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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Greece’s Golden Dawn MPs lose immunity

Now Greece's third most popular party, Golden Dawn denies it is neo-Nazi, although many prominent members have an affinity for Nazi symbols and slogans. The crackdown on the party came after the death of 34-year-old Pavlos Fyssas, a rap musician who was ...


New cuts not possible, Greek prime minister tells euro area official

KathimeriniNew cuts not possible, Greek prime minister tells euro area officialKathimeriniThe Greek government has grown increasingly concerned about the troika's demands for another 2 billion euros' worth of savings next year, its refusal to consider rolling over Greek bonds held by the European Central Bank and national central banks in ...and more »


Greece Prepares for Tough Negotiations with Troika

In his meeting with the head of the Euro Working Group (EWG) Thomas Wieser, Prime Minister of Greece Antonis Samaras, while discussing the time limit during which important decisions will be taken concerning the budget gap of the Greek program and the new reducing of the debt, also had the chance to understand the prevailing opinions in the […]


Decisions to Cover Financial Gap Aimed for December 2014

After the meeting with Minister of Finance, Giannis Stournaras, and Chairman of the Euro Working Group, Tomas Vizer, a top executive of the Ministry of Finance stated, that the decisions about covering the country’s financial gap for 2014 are expected to be taken in December. According to an executive member of ECB, Jorg Asmousen, this […]


Archaeologist and KKE Deputy George Hourmouziadis Passes Away

The Greek archaeologist, Professor Emeritus of prehistoric archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and former KKE deputy George Hourmouziadis passed away on Oct 16th at the age of 81. His funeral will take place on Thursday 17th at 16:00 at the cemetery of Thermi, near Thessaloniki, Greece. Hourmouziadis led excavations in many prehistoric settlements […]


Greek and Jewish Communities Unite in Toronto

During the Greek exhibition in the State Museum of the Holocaust of Auschwitz event, co-organized by the Jewish organization B’nai Brith Canada and the Consulate General of Greece in Toronto, the Canadian ambassador of Greece, Mr ...


Without Manipulated Treasuries, We'd Be Greece: Opinion

Without Manipulated Treasuries, We'd Be Greece: OpinionTheStreet.comNEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Dana Blankehorn says without oil, we'd be Greece. I say without artificially cheap Treasuries, we'd be Greece. Large "purchases" of U.S. Government Debt by the Federal Reserve system, at yields that are well below core inflation ...and more »


Greek Revival gets new life as condos

The Greek Revival on Fayette Street in Cambridge was a single-family home — that is, until developer Adam Siegel got his hands on it. Siegel’s transformation of the home at 31-33 Fayette St. into two multi-level townhouses not only fits into the surrounding neighborhood of multifamily homes, he also did it in such a way that he earned a preservation award Thursday from the Cambridge Historical ...


Greek firefighters to train in RI

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) — A group of volunteer firefighters from Greece are heading to Rhode Island for a training exercise. The Greek firefighters are scheduled to arrive Sunday and will spend a week exchanging ideas and tactics with their ...


Museum at Greek Cafe site hits snag

Museum at Greek Cafe site hits snagMontana StandardSome people were skeptical about a developer's ability to raise enough money for building a multi-story art museum on the site of the old Greek Café in Uptown Butte. Their doubts were on target. Jerry Tam wants to turn the site at 88 E. Park St. back ...and more »


Greece turns up pressure on neo-fascist Golden Dawn

LONDON — The Greek parliament voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to strip six lawmakers from the Golden Dawn party of their immunity from prosecution as authorities continued cracking down on the neo-fascist group, which has been blamed for a ...


Greece needs functioning institutions to check the government

Greece needs functioning institutions to check the governmentKathimeriniOn October 16, the European Commission published its annual progress reports on the enlargement countries in Greece's neighborhood – i.e. Turkey and the states in the Western Balkans which want to join the European Union. In order to quality for ...


Coding Is The New Craftsmanship In The Latest Museum Of Arts And Design Exhibit

Plato said it couldn't be done. According to the ancient Greek philosopher, you could ponder perfect forms in your mind, but you couldn't physically manipulate them.  Of course Plato didn't have a computer.


