  Associated Press Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials by The Associated Press, Associated Press - 25 June 2014 14:18-04:00

Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States and abroad:


June 22

Miami Herald on air traffic controllers and fatigue:

The news has been scarier than usual: Iraq is on the boil, which has serious implications for U.S. security, random and mass-shooting tragedies seem to be coming at us weekly.

Add to these the fact that air traffic controllers are too sleepy, and anyone who boards a plane should be very afraid. The controllers are suffering from chronic fatigue while on the job — the task of keeping the millions of people who fly from here to there safe in the air. It remains a major threat to the safety of the flying public that the Federal Aviation Administration must address immediately.

It's not as if the FAA had no idea that too many of its 15,000 air traffic controllers are at risk of nodding off or sluggish thinking. Three years ago, it was disclosed that there were controllers who were falling asleep in front of their screens, which forced the FAA to take a closer look at work scheduling, which has contributed to the problem.

This latest disclosure is a result of a report, mandated by Congress, from the National Research Council. At issue, short-term, is the policy that allows controllers to work five eight-hour shifts over four consecutive days — the last one being a midnight shift.

Controllers love it because they get 80 hours — the equivalent of two traditional work weeks — off before they have to return to work. However, the report says that this scheduling likely results in "severely reduced cognitive performance" during the midnight shift because of fatigue.

The schedule might be popular, but it's a dangerous one. The FAA should sit down with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association and develop scheduling that reduces fatigue on the job and increases flight safety.

To its credit, the FAA imposed a fatigue risk management program after several controllers were caught sleeping on the job a few years ago. Cutbacks, however, have thwarted the program's effectiveness. This is not encouraging news. Neither is what's roaring down the pike, coming straight at helpless plane passengers and crew members at the mercy of air traffic controllers who might — or might not — be at the top of their game. The FAA is confronting a deluge of retirements. Controllers are required to retire when they turn 56. The agency will have to replace about two-thirds of this workforce — 10,000 controllers — during the next 10 years.

Flying shouldn't be a crap shoot because someone was asleep at the switch.



June 23

Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina, on the re-election Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos:

Colombians had reason to celebrate last week. The national soccer team trounced Greece and Ivory Coast in its two first-round World Cup games, and President Juan Manuel Santos was elected to a second term.

Santos won fewer votes than challenger Oscar Ivan Zuluaga in the initial presidential election on May 25, but neither candidate captured a majority. In the June 15 runoff, however, Santos received 51 percent of the vote.

The election was largely viewed as a referendum on peace talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), which Santos initiated in 2012. Prior to Santos' re-election, his government announced that it also would begin preliminary peace negotiations with the nation's second largest guerrilla group, the National Liberation Army (ELN).

The runoff outcome is major victory for stability and economic growth in the region and helps ensure not just the continuation of the FARC peace process but also sustained ties between the United States and one of its closest allies in Latin America.

But Santos' first international appearance in his second term wasn't in Havana, where the FARC peace talks have been held. He traveled to Brazil, where he applauded Colombia's national soccer team as it defeated the Ivory Coast, 2-1, last Thursday.

It was a smart populist move in a country that cares about soccer almost as much as it cares about politics.

Santos' victory strengthens Colombia's bid to become South America's next international economic success story. The United States should continue to support Santos' openness to foreign investment in Colombia - and his efforts for peace in the region.



June 24

Wall Street Journal on Egypt sentencing three journalists to prison for seven years:

These days the Middle East seems to be returning to the Middle Ages, and this week Egypt made its contribution to pre-modernity by jailing three journalists for the crime of doing their job.

An Egyptian judge sentenced an Australian, an Egyptian-Canadian and an Egyptian who work for Al Jazeera's English-language news network each to at least seven years in prison. The men were accused of collaborating last year with the Muslim Brotherhood to "give the appearance Egypt is in a civil war." All three have worked for other large international media outlets.

This case is really about a larger dispute between the Egyptian military regime of new president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Qatar's ruling royal family, which owns Al Jazeera and supported the Muslim Brotherhood. After mass public protests last year, the military removed President Mohammed Morsi, who belonged to the Brotherhood.

The charges against the journalists are invented and the sentences were quickly denounced around the world. Secretary of State John Kerry called them "chilling, draconian" and "a deeply disturbing set-back to Egypt's transition." He's right, but they are also typical of the new old Egypt. More than 1,000 Brotherhood members have been arrested and convicted to long sentences or death. Egyptian liberal activist Ahmed Maher was sentenced last year to three years in prison. A dozen other journalists are in jail, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Not that the military seems to care much about outside criticism. The sentences came down a day after Kerry had visited al-Sisi and had said the general "gave me a very strong sense of his commitment" to improve Egypt's human-rights record and transition to democracy. Egypt's future now depends on enlightened military rule, and so far there are few signs of that.



June 22

Boston Herald on Hamas and the kidnapping of three hitchhiking Israeli teenagers in the West Bank:

Little news from Palestinian territories startles Americans these days. Everybody has heard everything before — horrible violence and war included. Yet we can't get used to the idea of Palestinians rejoicing over Israeli misfortune.

When word of the apparent kidnapping of three hitchhiking Israeli teenagers in the West Bank reached Palestinian communities, residents passed around trays of candies in celebration. A Facebook campaign sprang up, with supporters of the kidnapping posting pictures of three fingers on their pages to represent the three victims.

It recalled the dancing in the streets of Palestinian towns in 2011 when Israel released 1,027 prisoners, collectively responsible for the murders of 569 Israelis, to recover one Israeli soldier.

