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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Only 70 Ambulances Serving 5m Athenians

Athenians in non-urgent cases face a wait of up to three hours for one of the city’s aging and dwindling ambulances. The five million citizens of the Greek capital are only covered by 70


The cancer of Europe: Over-indebtedness

by  Philippe Kotsaridis

In the past, in order to estimate a country’s wealth it was considered necessary to analyse the quality of the country’s soil or sub-soil assets... and to look at the country’s geopolitical or strategic position or the amount of its exports. Unfortunately, these maps are all obsolete today. 

This does not mean that because a country is well-positioned, rich in minerals or is a big exporter, it will not be hit by the “economic cancer” of “over-indebtedness”.

In fact, even if the debt of rich countries shows signs of stabilisation, it is situated in “historically high levels” that make it necessary to reduce public spending, stated the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on April 30.

On average, the public debt of rich countries should, as in 2013, achieve 107.1% of their gross domestic product (GDP) this year before declining slightly by 0.2 percentage points in 2015, according to the IMF’s estimations. But this estimate is rather volatile, in my opinion. 

In comparison, emerging economies are expected to reach only 33.7% of GDP this year!

With a ratio of debt to GDP at 243.5% in 2014, Japan is expected to top the list of the most indebted developed countries, followed by Greece (174.7%) - a country that has been receiving financial assistance since 2010, and Italy (134.5 %), but other countries are close behind.

So, is there really a solution to the over-indebtedness of European nations?

It is very difficult to change our lifestyle when we have formed our habits and we have been living beyond our means for decades. An old saying goes: “Il n’est pas bon d’attraper froid par ses pieds”. Or, in other words, you have to know the size of its coverage otherwise you risk getting sick. This is what profoundly plagues Europe. 

For decades, through successive governments, all political logic has been mixed up, and they have been continuing to gangrene the state’s finances by successive debts.

It is true that the funds that have been borrowed will eventually be paid off by our children and their children. But this has permitted certain governments to offer some electoral promises or build a political clientele.

It’s icing on the cake, with the entrance of countries to the European Union, following the famous Maastricht criteria and the Stability Pact (unfortunately it has been so little monitored and so little mastered), has symbolised the written guarantees of a stable and strong economic zone. It is exactly what the banks expected in order to get out their chequebooks and to give loans to the European States “initially” at very low interest rates.

This phenomenon has created the infamous vicious cycle: The bank lends to the state - the state can’t pay back the bank - the pressure of debt falls on the middle-class - the bank turns off the tap and stops lending - austerity reduces growth ... and again from beginning.

This week, the European Parliament adopted by a large majority a collection of texts to complement “the banking union,” to ensure that future bankruptcies of banks in the eurozone are not borne anymore by the taxpayers.

In the meantime, if European countries do not undertake urgent steps to harmonize their budgetary and fiscal policy, if they do not revise labor costs down, if they do not ensure an improvement of the competitiveness of their companies,  if they do  not take some measures of “chemo therapy” type with its side effects, or deprivation for a while ... I fear that the economic battle against the over-indebtedness will be lost...


Greece quietly launches new public broadcaster

Greece quietly launches new public broadcasterGlobalPostAt the stroke of 6:00 pm Sunday, a new logo appeared on television screens across Greece, quietly ushering in state-run broadcaster NERIT. "Something new began at 6:00 pm," a voiceover intoned. "NERIT entered Greek homes, with pluralism and reliability ...Nice Logo Fools (subscription)all 3 news articles »


Greece seeks to open debt relief talks with creditors

Finance minister to raise subject with eurozone counterparts on Monday in further sign Europe's economic crisis is receding

In a step likely to be hailed as further proof of Europe's receding economic crisis, Greece is poised to formally open debt relief talks with its creditors.

The Greek finance minister, Yannis Stournaras, will raise the once off-limits topic with his eurozone counterparts in Brussels on Monday four years after Athens received its first slice of international aid.

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Violence, destiny and revenge: why ancient Greeks still rule the stage

The dramas of Euripides, Sophocles and co are as enthralling for modern audiences as they were in fifth century BC Athens

I fear the Greeks even when they bear gifts, said the Trojan priest Laocoön shortly before being attacked by giant sea-snakes. But luckily the rest of us don't seem to share his suspicions. Simon Armitage's new play about the first great literary war, The Last Days of Troy, opens at the Manchester Royal Exchange on 8 May. It focuses on the three sides at war (ostensibly) over Helen: the Greeks, the Trojans and, of course, the gods.

But if you prefer your epic cycle to centre on Thebes rather than Troy, you're also in luck: a new opera, Thebans (based on the Theban plays of Sophocles) has just opened at the English National Opera. If you'd rather go for ancient playwrights themselves, Euripides's Medea plays at the National Theatre this summer, and Sophocles's Electra at the Old Vic this autumn. There have been few better times to be a fan of Greek drama.