Greece sees solution to 2014 financing gap in December

No statements were made to the press following talks with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras ... will be taken by the end of 2013, while a decision on a possible further debt relief is expected next spring, once Greece posts a budget primary surplus ...


Iowa State welcomes Billy Boulden as new director of Greek Affairs

Iowa State welcomes Billy Boulden as new director of Greek AffairsIowa State Daily“My primary responsibility is to provide the overall direction of the greek community,” Boulden said. “So using our strategic plans and goals and advocating for our community, all four councils and our staff to achieve the perimeters that have been ...


The 10 Best Ways To Recover From An Intense Workout

This post originally appeared on Keep reading to see what you should be doing when you're doing working out.

1. Slow Your Flow

Forrest and Slow Flow Yoga let you focus on breathing. "If you don't breathe well, your blood isn't moving properly, and everything will hurt," says Erica Mather, an instructor at Pure Yoga in New York. Nail the pigeon pose, which loosens tight hamstrings and hips. Pure Yoga offers both classes (; for a list of instructors, go to

2. Start Therapy

Schedule a physical-therapy prescreen to evade excess soreness: "We test muscles for tightness and weakness," says Kelly Sanders, president of the physical therapists' group Team Movement for Life. Find a therapist on the American Physical Therapy Association's website (

3. Pick Up Steam

Try two to three sets of steam-room intervals—five minutes in a steam room, then five minutes in a cold shower. The contrast gets blood flowing. Fans include Tom Brady and Usher.

4. Grab Some Foam

Rolling your lower half on a foam cylinder helps reduce muscle inflammation and repairs cells. Most gyms keep one near the mats, or buy your own for $45 at If you're traveling, try the Stick ($48;

5. Go East

Body treatments based on Oriental medicine, such as Thai or Ayurvedic massage, go deep. The masseuse will use elbows and feet to knead muscles. Exhale Spa is known for its acupuncture-without-needles Om Body Therapy ($135 per hour;

6. Get On The Ball

Place a lacrosse ball (its density makes it perfect for the job) beneath knotted muscles and roll over it. Grab a pair for $6 at; see video demos at

7. Band Together

Pulling resistance bands stretches and strengthens knee and shoulder joints. FYI: Bands are color-coded by resistance ($15;

8. Pack A Snack

Immediately post-workout, snack on a 225- to 350-calorie combo of 45 percent complex carbs (for energy), 30 percent lean protein (to repair and grow muscles), and 25 percent good fats (to feel full), says Cheryl Forberg, a registered dietitian. Go for a glass of low-fat chocolate milk or a protein shake of Greek yogurt, protein powder, and berries.

9. Raise The Bar

For packaged goods, Forberg suggests protein bars and shakes made with mostly natural ingredients, sans sugar or Splenda, such as Clif and Luna bars and Jay Robb shakes.

10. Dine In 45

Forty-five minutes après-snack, have a 450-to-700-calorie meal of the same carbs-to-protein-to-fat ratio. Think grilled chicken or salmon with asparagus and potatoes or a stir-fry with lean protein, vegetables, and whole-grain rice.

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The Taoiseach Enda Kenny is wrong to claim that austerity is coming to an end

The Irish economy remains in depression. It is the ECB's bailout of the banks we are being invited to celebrate

Ireland is being held up once more as the star pupil of the austerity school of economics in Europe, with the Taoiseach Enda Kenny arguing that his government is exiting the bailout programme set by the troika of European Union, the European Central Bank and the IMF. He says the era of austerity is coming to an end.

Both of these claims are clearly questionable, but they do illuminate some important features of the situation in Europe – including Britain.

The policy of the Dublin government will continue to be set by the troika for many years to come. In fact the EU has already put in place a system of budget monitoring, regulation and even sanctions that will enshrine permanent austerity for all members of the euro. In addition, it has become customary for the IMF to put in place a new credit facility once initial bailout money runs dry which has its own strings attached. Therefore it is untrue that austerity is at an end. Instead, the assets and loans held by Irish banks have become so devalued as a result of economic weakness that the risk of a new bailout for their creditors is rising.