Israeli troops have been turning the West Bank upside down in searching for the three — arresting scores and clearly putting pressure on the terrorist organization Hamas, which Israel blames for the kidnappings. Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank with which Hamas is supposed to have joined in a "unity" government, has denounced the kidnappings and pledged cooperation of his security agencies in finding the teenagers.

Hamas has denounced Abbas for cooperating, which the authority has done for several years, and praised the seizure of "Israeli soldiers," a false description of the three seminary students. Abbas likely is not unhappy to see Hamas pressured.

So is Israel using the teenagers as a pretext for attacking Hamas? Israel doesn't need a pretext. Hamas runs Gaza, from which rockets were fired into Israel for five days in a row last week, leading to Israeli air attacks on suspected rocket sites.

Hamas may win applause among Palestinians, whose opinion of Israel in polls can hardly go lower. But Palestinians will get nowhere until they understand that Israel's security is not a popularity contest.



June 24

Seattle Times on the National Security Agency:

Public outrage over Edward Snowden's revelations of spying abuses by the National Security Agency has finally had a welcomed consequence. Congress — supine for years in its duty to check the agency's power — is finally regrowing its spine.

The first indication came in May, when the U.S. House first passed important, but watered-down, reforms. The USA Freedom Act was intended to end the NSA's bulk and warrantless collection of American's phone records. But last-minute amendments gave the NSA too much wiggle room to conduct business as usual.

Last week, the spine stiffened. The House, by a 293-123 margin, moved to hit the NSA where it hurts — in its budget — by defunding what the Electronic Frontier Foundation called "two of the NSA's most invasive surveillance practices," including the practice of requiring American companies to install backdoor spy holes in communications hardware and software.

Among the Washington delegation, only U.S. Reps. Dave Reichert and Doc Hastings voted no.

A yes vote on NSA reforms resets the balance between the NSA's role between homeland protection and bedrock American civil liberties. In the post-9/11 decade of passive and deferring congressional oversight, that balance was tipped dangerously toward the former.

This reset now moves to the U.S. Senate. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, a champion of NSA reform even before Snowden's revelations, cites the agency's "long track record of secretly interpreting surveillance laws in incredibly broad ways" as reason for the Senate to further stiffen its spine.

He has the backing of the American people. A recent Pew Research poll found broad cynicism about President Barack Obama's support for NSA reforms. By a 4-to-1 margin, Americans disbelieved the claim that reforms will weaken the fight on terrorism.

Congress, finally, is reclaiming its oversight spine.



June 25

The Australian on the U.S. renewing involvement in Iraq:

The deadline set by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry of next Tuesday for Iraq's political leaders to form a new, fully inclusive government establishes a basis for U.S. involvement in the country. Such involvement is essential if the advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham is to be turned back. Kerry's rejection of hypocritical warnings from Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei against U.S. military intervention, even limited air strikes, is a good sign. It serves notice, hopefully, that after a period when the U.S. has been largely missing in action in Iraq, Washington is determined to prevent the country becoming "a safe haven ... for extremist jihadist groups", as Barack Obama has said.

Iraq is in a mess. After Obama pulled U.S. troops out in 2011 without leaving a residual force, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, backed by Iran, was left to rule in the name of narrow Shia sectarian nationalism. The situation has left the Sunni minority disaffected, feeding the rapid growth in support for ISIS Sunni extremists.

Obama and Kerry know there is little hope of reversing the jihadist advance while Maliki's sectarian government retains power. The deadline, provided it is enforced, should go a long way towards creating a political environment that will be better equipped to confront the extremists. Achieving that change will not be easy. Maliki, working with Tehran, appears determined to continue in his Shia sectarian way, increasing the likelihood of civil war and the dismemberment of Iraq.

Without an appetite anywhere in the West — least of all in the U.S. — for a return to boots on the ground, options are limited. But in being forceful on his Iraq visit (and travelling to Erbil to meet Kurdish leaders, who have been ignored by Washington since 2006, when former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice went there) Kerry has conveyed the message that the US is back and means business. The 300 US military advisers being deployed, probably to identify possible drone and cruise missile attack targets and to beef up the Iraqi army, also indicate renewed involvement. Such determination has not always been evident under Obama.


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Greece serious about Costa Rican challenge

Greece coach Fernando Santos says his side aren't taking the challenge of facing the in-form Costa Rica in the World Cup last 16 lightly.


"You're doing it wrong": Game-winning Greek penalty kick wrongly awarded ...

ROCKETNEWS24"You're doing it wrong": Game-winning Greek penalty kick wrongly awarded ...ROCKETNEWS24At first glance, there didn't seem to be anything fishy about the stoppage time foul against Greek striker Giorgos Samaras that gave up a penalty kick to the Greeks and sealed their win over Ivory Coast. Most early coverage of the game seems to make no ...


Top 50 recruit in 2015 heads to a Greek pro team

Top 50 recruit in 2015 heads to a Greek pro teamNBCSports.comGeorgios Papagiannis, a top 50 recruit in the class of 2015, will leave his high school in Pennsylvania to sign with Panathinaikos, one of the best Greek pro clubs. Papagiannis is is a seven-foot center that played for the Westtown School this past season.Four-star Georgios Papagiannis signs with Greek pro teamCBSSports.comWesttown forward Georgios Papagiannis signs with Greek teamVU HoopsReport: Westtown's Papagiannis signs with Greek pro teamCity of Basketball Loveall 6 news articles »


Perfect life in European Union: Poor fool's paradise

Smoke of wood stoves rises over cities of Greece, Spain suffers from youth unemployment, Germany raises retirement age to 76 years, whereas in the heart of London, people gather to protest against austerity measures. Who benefits from multiplying the poor in Europe? Has the tale of good European life been destroyed?


Nigeria v Argentina: World Cup 2014 live!