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Data Shows Black Hole For Greeks With Neither Job Nor Income

Greece’s state-run labor agency OAED has released data for the period 2010-2014 showing a 45% increase in unemployment registrations but 47% fewer recipients of


One Thing The French, Greeks And Other Europeans Cannot Get Right

Wealth creation, not wealth distribution, should top the list of economic priorities of a society. Back in the late 1970s, Andreas Papandreou, a Greek economist educated in the US, ran a political campaign to save Greeks from three evils -- NATO, EU, and social injustice. Fortunately, by the time he assumed office [...]


Greece: The press conference

After a break in the rehearsals schedule, Theofilos, Shane and Nikolas, the Greek hopefuls came for their second rehearsal. A few production adjustments were made in between their 3 allowed performances. The Greeks performed in their outfits. Arthour the ...


ENO's retelling of Oedipus tragedy

ENO breathes new life into classic Greek tale


Minister Launches Mediterranean Yacht Show in Nafplio

Crowds of people in Nafplio, southern Greece, turned out to the city’s port to admire the floating palaces on parade at the opening ceremony of


Three Million Vehicles in Greece Uninspected

Greek ReporterThree Million Vehicles in Greece UninspectedGreek Reportercar It is estimated that some two million cars and one million motorbikes in Greece have not had an annual check-up, while 300,000 vehicles are uninsured. Meanwhile, as many as 500,000 fewer vehicles have been taxed than last year, costing the Greek ...


KEP’s Theodorakis Concert Rocks and Marks 40th

NEW YORK – The Greek Cultural Center, also known by in Greek acronym KEP, celebrated its 40th anniversary with a thrilling concert dedicated to Mikis Theodorakis at the Assembly Hall of Hunter College on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The audience greeted the musicians, all dressed in black with warm applause as they walked onstage. After […]

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Spain's Bochons wins Greek Ultra-Marathon, Chinese runner ranks third

Spain's Bochons wins Greek Ultra-Marathon, Chinese runner ranks thirdPeople's Daily OnlineOLYMPIA, Greece, May 4 -- Spain's Eusebio Bochons won the 3rd Dolichos Ultra-Marathon Race from Delphi to Olympia, one of the most demanding long distance races worldwide, crossing on early Sunday the finish line in front of the ancient Stadium where ...


Levy Economics Institute President Dissects the Myth of the Greek "Success Story"

KathimeriniLevy Economics Institute President Dissects the Myth of the Greek "Success Story"Truth-OutA woman stands in front of the Greek Parliament during a demonstration after the government announced that Greece had achieved a primary surplus - a surplus not counting debt payments - as a result of bailout-imposed belt-tightening, in Athens, Greece, ...Greece Readies Debt Relief PleaGreek ReporterGreece gears up for debt talksKathimeriniall 3 news articles »


Greek Diplomatic Missions in Ukraine Stay Alert

The diplomatic missions of Greece in Kiev, Mariupol and Odessa are in constant contact with the federation of Greek associations and their members because of the emergency situation that has developed in Ukraine. Evangelos Venizelos, Greece’s Deputy ...


Greek Party Funding Rules Challenged

A government decision that the government will get most of the state funding to campaign for the May 18 European Parliament election has raised objections from the major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) and the marginal Democratic ...


Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion live!

Premier League updates from The EmiratesEmail nick.miller@theguardian.comOr get in touch on Twitter: @NickMiller79Live goals: all today's latest scoresLatest Premier League table

1.57pm BST

27 mins: Arsenal are languidly knocking the thing around in the manner of a team who don't have much at stake. Which, coincidentally, they don't really.

1.55pm BST

25 mins: An errant Diego Lugano header is jumped upon by Cazorla, but his cut-back doesn't reach the intended target and the attack withers and dies like one of those weeds in a weed killer advert.

1.54pm BST

23 mins: A slightly half-hearted chant of 'Bacary Sagna, we want you to stay' drifts around the Emirates. Chris Brunt has a shot from about 45 yards that goes wide.

1.53pm BST

22 mins: West Brom just had a corner. They didn't score from it.

Actually, I could get used to this - a very minimalist way of updating things, economy of language, freeing ourselves from the fearsome and oppressive yoke of the adjective.

1.51pm BST

21 mins: Mark Judd has a dilemma:

"Now something interesting has happened in this match should I take it that nothing else will and go off and cut my grass instead, or stay in the vain hope that it will turn into a classic? I dont even support either of these teams so it holds nothing for me."

1.51pm BST

20 mins: Nothing much is happening in the game, by the way. Arsenal just had a corner. They didn't score from it.