There is also an important reason why Ireland cannot be emulated by countries such as Greece and Portugal. At the outset of the crisis, the Irish economy was vastly more prosperous. And after a prolonged slump across the European periphery, that remains the case. One measure of the failure of successive Dublin governments is that living standards have fallen so far that they have fallen back towards British levels, having pulled ahead before the turn of the last century.

There is always a chorus in Britain that wants to ascribe all economic ills to the EU. But George Osborne's threat to maintain austerity until at least 2018 and to aim for budget surpluses matches the perma-austerity of Brussels, Frankfurt and Washington. The lazy assertion of British Eurosceptics of both left and right, that we are better off outside the euro, is disproved by the fact that in international currency terms the British economy has contracted by more than any other country. Britain has not prospered from devaluation.

Similarly, the outbreak of self-congratulation both sides of the Irish Sea is entirely misplaced. The recent self-criticism from the Office for Budget Responsibility regarding its own hopeless forecasting record includes a clear verdict that the source of the very weak recovery in Britain is an unexpected increase on government consumption.

Dublin governments tend to lack the age-old arrogance of the British political elite and so seek plaudits abroad. The governing coalition of the rightwing Fine Gael and Irish Labour parties looks to be patted on the back or perhaps the head, for a forecast that government finances will shift into what is called a primary surplus, that is a surplus on government finances before interest payments are taken into account. But this is a claim increasingly made by supporters of the governments implementing austerity in Portugal and Greece too, and is largely meaningless. Unless the growth rate of the economy exceeds this growing interest bill, the level of government debt becomes unsustainable.

But for the time being the immediate risk of government default has been sharply lowered. This is partly due to the commitment of the ECB to "do whatever it takes" to maintain the euro. Whatever extends to unlimited for bailouts for creditors, mainly European and British banks, but not a euro for the governments.

It is this life-support operation for the banks we are now invited to celebrate. The party is likely to be shortlived as austerity is hollowing out the economy. Without investment productive capacity declines. In Ireland, net new investment (after deducting depreciation, wear and tear and so on) is close to zero. The economy remains in a depression, one of whose effects is to pile up bad loans at the retail banks, including distressed mortgage payers. Austerity is the enemy of growth and cannot resolve the crisis.

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World Cup qualification lifts gloom in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Thousands of partying Bosnians throng streets of Sarajevo, and politicians jump on bandwagon to toast national success story

From the air, it looked as though the war had returned to the battered city of Sarajevo. Blazing fires and the din of explosives suggested a rewind to the dark days of the remorseless Serbian siege of the city 20 years ago.

But unlike then, the streets were thronged with tens of thousands of partying Bosnians. The noise was not from Serbian artillery pieces but from fireworks. Because Bosnia's footballers are going to Brazil.

It will go down as probably the most joyful moment in the chronically divided country of Bosnia-Herzegovina in almost two decades, as qualification for next year's World Cup triggered ecstatic all-night celebrations on the streets of the capital and other cities.

For a day or two at least, the ethnic frictions and political dysfunction dissolved in an outpouring of pride. Adnan Hadzic, on the streets until the small hours, said it was the happiest night of his life. "I have never felt like this. It's magical … there are no words. After all the mess we see every day, we need this happiness," he said.

The team returned to Sarajevo at 3am after a 1-0 victory in Lithuania, and received a heroes' welcome from tens of thousands on the streets. When the final whistle had blown in Vilnius hours earlier, commentators on Bosnian TV screamed themselves hoarse: "We're in Brazil, We're in Brazil, B-H is in Brazil!"

Pundits were quick to proclaim the victory the best news for a depressed society in a long time. Politicians – a highly discredited class in Bosnia – suspended their bickering and leapt on the football bandwagon. Many pointed to the contrast between the demonstration of ethnic togetherness on the field and the nationalist gridlock that hamstrings governance.

"The national team has shown us all how to achieve results, not just in sports but in any field," said Denis Becirevic, speaker of the parliament in Sarajevo. "We can be successful if we work together. I hope this win will spark positive changes in our country."

Zlatko Lagmudzija, the foreign minister, said the players were "the best role models for future generations in Bosnia and Herzegovina".