World Cup Group F updates live from Porto AlegreBosnia-Herzegovina v Iran live with John AshdownPictures: the best images from Nigeria v Argentina And you can email

5.49pm BST

The little genius wants that place in the pantheon, doesn't he?

5.47pm BST

... curls exactly the same free kick as he hit two minutes ago, towards the top right corner. Only this time it whistles into the net. Sheer brilliance! He's nearly halfway along the road to making this World Cup his own!

5.46pm BST

45 min: Nothing came of that corner, but Argentina are soon coming back at Nigeria. Or, rather, Messi is soon coming back at Nigeria. He's a force of nature, but you already knew that. He slides past three challenges down the inside right before being cheesewired by the leg of Oshaniwa. Clank! Messi steps up, and ...

5.44pm BST

43 min: Mikel clatters into the back of Lavezzi. Free kick to Argentina, 30 yards out, on the right wing. Messi takes, and wheechs a curler towards the top right. It's going in, and Enyeama is forced to palm out for a corner.

5.42pm BST

41 min: Mikel lumps a long ball down the left. Musa has no chance of catching it. That doesn't stop the winger giving it a go, and he very nearly achieves the impossible with a fast sprint and acrobatic hoick. But it was futile. Ivan Sidzhakov (35 min) is not going to be happy.

5.40pm BST

40 min: Argentina go straight down the other end and win themselves a corner on the left. Fernandez meets it with a strong header, and forces Enyeama to tip over. It was probably missing, but just in case. The second corner is a waste of time.

5.39pm BST

38 min: The free kick is floated towards the far post, where Odemwingie desperately attempts to head a ball heading out of play into the goal from a ridiculous angle. He can't manage it, and in any case Yobo has been all elbows and knees, and it's a free kick to Argentina.

5.37pm BST

36 min: Free kick to Nigeria, down the right, 30 yards out, Mascherano having bundled over Emenike. But before it can be taken, Aguero crumples to the turf. He's got some sort of muscle problem, writes Dr Murray, the Guardian's resident quack, who in all honesty has no idea, and will be replaced by Lavezzi.

5.36pm BST

35 min: This is all Argentina right now, in terms of possession at least. Nigeria are holding them off comfortably enough, and when they do get close to goal, the dependable Enyeama is in the way. Elsewhere, unlike the aforementioned Bob Dorough (backing vocals: Simon McMahon), Ivan Sidzhakov is of the opinion that ten, not three, is the magic number. "It's just a number and all, I know, but a player in the John Obi Mikel mould to be wearing the number ten jersey is just a travesty," he opines. "I'm holding the Super Eagles in contempt of the game." He's jazz riffin'! On Mikel's pain!

5.34pm BST

33 min: A snapshot by Aguero, just to the right of goal. Enyeama does well to turn it around the post. His reward, from the resulting corner, is an elbow from Higuain in his trouser arrangement. If that's not in a very special place, it's a bit of pressure on the old bladder. I hope the keeper hasn't taken on too much water, because he'll be in a lot of trouble with 12 minutes of the half remaining otherwise.

5.31pm BST

30 min: Di Maria has been, Messi apart, Argentina's star of this World Cup so far. Here he unleashes a low shot, 30 yards out, and nearly finds the bottom-right corner. Enyeama tips it round the post, and nothing comes of the corner, though Rojo isn't that far from guiding a high ball into the left-hand side of the goal with his nipples. Wide. Goal kick.

5.29pm BST

29 min: Messi passes the ball out of play down the right, making a mistake like a bog-standard human being.

5.28pm BST

27 min: Nigeria are not in a mood to die wondering. First Emenike hustles down the left, and is unlucky not to win a corner off Garay as the Argentinian defender shepherds the ball out of play. Then another Nigerian attack, and Odemwingie, down the right channel, sends a rising missile towards the top left. It's only just over the bar, and I'm not sure Romero was getting to that if the shot was on target. A fine effort.

5.27pm BST

25 min: Di Maria takes a step down the left, and from the edge of the area drags a shot across the face of goal and out on the right. Messi, channelling his inner Gazza, failed to toe-poke home as he slid in.

5.25pm BST

24 min: Good news for NIgeria: Bosnia-Herzegovina are a goal up against Iran. Only an Iranian victory, coupled with a heavy(ish) Nigerian defeat, can deny the African champs a place in the second round. As things stand, advancement is very much on the cards.

5.23pm BST

22 min: Emenike looks to break down the right wing, but can't keep the ball in play. Nigeria haven't shown much in attack since their goal, but they've kept Argentina fairly quiet, and that's more than enough at the moment.

5.21pm BST

20 min: Free kick for Argentina, 35 yards out, just to the right. The ball's lumped into the box by Messi, a teasing effort towards the right-hand post, with Aguero and Higuain bombing in. Mikel gets there first, and nearly eyebrows a header past his own keeper! But Enyeama reacts well to gather.

5.18pm BST

17 min: Messi embarks on another jig, down the right, and wins the first corner of the game. He sends it straight into the arms of the excellent Enyeama. Not so good that time, but Argentina already look a different proposition from the clumpish, constipated version that struggled so badly against Iran.

5.16pm BST

15 min: Messi goes on a rococo ramble down the inside-right channel. A one-two with Aguero, and then Higuain is sent into the area down the right. He reaches the byline and whistles a low cross into the six-yard area, but Enyeama is down quickly to smother.

5.14pm BST

13 min: Are these words not enough? They're not enough, are they. Here's an ever-expanding picture gallery to satisfy your desire for visual stimulation.