1.50pm BST

19 mins: Here's something potentially interesting. A group of Arsenal fans are protesting against the rather spicy ticket prices at the Emirates today, and there are a series of photos of their efforts here.

1.48pm BST

17 mins: Huge stat here:

Olivier Giroud with 27 now just one behind Merson and Vieira as Arsenal joint 12th top Premier League scorers.

1.46pm BST

16 mins: "Bendtner of course is Bendtner," says Niall Quinn about Arsenal's striking options, or lack thereof.

Oh, zing.

1.45pm BST

14 mins: That is a goal. Cazorla hoys the corner over from the left, and simple as Piers, Giroud holds off the challenge of Craig Dawson to head in at the near post. Easy old job.

1.44pm BST

Something interesting happened!

1.43pm BST

13 mins: Cazorla winds up to take a shot from about 30 yards, which he catches all of but Mulumbu blocks it, and rather confusingly for those that dabble in physics, falls forwards after the impact. Arsenal build another attack, and again it breaks to Cazorla, but again his effort is blocked by Mulumbu.

1.41pm BST

11 mins: Cazorla dinks a little ball over the top, but to whom is unclear and it goes through to Foster in the West Brom nets. It's all a little woozy and sun-kissed so far. Feels like an Emirates Cup game.

1.39pm BST

9 mins: Charles Bloomfield suggests this: "Perhaps a 21st century take on Sisyphus condemn him to a career selling Greek wine in Burgundy."

It's an option.

1.38pm BST

7 mins: Saido Berahino finds himself behind the Arsenal defence on the Baggies' left, everyone seems to stop assuming he's offside but he is no such thing. However, a heavy first touch means the Arsenal defence have time to recover, and his shot is half-blocked to the extent that Szczesny can gather easily.

1.36pm BST

6 mins: The camera cuts to Theo Walcott in the crowd, and the commentator notes that he is looking "cool" in his shades. This merely calls to mind the time at Wimbledon when the camera found Jerry Hall in the crowd, and Boris Becker commented "Oh! There's Jerry Hall in ze funky sunglasses."

Trust me, it was really funny.

1.35pm BST

4 mins: First chance of the game, as Ozil gets it down the left, scoops it into the area where Olivier Giroud chests it down to Lukas Podolski, who slices a shot wide of the near post.

1.33pm BST

3 mins: Bacary Sagna manages to see through the tears of what could well be his last home game to get on the end of a Mesut Ozil pass, but he can't do a great deal useful with it down the right flank.

1.31pm BST

1 mins: West Brom kick off and start with a Matt Le Tissier special*: the long ball to the touchline that sails out of play.

* Note that they are not taking part in any sort of betting hoopla.

1.30pm BST

Fans at the Emirates are being advised to stay in their seats at half-time. Can only assume Arsenal are trying to find something interesting they can entertain us with.

1.28pm BST

How to deal with Piers? Wrap him in paper, then post him to Ukip using one of their freepost envelopes. @NickMiller79

1.23pm BST

The trailer for the new Godzilla film has just been on. Will that be the most interesting thing to happen in the next couple of hours?

1.17pm BST

A question from Twitter:

@NickMiller79 do i stay inside to follow the something interesting might happen mbm or go watch our juniors play in @AberaeronFC tournament

1.13pm BST

@NickMiller79 and there's more! Two wins will give Arsenal as many points as the much celebrated 1999 @ManUtd treble winners

1.07pm BST

Word is that Aaron Ramsey has been rested specifically to annoy the Guardian after the big interview with Stuart James.

That or he's been rested. Your call, really.

1.03pm BST

@NickMiller79 here's an almost interesting point: this will likely be the last home game for @Sagnaofficial - he should take any penalties

1.02pm BST

"Do you want to win a trophy just so I can say to everyone 'I won a trophy'?" asks Geoff Shreeves.

Well, he probably wants to win a trophy because that's sort of the point of this whole caper, Geoff.

12.59pm BST

"We cannot win the league, but we can finish as close as we can to the team that wins the league," says Arsene Wenger.

Small victories, Arsene.

12.58pm BST

"I thought that the Grauniad had improved its copy editing and was untroubled these days by its once-notorious misprints?" writes Charles Antaki. "But some glitch has caused your announcement of the Arsenal team sheet to include the word 'Diaby'. Obviously a mistake, possibly for 'Vieira'."

12.52pm BST

Dan Lucas has a niche cricket gag to kick us off:

"Send out a press release saying he actually only faced down Shane Lee?"

12.40pm BST

Look who's back! Congratulations to @AbouVDIABY on his return after more than 13 months out! #WelcomeBackAbou

12.40pm BST

Oh yes, he's back. Suddenly we have the way of generating interest in this game that we were looking for.