The achievement was all the more remarkable for the failure of several Balkan rivals yet to book their place in the finals. The Greeks, who were in Bosnia's group, and the neighbouring Croats face playoffs next month.

The cheering was distinctly quieter in Bosnian Serb areas, where there is more support for the Serbian team which failed to qualify. But Emil Vlajki, vice-president of the Bosnian Serb half of the country, said Bosnia's football team was a national success story. "It does not matter what result we achieve at the actual World Cup, they are already among the world elite. All I have to say is bravo, bravo, bravo," he said.

Goran Obradovic, a Serb journalist in the main Bosnian Serb city of Banja Luka, said he and most of his friends cheered the Bosnian team, and the bars were filled with young people watching the game. "After the win there were no celebrations to speak of, but compared to the past we can see a trend of more and more Serb cheering on the Bosnian national team."

Aleksandra Letic, a human rights activist in Banja Luka, pooh-poohed the healing power of football, however. "Unfortunately the divisions are so big, sports or culture alone cannot overcome them. Cheering Bosnia now is not a sports thing, it is a political issue, an issue of national and ethnic identity," she said.

"I am not surprised by the wild celebrations in some parts of the country. We have so little good news, so people celebrate what they can. However, one part of the country ignored these celebrations – the Republika Srpska [Serbian] entity."

The sour note was amplified in Brussels where the European commission delivered its annual verdict on the country's progress towards being able to open talks to join the EU, dumping Bosnia firmly at the back of the Balkan queue.

"Bosnia has made very limited progress in addressing the political criteria. A shared vision by the political representatives on the overall direction and future of the country, or on how it should function, remains absent," the commission said. "No progress has been achieved either on establishing an effective co-ordination mechanism on EU-related matters between various levels of government. Such a co-ordination mechanism is essential."

But the grim verdict from Brussels will not impinge on the boost to Bosnian self-esteem. Following a night of riotous celebrations in the central town of Travnik, Samir Perenda, a Bosnian Muslim, said: "It was just wild happiness and a surreal feeling … I still think I'm dreaming."

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Enlargement: state of play

Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule briefed members of the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) on the Union's Enlargement Package. 

Here are the main points:

Turkey: Progress, notable in judicial affairs and with the start of a peace process with the Kurds, has been made in negotiations with this strategic partner in terms of their economic size. But "the protests in May/June and the excessive use of force by police and the overall absence of dialogue have raised serious concerns," Fule said. 

He also underlined the importance of Progress in the normalisation of relations between Turkey and all European Union Member States, including the Republic of Cyprus. "It is now urgent that Turkey fulfils its obligation of fully implementing the Additional Protocol," Fule added. 

Montenegro: "Freedom of expression needs to be strengthened," Fule said. 

Serbia: Its relations with the EU entered a new phase in June when the Council decided to open accession negotiations. "Serbia has actively and constructively worked towards improvement of relations with Kosovo," according to the Commissioner and the first Intergovernmental conference on the country's accession is to be held by next January at the latest. 

FYROM: The Commission is recommending the opening of accession talks for the fifth time - the previous attempts were shot down by the Council.

"In the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the political crisis demonstrated the excessive polarisation of politics in the country and the lack of normal political discourse.Equally importantly it distracted from grasping the opportunity which last year's package and Council Conclusions had opened," Fule said even though he noted that more generally reforms have continued and the European Union agenda remains the country’s strategic priority.

"Failure to act [on opening accession talks risks damaging both reforms in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the credibility of our enlargement policy," Fule warned and added that the Commission remains ready to present a proposal for a negotiating framework without delay, "taking into account the need to solve the name issue at an early stage of accession negotiations. "

FYROM is not recognised by Greece as it wants to be name the Republic of Macedonia. The quarrel has now been going on for two decades despite UN efforts at mediation. 

Albania: "The Commission recommends that the Council should grant Albania the status of a candidate country on the understanding that Albania continues to take action in the fight against organised crime and corruption," Fule said.

The country must address five key priorities - public administration reform, judiciary reforms, the fight against corruption and organised crime and the adoption of measures to reinforce human rights protection. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina: "The European integration process is at a standstill," Fule said. POlitical divisions along ethnic lines and the issue of providing citizens who do not belong to any of the main three ethnicities the right to stand for election are the main issues affecting Bosnia's EU course. 