5.12pm BST

11 min: Enyeama is a busy lad. He's forced to come off his line and clatter the ball clear, Yobo having put him in a little bother with a backpass, Aguero and Messi right up in the defender's grille. "The Guardian Goals Guarantee is pretty powerful magic," says Veronica Fleury. Yes, but we'll let Messi and Musa have some of the credit too. Zero goals, I tells ya!

5.10pm BST

9 min: Argentina get their chops up again, and nearly score twice in a minute. First Di Maria blooters a shot from distance; Enyeama parries well. Then Messi pitching-wedges a chip down the inside-left channel to release Higuain into the box. The striker attempts to round Enyeama on the outside, but the keeper stands up well and the eventual shot is into the side netting.

5.08pm BST

6 min: Argentina, not a little stunned by that opening, are knocking it around the back in order to clear their heads. Wow. Two magnificent goals. Messi's strike was memorable more in the making - step forward Javier Mascherano and Angel di Maria - but Musa's was simply astonishing. This is on! Simon McMahon will be happy.

5.06pm BST

One minute and 2o seconds later, the powerful and tricky Musa makes good into the Argentinian area down the left, takes a touch inside, and curls an unstoppable work of genius into the top right corner! Messi who?!?

5.05pm BST

Messi's already three steps along the road to heaven according to the 1986 Maradona Plan! First Bosnia-Herzegovina, then Iran, and now Nigeria. Mascherano sends Di Maria free down the left with a gorgeous sliderule pass. Di Maria clatters the post. The ball rebounds off Enyeama, who had made an excellent fingertip save, but Messi's romping into the area to follow up, and slams home!

5.02pm BST

2 min: Mascherano is on the floor, rolling around, after Odemwingie planted his studs on his ankle. Nothing malicious, just an innocent coming together in a contact sport. This sort of thing happens in football, as the much-maligned Luis Suarez has been desperately arguing.

5.00pm BST

And we're off! Argentina, whose fans fill the stadium, get the match underway with the time-honoured kick-off routine. Here's hoping for a goalfest. I'm not the only one. "I'll be honest, I'm becoming a bit obsessed about the average number of goals per game at this World Cup," begins Simon McMahon, who has been poring over the record books. (Cris Freddi's up-to-date Complete Book of the World Cup e-book is the essential tome, by the way; get on it now if you haven't done so already.) "In particular, the number 3. It really is the magic number. Not since 1958 has the goals per game ratio in a World Cup been above it and in the last two it's been below 2.5. Before yesterday the Brasil 2014 average was sitting at exactly 3, 108 goals having been scored in the 36 games played. Then we had Italy, Uruguay, Costa Rica and England. Columbia and Greece did their best, but we need 15 goals in 4 matches today to get us back on track. Perhaps you can give us the Guardian Goals Guarantee? That should do the trick." OK, Simon, I'll try my best: there will be a grand total of ZERO goals in today's four fixtures, and that's a SUPER SOARAWAY GUARDIAN GOALS GUARANTEE!!! That should see you right, you know what our predictions are like.

Also, seeing you've been channelling your inner Bob Dorough with this three-is-the-magic-number lark, I suppose I should put up the song in question. But what with it being the height of summer in London, I've got a Christmas carol theme going on. So this will have to do instead:

4.54pm BST

The teams are out! Argentina sport their storied sky-blue-and-white-striped shirts, with tradition-defying white shorts which are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Nigeria meanwhile are resplendent in their famous all-green get-up. And it's time for the national anthems!

Nigeria's is a mash-up of Elvis Presley's Wooden Heart and one of the versions of O Little Town of Bethlehem. I'll be straight with you, I didn't realise there were two versions until running it through a popular internet search engine. Anyway, let's sing, sing, sing!

4.22pm BST

Nigeria replace Victor Moses with striker Michael Babatunde: Enyeama, Ambrose, Yobo, Omeruo, Oshaniwa, Onazi, Mikel, Babatunde, Odemwingie, Emenike, Musa.Subs: Ejide, Uzoenyi, Gabriel, Egwuekwe, Odunlami, Oboabona, Azeez, Nwofor, Uchebo, Ameobi, Agbim.

Argentina name an unchanged team: Romero, Zabaleta, Federico Fernandez, Garay, Rojo, Gago, Mascherano, Di Maria, Messi, Higuain, Aguero.Subs: Orion, Campagnaro, Biglia, Perez, Maxi Rodriguez, Augusto Fernandez, Demichelis, Palacio, Alvarez, Lavezzi, Basanta, Andujar.

3.43pm BST

Here's Diego Maradona in 1986, match by match. One: sets up three goals against South Korea. Two: a volley past world champions Italy. Three: sets up another against Bulgaria. Four: hits bar and has goal disallowed against Uruguay. Five: England! Six: Belgium fall to another ludicrous solo goal. Seven: sets up World Cup winning goal.

And here's the wee man in 1990. One: shackled well by Cameroon, but had the good grace to look theatrically frustrated. Two: unpunished as the Hand of God turns goalkeeper against USSR. Three: sets up goal against Romania. Four: plays greatest through ball of all time to set up winner against biggest rivals while being mugged. Five: misses penalty against Yugoslavia. Six: scores penalty against Italy with exact replica of penalty against Yugoslavia, having already plunged the host nation into civil war by pitting Naples against the rest of the country. Seven: ah well, all good runs have to come to an end at some point.

Continue reading...


Greece to launch major oil quest in early July

Greece will invite major oil companies next month to conduct offshore test drillings, the government said on Wednesday, launching the debt-laden country's most ambitious attempt so far to develop its untapped ...


US to seek data protection for EU citizens

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says the Obama administration will seek to introduce legislation granting European citizens the same privacy protection rights available to US citizens, when their data is being transferred from the European Union to the U.S. for law enforcement purposes.