12.39pm BST

Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Arteta, Cazorla, Ozil, Podolski, Giroud. Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Kallstrom, Rosicky, Diaby, Sanogo.

12.30pm BST

Here's a reason to stay tuned - stats!

109 - Arsenal have scored 109 Premier League goals in May, more than any other side. Blooming.

12.30pm BST

Who's Piers Morgan?

Even if you are a Manchester United fan, upset at him for turning you down all those years ago, or a Stoke fan still cross that he's annoyed about having his leg snapped in half, you have to say that's magnificent from Aaron Ramsey. Indeed, he offers us all a lesson in how to deal with everyone's least favourite human being, who this week threw his hat in the ring for Jeremy Paxman's job, which is a little like Paolo di Canio rather hopefully filling in the application form to replace David Moyes. Ignore him, pretend he isn't real, and if you don't look at him for a while, then he might just go away.

12.30pm BST

Nick will be here from 1pm BST with all the build-up and team news ahead of the Premier League match at The Emirates. In the meantime, here's what the West Brom manager Pepe Mel has been saying in the build up to the game.

West Bromwich Albion's Pepe Mel believes his Arsenal counterpart,Arsène Wenger, would have been sacked had he experienced a similar trophy drought in Spain. Wenger's barren spell with the Gunners stretches back nine years, yet the club have kept faith with their manager.

The former Real Betis manager, whose side meet Arsenal in the Premier League on Sunday, admits such a poor recent record would not be acceptable at a top Spanish side. "I don't think Arsène would have survived in Spain," he said.

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Bank Heists Net Maziotis 15 Million Euros

Greek police say they believe escaped terrorist Nikos Maziotis to be the mastermind behind six armed robberies and bank heists that have brought


New Democracy-SYRIZA Tight Race

Dueling polls show a close race between the ruling New Democracy Conservatives and SYRIZA Leftists in this month's elections for Greek municipalities and the EU Parliament.

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Escaped Greek Terrorists Strike Again

Greek police said a terrorist group has gotten 15 million euros in bank robberies and that another escaped terrorist has been linked to a failed parcel bomb attack.

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Golden Dawn Faces Ballot Exclusion

Greece's highest court is expected to rule by May 11 whether the ultra far-right Golden Dawn party can be on the ballot for the EU Parliament.

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Greece Sets Troika Debt Relief Case

With a primary surplus in hand, Greece is set to ask the Eurozone to approve relief from the 240 billion euros it has borrowed from international lenders.

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Suspected Dubai jewel thieves arrested in Greece

ArabianBusiness.comSuspected Dubai jewel thieves arrested in GreeceArabianBusiness.comPolice said the four Serbian suspects had been involved in around 30 jewellery shop burglaries in Greece, the Athens News Agency reported. The Dubai Wafi Mall robbery was a key driver in the creation of Interpol's Project Pink Panthers in 2007 to ...


Greece Readies Debt Relief Plea

With a primary surplus in hand, Greece is set to ask the Eurozone to approve some sort of relief from the 240 billion euros it has borrowed from international lenders, reportedly a 50-year repayment schedule, lower interest or an outright cut. Finance ...


Austrians Arriving in Mykonos to Promote Greece Abroad

Austria is highly recommending tourism in Greece, especially the Greek island of Mykonos, as during the next week Austrian journalists and tour


The persistence of myth: Greek Gods in modern fiction

The persistence of myth: Greek Gods in modern fictionTwoCircles.netWhat attracts us to mythology? Is it the human fascination for tales, particularly those personifying natural phenomenon, or explaining the creation of the world and humankind in a way that is easily understood and without going into the big bang ...The persistence of myth: Greek Gods in modern fiction (Column: Bookends)Vancouver Desiall 2 news articles »


St. George of Bethesda Thrives Every Day

NEW YORK – The pulse of a parish is not necessarily best taken on a Sunday. Certainly a parish’s spiritual life flows from the celebration of the Divine Liturgy on the first day of the week, but the vitality of the Church of St. George in Bethesda is often best felt evenings and on the […]

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Egyptian Lawsuit to Close Orthodox Monastery, Deport Greek Monks

MOUNT SINAI, EGYPT – St. Catherine’s Orthodox Monastery at Mount Sinai in Egypt is “the site of the Burning Bush, and at the foot of Mount Sinai, where Moses received the revelation of the Law” from God, according to its website, It is a World Heritage Site as declared by the United Nations Educational, […]

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Tripod Salad with Greek Sea Salt

Tripod Salad Serves 4-6 Ingredients: 1 minced scallion 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoons sour cream 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil Sea salt and freshly ground pepper 1/2 pound sugar snap peas 1/2 pound  snow peas 2 cups baby peas (frozen or fresh) Directions: Bring a large saucepan of salted water to a boil. Fill a sizable bowl with […]

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