Kosovo:  The Commission aims to complete negotiations for an Association Agreement in spring 2014 as Pristina has made progress with the issue of the normalisation of its relations with Serbia. 

"Kosovo needs to actively support EULEX in implementing its mandate," Fule said. 

Finally Fule said that with the decision of the new Government of Iceland to put accession negotiations on hold, the accession process has come to a standstill but added that "Iceland remains an important partner for the European Union …Whenever, and if ever, Iceland wishes to do so, the Commission would be ready to resume work on negotiations."


Greece expects decision on 2014 funding gap in December

By Lefteris Papadimas ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece expects its foreign lenders to agree in December on how to plug a funding gap the country faces next year, its finance minister said on Wednesday, while ...


Adonis Georgiadis: New Measures Means Elections

Today, Health Minister, Adonis Georgiadis, was interviewed on a Greek TV program. During his interview, he made the following statement, causing a series of reactions: “if Greece’s lenders demand to impose more horizontal measures, meaning cuts in salaries and in pensions, then we will go for a new round of elections. The Greeks have to […]


Innovative Eco-tourism Strategies in Prespa Lake

The meetings of the international conference on the “innovative eco-tourism strategies in Prespa lake-New Dimensions of Development” concluded with the signing of a cooperation platform and the decision to establish a pilot tour package that will provide an acquaintance of the area around Prespa to destinations of both Greece and Albania. The conference was held […]


Greek union calls general strike for Nov 6

Greece's largest labor union has called a general strike for Nov. 6, warning that unemployment has reached "nightmare" levels and that working rights are continually eroded by austerity measures. ...


Lesbos' Residents Offer Immigrants Helping Hands

(AFP) - Beautiful beaches, olive groves and green mountains long summed up Greece's third-largest island Lesbos, but this corner of the Aegean Sea also faces an ever-rising tide of migrants reaching its shores. Like Italy's tiny Lampedusa, site of two recent migrant shipwreck tragedies that cost almost 400 lives, Lesbos is a gateway to the European Union and refugee traffic has soared over the past year. But locals are not clamoring for a force field around their home, also known as Emerald Island for its rich greenery of forests and mountain peaks. Over the past few months, the residents of the capital Mytilene and other neighboring communities have given first aid to migrants found wandering on beaches early in the morning or trying to make their way to some village. 'Lesbos is only a thoroughfare for migrants, they all want to leave as soon as possible to get to Athens and then to other countries,' said Nelly Hatzidaki from the Lesbos-based citizens' movement Co-existence and Communication in the Aegean Sea. 'That undoubtedly explains why locals have never been hostile,' she added.


UNESCO Urges Mediation On Parthenon Marbles

William Hague has been urged to take part in a 'mediation procedure' with Greece in a fresh diplomatic bid to resolve the long-running dispute over the Elgin Marbles. UNESCO, the United Nation's cultural organisation, has written to the Foreign Secretary, to Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary, and to Neil MacGregor, the British Museum's Director, inviting them to sit down with Greek officials and seek a mutually acceptable solution to the issue of the sculptures - once part of the ancient Parthenon building in Athens. The call for return of the so-called Elgin collection of Parthenon Sculptures, currently on display in the British Museum, has been at the heart of one of the world's most celebrated cultural property dispute.


What’s the Amazon jungle worth? $36 a year per family, “oracles” tell the World Bank

Centuries before Greece went broke, its citizens would climb to a temple in Delphi and ask questions of a priestess who, perhaps influenced by the “brain-altering vapors” from underground gas deposits, was said to receive messages from the gods.

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SDT's Greek Grind prevents child abuse one hip thrust at a time

SDT's Greek Grind prevents child abuse one hip thrust at a timeRed and BlackThis will be the third year Furlow has participated in SDT's Greek Grind, the annual dance competition between University of Georgia Panhellenic sororities, held tonight at the Classic Center. With all proceeds benefitting Prevent Child Abuse America, ...


Greece cracks down on Golden Dawn MPs

Greece's parliament has lifted the legal immunity of three MPs from the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party.