Greek police arrest 2 in fake lottery that took in 360,000 Germans, netting $50 million

ATHENS -- Greek authorities say they have broken a massive lottery scam targeting Germans that tricked about 360,000 people into paying to take part in non-existent draws. A police statement Wednesday said two Greek men have been arrested on suspicion of ...


Four-star Georgios Papagiannis signs with Greek pro team

Four-star Georgios Papagiannis signs with Greek pro teamCBSSports.comA top-50 prospect came off the board on Wednesday -- but it wasn't a commitment to a college. Georgios Papagiannis has agreed to terms with Greek club team Panathinaikos. In a statement, Papagiannis said (the translation is a bit rough around the edges):.Report: Westtown's Papagiannis signs with Greek pro teamCity of Basketball Loveall 2 news articles »


Glastonbury 2014: Wednesday liveblog

The gates are open at Glastonbury, tents are being erected, and we're liveblogging the festival every day from now until Sunday

See all our Glastonbury 2014 coverage here

4.01pm BST

Elsewhere on the Guardian site today, you can read this interview with London Grammar, who do a terrible job of bigging up their Sunday night headlining slot on the John Peel stage.

Youre headlining the John Peel stage on Sunday at Glastonbury. Last year, Phoenix headlined the John Peel stage on Sunday at Glastonbury. Who are better at headlining the John Peel stage on Sunday at Glastonbury?

Hannah: I'm sure Phoenix are. With us, it still feels like were fluking it every time. In our live career, we really are inexperienced.

More >

3.38pm BST

Laughing in the face modern phones' limited battery life, some Glastonbury punters have been letting us know how they're getting on on Twitter via @GuardianMusic.

@guardianmusic the pyramid, the torr, the perfect tent pitch.. Let the good times begin...

@guardianmusic enjoying the sun in Park.

@guardianmusic The 5 O'clock coach has taken its toll...#Glastonbury @GlastoFest @GlastoLive

@guardianmusic 2004, first album KOL followed by Oasis. Magic combination.

@guardianmusic last time I was there was 2009 for Neil Young who was totally awesome - best live act I've ever seen, amazing crowd energy.

@guardianmusic 2010 (because I was there & it was as hot as Greece!) Stevie Wonder as Sunday headliner rounded off an amazing experience.

@guardianmusic 2010 (because I was there & it was as hot as Greece!) Stevie Wonder as Sunday headliner rounded off an amazing experience.

2.50pm BST

Remember those finger puppets we mentioned at 11.56 this morning? Well, some excellent person calling themselves dollytastic has taken one to the festival, and has sent us these photos via GuardianWitness.

If you share your pictures via GuardianWitness over the festival, not only might we show them off on our liveblog they might also be chosen to appear on the screen's at Guardian HQ, next to the Pyramid stage, for thousands of festival-goers to gawp at. See here for details on how to download thew GuardianWitness app to your phone.

Dolly realises she has arrived to early

Sent via GuardianWitness

By dollytastic

25 June 2014, 13:52

Dolly checks what time she is due on !

Sent via GuardianWitness

By dollytastic

25 June 2014, 13:54

Sent via GuardianWitness

By dollytastic

25 June 2014, 13:56

2.11pm BST

Anyone wishing to test whether Glastonbury remained true to its original spirit need only have turned up on Wednesday's opening morning when much of the site was suffering from a complete loss of power. No hot food! No smoothies! No flat whites! How will Glastonbury cope? Around the Pyramid Stage, only the man serving up coal-fire barbecued jerk chicken at the Taste Of The Caribbean had a smile on his face.

Elsewhere it was like the 1950s where children had to make their own fun: playing football in the walk ways; sunbathing (it's hot here); catching a moment's peace to read your Kindle. Like I said, just like the 1950s.

1.45pm BST

There's nothing like a good row over music. Some of Glastonbury's most memorable headliners over the last few years have been the ones people have loved to bicker over see in particular the fuss over Beyonce and Jay Z's top slots.

Metallica are not a univerally popular choice for Saturday night headliner but will you be watching? And which headliner will you be making an effort watch? Vote now in this poll over here: Which Glastonbury headliner are you most looking forward to?

12.56pm BST

Having spent a large part of the morning hanging out in the Guardian's Glastonbury cabin trying to work out where the spare keys are, Tim Jonze is now out and about exploring the site.

Hard at work in the Green Fields #glastonbury

12.36pm BST

We've just launched the last of our Glastonbury preview videos.

The prelude to the Glastonbury festival, which will draw more than 200,000 people to Worthy Farm in Somerset, is punctuated by a flurry of local activity. To mark the start of the festival season, Pilton locals and festival staff compete in a skittles match as well as running a charity raffle to help farmers affected by the floods that hit Somerset last year. Michael Eavis, the Glastonbury founder, talks about the buildup to this year's festival

12.22pm BST

Another Glastonbury activity to whet your festival appetite now, with our fabulous Glastonbury game.

11.56am BST

Looking for some kind of fulfilling craft activity to while away the hours until the music starts? The Guardian's Do Something supplement has created these Glastonbury-related cut-out finger puppets of Dolly Parton and Jack White, and they would dearly love you to show off what you can do with them. More info here.

11.31am BST

The news from the Met Office continues to be less-than-joyous for anyone camping out this weekend.