Four out of Ten Continue Bribing Doctors

The bribing of doctors by patients still exists in Greece. Four out of ten patients continue giving a bribe in order to be hospitalized in a public hospital, on their own initiative, or after the “request” of the doctors. But in the private sector as well, “black” payment is entirely acceptable for a large percentage […]


Samaras Asks for Solidarity

Antonis Samaras, the Greek Prime Minister, was in Brussels yesterday to plead for solidarity from the European countries. Right now, Greece still faces the possibility of new austerity measures and a third bailout. The Prime Minister was invited to speak at the event held in honor of the late Constantinos Karamanlis. In his speech he […]


Immunity Lifted For 6 Golden Dawn MP's

ATHENS, Greece (AP) ? Greece's Parliament lifted the immunity from prosecution of six lawmakers from the extreme right-wing Golden Dawn as part of a crackdown on the party sparked by the fatal stabbing last month of a Greek rapper. Golden Dawn lawmakers, who did not oppose the motion, walked out before the vote, which saw near unanimous approval. The government argues the party operates as a criminal organization. Golden Dawn argues that the case against it is politically motivated. 'I am being prosecuted for what I believe in, and not for my actions,' Panagiotis Iliopoulos, one of the lawmakers whose immunity was lifted, said in Parliament ahead of the vote.


Golden Dawn Rise Sign of Greek Anger

ATHENS - Dawn had yet not risen over Athens and there was an autumn drizzle in the air, when the head of Greece?s far-right Golden Dawn party was led in handcuffs on his way to jail, following his arrest four days earlier. Public prosecutors had confirmed that Nikos Michaloliakos would become the first Greek political party boss to spend time behind bars since the fall of the country?s military junta in 1974. His wife Eleni Zaroulia ? also a member of the Parliament ? and his daughter, together with a few other lawmakers and about half a dozen party supporters, were waiting patiently to see him, before he was transferred to a maximum-security prison. ?Blood, honour, Golden Dawn,? they shouted as their leader exited the black Jeep, surrounded by armed policemen with balaclavas. ?Listen, leader, and listen carefully! You humbled the system once again!? they chanted.


Dems hopeful for an upset in Greece

Dems hopeful for an upset in GreeceRochester City NewspaperFor a community with a population of fewer than 100,000, Greece's scandals rival those of much larger places. Over the last decade, the town has been mired in the kinds of controversies, investigations, wrongdoings, and high-profile court cases that ...


Greek Parliament Votes to Lift Immunity of Golden Dawn Deputies

Wall Street JournalGreek Parliament Votes to Lift Immunity of Golden Dawn DeputiesWall Street JournalParliamentarians attend a religious blessing ceremony for the upcoming parliamentary season in Athens on Oct. 7. European Pressphoto Agency. ATHENS—Greece's parliament voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to lift the immunity from prosecution of six ...Greek Parliament lifts 6 MPs' immunityHouston ChronicleGreek parliament lifts immunity of six Golden Dawn lawmakersReuters UKParliament votes to strip six Golden Dawn MPs of immunityEnetEnglishThe Seattle Timesall 48 news articles »


Greek Bonds Attract New Fans

Greek government bonds are back to within touching distance of their post-crisis highs as renewed optimism in the more fragile areas of the euro zone and a changing investor base force prices higher. Ten-year Greek government bonds currently ...


GREECE: Greece strips three extreme right MPs of immunity

Greece stripped three members of parliament from the extreme-right Golden Dawn party of legal immunity on Wednesday, clearing the way for the politicians to face charges of belonging to a criminal organisation.


Greek parliament cracks down on Golden Dawn MPs

Greece's parliament on Wednesday lifted the legal immunity of three MPs from the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party who are facing charges of belonging to a criminal organisation. The chamber also lifted the immunity of three other party lawmakers on lesser ...


Greek Restaurant Menu Included Escort Girls!

A restaurant in Northern Greece offered much more than just food, including escort services.  Aside from a menu that includes chops, souvlakis and kebabs, customers could also select an escort girl. A forty-five year old man in Ioannina owns the tavern that has- let’s just say a “special” sort of selection on his menu in […]


Greek Digital Artist Awarded with the Lumen Prize

Katerina Athanasopoulou, a Greek filmmaker and animation and digital artist, is this year’s winner of the prestigious Lumen Prize, worth 3,000 euros, for her Athens-based film “Apodemy,” ekathimerini reports. “Apodemy” is an experimental piece in emigration, which was created in 2012 for a group art project at the Academia Platonos park, the central Athens site […]


Club Hotel Casino Loutraki Faces Bankruptcy

At the Multi Member First Instance Court of Korinthos’ Hall, Club Hotel Casino Loutraki S. was forced to deal with its overwhelming dept to the Public sector, to its employees and insurance funds. It became clear for the Casino, that the ambitious plans for profitable investments belongs to its luxurious past. An administrative staff member […]


ECB opposes Greek plan to roll over bonds Report

Greece has come up with a plan to roll over about 4.5 billion euros of bonds issued in 2009 as part of liquidity support to its banks during the global credit crisis. But the ECB opposes the idea as a rollover would bring the Core Tier 1 capital ratio of two of Greece's four top banks below a required 9.0 per cent, meaning a need for additional capital, the paper said citing unnamed sources. ...


Student Government Association, others work to get out the Greek vote in ...

Student Government Association, others work to get out the Greek vote in ...Diamondback OnlineLocal elections historically see lower voter turnout than presidential and midterm elections, but members of Greek life are working to change this trend with a push to get students to vote in the Nov. 5 College Park City Council election. Consisting of ...and more »


Far-right Greek MPs lose immunity

Parliament voted virtually unanimously to pass the measure. Golden Dawn MPs walked out before the vote. The government argues the party operates as a criminal organisation. Three other top party members, including its leader, have been jailed pending trial ...


Eurozone inflation drops to 3.5-year low in September; Greece registers lowest ...

KathimeriniEurozone inflation drops to 3.5-year low in September; Greece registers lowest ...KathimeriniAccording to the European agency, in September the lowest annual rates were observed in Bulgaria (-1.3 percent), Greece (-1.0 percent) and Latvia (0.4 percent), while the highest were recorded in the UK (2.7 percent), (Estonia 2.6) and the Netherlands ...The Return of Europe's Debt CrisisEconoMonitor (blog)EUROPEAN COMMISSION : September 2013 Euro area annual inflation down ...4-traders (press release)Euro Exchange Rate News –Euro mixed as US worries weighEuro Exchange Rate Newsall 88 news articles »


Greek parliament strips immunity of lawmakers from neo-Nazi Golden Dawn

The Greek parliament has lifted the immunity of several legislators from the far-right Golden Dawn party. The vote comes as part of a major probe into the murder of an anti-fascist musician last month.


Without Grease, the U.S. Would Be Greece

Without Grease, the U.S. Would Be GreeceTheStreet.comNEW YORK (TheStreet) -- The food industry -- fast, slow, greasy or otherwise -- is one of the largest in the world, and one nobody talks about. Much like the housing market with its trickle-down effect, the food industry has many facets that usually ...


Greek Parliament Lifts Immunity of 6 Far-Right Lawmakers to Face Prosecution

Greek parliament lifts immunity of 6 far-right lawmakers to face prosecution        


Haunted house in Greece shut down

13WHAM-TVHaunted house in Greece shut down13WHAM-TVLeo Carroll, Greece Town Assessor and Building Inspector, told us the town received complaints from neighbors concerned about the size of the display and the fact that there is only one way in and out. Carroll said it would be difficult for fire crews ...Greece Haunted House ClosedWROC-TVall 2 news articles »


CTC's Patio Café dishes up Greek cuisine this Friday

CTC's Patio Café dishes up Greek cuisine this FridayKilleen Daily HeraldThe appetizer is spanakopita — three Greek mezedes, buttered phyllo dough filled with spinach and feta cheese with a slight hint of mint that is baked until golden brown ($3.50). The evening's soup is fresh tomato soup ($10, or $4 for a bowl with an ...


The Villages of Old People

“Our villages, breathe, are alive for 10 to 20 days in August and July, when those who live in Athens come. We get used to the people that come here, and then it’s difficult for us.” With these simple words, the few residents of the border villages of Pogoni, describe the loneliness they experience in […]