Thursday: Cloudy in the day, rain from about 7pm, getting heavier as the evening goes on

10.42am BST

Twitter hashtag excitement going on now; the wags are out in force if you search for #GlastonburyLineUp2014:

#glastonburylineup2014 Driptray I Can See Right Up It Hateful John ft. Japseye Maxwell Finger T.O.A.S.T Woven Camel Barrymore's Conscience

#GlastonburyLineUp2014 - Toxic Shock - Budget tent collapse - Organic waste - Portaloo explosion - Wiley's fixed grin - Zero Signal

#GlastonburyLineUp2014 Imminent Drugbust Accountants with Synths The Sensitive Hairgel RentaGhost Four Guys with Beards & A Cute Girl

#glastonburylineup2014 Sandi Toksvig's Monkey Butler Shit, Shit, Sausage Ghost Penis Your Mum The Under-rehearsed And you are? Ed Sheeran

#GlastonburyLineUp2014 - Is that Prince? - No... not Prince - Hang on, is THAT Prince? - No, just a drunk hipster - Wait, is THAT Prince?...

9.56am BST

Tim was up and about early this morning speaking to people in the queue. This four Sarah Fletcher, Paul Render, Angie Render and James Fletcher were at the very front:

9.27am BST

For those who enjoyed the Instagram clip from Tim Jonze we posted up here at 8:01am, you can now enjoy the FULL AND UNEXPURGATED director's cut of that video right here. We're calling it When The Gates Opened.

9.12am BST

Guardian photographer Alicia Canter will be sending through some pictures from the site this morning but in the meantime here are a few images from yesterday, when the sun was shining and the general public hadn't been let in yet.

8.29am BST

If you want to keep fully abreast of all Glastonbury-goings-on on Twitter:

8.03am BST

Early arrivals #glastonbury

8.01am BST

And we're off.

The Gates are open! Welcome to Glastonbury Festival 2014...

7.57am BST

Hello, good morning, and welcome to the official kick off of the Guardian's Glastonbury 2014 liveblog. Whether you're heading to the festival yourself, or are planning to observe it from a safe distance, in a rain-proof location with plenty of comfortable furniture, stick with us from now until Sunday night for the latest news, reviews, interviews, gossip, photos and more from Worthy Farm.

Our crack team of writers and photographers is heading down to the festival site over the nest day or so but early-bird Tim Jonze has been in position since Tuesday:

On site at #glastonbury2014. Some sort of record breaking early time I think. It's very hot here.

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Huge Greek-ran lottery scam targeted Germans

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek authorities say they have broken a massive lottery scam targeting Germans that tricked about 360,000 people into paying to take part in non-existent draws.


Icelandic Skyr Is Coming for Greek Yogurt

The AtlanticIcelandic Skyr Is Coming for Greek YogurtThe AtlanticTo the uninitiated, skyr is like yogurt but thicker and more textured—it won't fall off the spoon if you flip it over. In its quest to be the new Curdled Dairy Queen, Siggi's, a company that makes Icelandic-style skyr, wants to get the word out that ...Midweek Recess: Bad Grades, Press Credentials and Greek YogurtLaw.comGreek yogurt pilot program expandedDairy Herd ManagementFood without full-fat cultured yogurt is simply not acceptableThe Nationalall 4 news articles »


Greek central bank chief blames bad loans for massive bank losses

Athens: New Greek central bank governor Yannis Stournaras on Wednesday sounded the warning over the rising level of non-performing bank loans, saying they were largely to blame for 600 million euros worth of bank losses. "Managing non-performing loans is ...


Greek yogurt pilot program expanded

USDA has awarded New York yogurt makers Chobani and Upstate Niagara Cooperative with contracts to provide yogurt to public schools across several states through the USDA’s School Lunch Program Pilot.


Cine Manto On Mykonos, among the Best Six Open-Air Cinemas of the World

After the tributes to two open-air cinemas of Greece, Cine Paris in Athens and Cine Kamari on the Greek island of Santorini, British media praise Cine Manto on the Cycladic island of Mykonos. According to the British newspaper Independent Cine Manto is included in the list with the six greatest open-air cinemas around the world, which are worth visiting. The Independent  praises Cine Manto located in a botanical garden on the romantic Greek island of Mykonos. In addition it refers to the beautiful atmosphere with the Mediterranean plants and the lily covered pools. A stylish restaurant serves breakfast, barbecues, brunch beneath the canopy of trees. Operating from June until September and with tickets of 8 euros, Cine Manto is a must for anyone visiting Mykonos. The British newspaper Guardian has also recently praised the other two Greek open-air cinemas, Cine Paris in Athens and Cine Kamari on Santorini, including them in the list with the best outdoor cinemas in the world. The Big Six Open-Air Cinemas according Independent are: Cinema d’Été, Monaco Sunset Cinema, Florida Amante, Ibiza II Cinema Ritrovato, Bologna Sun Pictures, Australia Cine Manto, Mykonos  


Deadline for Tax Returns Runs Out

2,500,000 Greek taxpayers have to submit their tax returns by July 1st. Compared to last year’s taxes, an increase in taxation of self-employed and renters is expected, according to accountants, while taxes of employees and pensioners will remain the same levels as last year. With only six days left for the electronic submission of tax declarations, the Ministry of Finance in Greece fears that many taxpayers are being hesitant , hoping that a possible delay in submission considering will lead to the postponement of the payment deadline. However, according to the Ministry of Finance a deadline extension would not necessarily solve the problems. In its effort to convince taxpayers to submit their tax return, the Ministry announced that the social and family benefits may be at risk.  


World Cup: Greece snatch late 2-1 win over Ivory Coast to reach last 16

Georgios Samaras scored a stoppage-time penalty as Greece stunned Ivory Coast 2-1 in Fortaleza to reach the last 16 of the World Cup for the first time. With Japan losing to Colombia in Group C’s other match, it looked like Ivory Coast would progress ...


Starbucks tests Greek yogurt smoothies in California, Missouri

Starbucks tests Greek yogurt smoothies in California, MissouriCumberland Times-NewsCHICAGO — Starbucks Corp., which started selling handmade sodas in the southern United States Tuesday, is now testing three flavors of Greek-yogurt smoothies as it continues trying to broaden its appeal beyond coffee. The sweet greens, mango carrot ...and more »


Greek spot-kick drama denies Ivorians

Fifa.comGreek spot-kick drama denies IvoriansFifa.comAfter a tightly-contested opening, the Greek rhythm was disrupted by the misfortune of two injuries; Panagiotis Kone was forced off and replaced by Andreas Samaris, before goalkeeper Orestis Karnezis had to submit and Panagiotis Glykos entered the fray.World Cup: Georgios Samaras Voted MVP of Greece vs Côte d'IvoireGreek ReporterFive Points: James shines again for Colombia, Uruguay in trouble with or ...FOXSports.comA Scot from Oz celebrates Greece reaching World Cup's last 16Herald Scotland (blog)The Daily Starall 79 news articles »


Head of OTE Michael Tsamaz Verifies Interest in Forthnet Group

Speaking at an ordinary general meeting of shareholders of telecommunication company OTE on Tuesday, its chairman and CEO Michael Tsamaz confirmed OTE’s interest in Forthnet group. Tsamaz commented that OTE is watching all market developments and is making contacts “so as to view and understand what these developments mean for us and for the broader Greek market”. Forthnet is a large privately owned group especially strong in triple play services, providing broadband and satellite pay-TV services with a multitude of dedicated TV channels. Tsamaz also said that “OTE’s transformation into a modern technology provider is a fact”, adding that “OTE’s ability to overcome obstacles, address its weaknesses, view crises as growth opportunities, as well as plan and implement a focused strategy to the benefit of the customers, sets new standards for the market as a whole”. The head of OTE predicted, that the Greek telecommunications market will gradually be dominated by “two-three players”, noting the benefits of a concentrated market with companies able to invest in growth. In reference to financial year 2013, Tsamaz stressed that OTE saw significant progress at all levels, emphasizing the reduction of operational costs achieved and the sizable decline in net borrowing to around 1.5 billion euros, comparable to OTE’s yearly EBITDA. Chamaz noted, that in the coming four years OTE will invest 1.2 billion euros, mainly in new generation networks. For 2014, OTE’s ambitious goal is to provide VDSL internet access to 30% of the population and 4G access to 70% of the population.


World Cup 2014 talking points: Italy bow out but Colombia march on

Fifa must be tough and rapid with their Suárez ruling, Italys cynics win, Colombia continue to shine and Greece bring a dose of reality to last 16

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Never a dull moment

Greeks really are unrivaled in the way that they judge people and view different events. A combination of humor, cynicism and absolutely blatant contradictions makes our analyses of situations and especially of public figures unexpected and quite unique. ... ...


Greece 2-1 Ivory Coast: Georgios Samaras sends Greeks through to last 16 with dramatic injury-time penalty

Another night of heartbreak. Just when it appeared Ivory Coast had something to smile about, their dreams of World Cup progress were dramatically shattered by Greece. They were within 90 seconds of reaching the last 16 but a reckless foul by substitute ...


Greece vs Ivory Coast match report: Giorgios Samaras is Greek hero with late penalty to secure knockout place

Greece made history in Fortaleza yesterday by qualifying for the World Cup’s round of 16 for the first time in a dramatic finale at the expense of Ivory Coast. Georgios Samaras’s injury-time penalty earned them a 2-1 victory just as Ivory Coast looked ...


Greek National Soccer Team Praised by International Media

International media praised the Greek national soccer team for its qualification to the next round of the World Cup in Brazil, after winning Ivory Coast 2-1 on Tuesday evening. Greece will face Costa Rica on Sunday at 11pm, for the knock-out round, with ...


Uruguay's win over Italy, Luis Suarez 'biting' scadal mark 13th day of World Cup Finals

In Group C, Colombia and Greece proceed to the Round of 16, along with Costa Rica and Uruguay in Group D


5 Things for Greece to Take out of Their World Cup Group Stage Games

Fernando Santos' Greece have achieved a remarkable feat in qualifying from the group stages, but what are their key takeaways? They emerge from their group having scored just two goals, but nonetheless having managed to impress on occasion, particularly in ...


World Cup: Georgios Samaras Voted MVP of Greece vs Côte d’Ivoire

Georgios Samaras was announced the MVP of World Cup’s Greece vs Côte d’Ivoire match, according to FIFA’s official website. Samaras assisted in the first goal and scored the penalty that he won in the remaining seconds of extra time. The Greek footballer who was born and raised in Heraklion, Crete, knew that if he missed that penalty he would be crucified by the same people that now praise him. Greece is not a nation of people who would sit down calmly and empathize with a player after a failed attempt to score. One look at comments of Greek teenagers on Greek sports sites and you ‘ll be wondering where do they come up with such mastery of swear words. It’s obvious to say that if Samaras sent the ball over the bar, just wide of the posts, or in the keeper’s hands, he would have a similar greeting to the one Roberto Baggio had when he missed Italy’s final penalty in the 1994 World Cup final in the US. Or even worse, remember how the British media turned against their most beloved player and future superstar, David Beckham, when he was red carded against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup. It’s beyond our imagination how difficult it must be to have the souls of 20.000.000 Greeks on your shoulder while also facing the greatest challenge of your life. Samaras’ calmness in the 2014 World Cup decisive match against Côte d’Ivoire was not a coincidence, but  a result of the player’s traing in Holland, and specifically in Heerenveen’s youth team.  When he picked up the ball, we all knew that there was nobody else as capable of taking that risk as he was. No other player had the courage to take that shot. Despite what he has heard over the years because of his dislike to defend, Georgios Samaras is our most gifted and skilled soccer player and last night he managed to turn his charisma into one of the most important victories Greece has ever seen. He is definitely worth that MVP title and all the praise he is receiving today, after sending Greece to the World Cup’s 16 elite.    


Their big fat Greek vacation! Kobe Bryant enjoys a relaxing holiday with wife Vanessa and their two daughters in Mykonos

This fall he'll start a two-year extension of his contract with the Lakers worth a reported $48.5 mil. But for now Kobe Bryant is making sure he fully enjoys his time during the off-season from playing with the Los Angeles basketball team. The 35-year-old ...


World Cup 2014: Highlights Greece 2-1 Ivory Coast

BBC SportWorld Cup 2014: Highlights Greece 2-1 Ivory CoastBBC SportThe former Celtic man was cool under immense pressure to cancel out substitute Wilfried Bony's earlier strike, after Greece had taken the lead through an Andreas Samaris strike before half time. Greece will now face Group D winners Costa Rica on Sunday.


Greece vs. Ivory Coast: Highlights from Group C Match

Bleacher ReportGreece vs. Ivory Coast: Highlights from Group C MatchBleacher ReportGreece vs. Ivory Coast: Highlights from Group C Match. Robert Cianflone/Getty Images. Greece advanced to the knockout stages of the World Cup in dramatic fashion, as Georgios Samaras hit home an injury-time goal from the penalty spot to seal a 2-1 win.World Cup: Samaras sends Greece throughCITY A.M.Fernando Santos calls on Greece supporters to celebrate triumphSports Moleall 8 news articles »


Greece Defeat Encapsulated Golden Generation's Flaws

For a third consecutive World Cup, the Ivory Coast have fallen at the first hurdle. Whilst in 2006 and 2010 they were drawn in fiendishly difficult groups, 2014 ought to have been the occasion to have broken the hoodoo. When push came to shove, all the ...


How Outsider Greece Nailed Starful Côte d’Ivoire and Advanced to World Cup’s 16

An in depth analysis of the Greece vs Côte d’Ivoire World Cup game that resulted in the Greek National Team's advancement to the knockout stages of the tournament for the first time in history.


Greek chef Giorgos Kosmidis Halkidiki shrimp

The three peninsulas of Halkidiki – Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos ­– are the summer playgrounds of Macedonia. Blessed with numerous and secluded beaches, surrounded by the clear blue Aegean sea with pine forested mountains of wild flowers, olive trees ...


Greece 2-1 Ivory Coast World Cup 2014 match report: Georgios Samaras ...

Greece 2-1 Ivory Coast World Cup 2014 match report: Georgios Samaras ...Daily MailA 90th minute Georgios Samaras penalty has sent Greece through to the last-16 of this World Cup against all odds as Ivory Coast ended their campaign crestfallen. It had looked for all the world that Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure and co were heading into ...


2014 FIFA World Cup: Greece beats Ivory Coast on late penalty, 2-1

2014 FIFA World Cup: Greece beats Ivory Coast on late penalty, 2-1CBSSports.comGreece's Georgios Samaras buried a penalty kick in the 92nd minute, giving his side a decisive 2-1 lead that ultimately saw it through to the knockout stages. Had Greece not scored, the Ivory Coast was poised to advance by virtue of the draw, but ...


Late winner puts Greece in knockout stage

Greece has edged past Ivory Coast 2-1 through a late winner to eliminate the African team off the 16 teams of the knockout stage at Brazil’s 2014 FIFA world Cup. The Group C match, which Greece needed to win in order to advance, was held at Estadio ...


Greece breaks Cote d'Ivoire's heart following dubious penalty decision

Greece sends Cote d'Ivoire home following dubious penalty decision


Greece vs. Ivory Coast: Santos Inspires an Attacking, More Expansive Greece Win

Greece advanced to the FIFA World Cup knockout stages for the first time in their history on Tuesday evening by beating Ivory Coast 2-1. Andreas Samaris opened the scoring with a sweet effort and gave the Piratiko a half-time lead. Wilfried Bony pegged ...


Georgios Samaras sends Greece through at World Cup

FORTALEZA, Brazil (AP) — Georgios Samaras scored an injury-time penalty to send Greece into the second round of the World Cup for the first time with a 2-1 win over Ivory Coast on Tuesday, eliminating the Africans in the process. Samaras was adjudged to ...


Tourists return as austerity-hit Greece emerges from crisis

Greece slowly emerges from bailout crisis


Last-gasp Samaras penalty sends Greece through, breaks Ivorian hearts

A stoppage time penalty from Giorgos Samaras gave Greece a dramatic 2-1 victory over Ivory Coast in their final Group C match on Tuesday and took them through to the knock-out stages of the World Cup for the first time. Samaras stroked home a controversial ...


Ivory Coast coach Lamouchi to quit after Cup exit

FORTALEZA, Brazil (AP) — Ivory Coast coach Sabri Lamouchi will quit after his squad narrowly missed qualification in the World Cup with an injury-time penalty from Greece.


Greece vs. Ivory Coast: 6 Things We Learned

Greece vs. Ivory Coast produced another dramatic moment in this increasingly remarkable World Cup. As Georgios Samaras kept his cool and slotted a penalty past Boubacar Barry into the Ivorian net, he sealed Greece's unexpected passage to the last 16.


Greece scores late to advance at World Cup

Greece doesn't score often at the World Cup, but its goals certainly come at the right time. Greece doubled its total scoring tally at World Cup tournaments by netting twice against the Ivory Coast on Tuesday - the second coming through an injury-time penalty that secured a 2-1 victory and a spot in the knockout rounds. Having gone scoreless through its first two games in Brazil - a loss and a ...