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Friday, March 28, 2014

Is Your Toddler as Smart as a Crow? No

High order ideas like water displacement and tool manufacturing aren't beyond the reach of one very smart bird. The skills of the New Caledonian crow reveal just how complex animal brains can be.


Greek coalition confident as reform multi-bill goes to Parliament

KathimeriniGreek coalition confident as reform multi-bill goes to ParliamentKathimeriniA brief debate on the multi-bill of reform measures submitted to Parliament on Friday night will begin ons Saturday before a vote late on Sunday, when the government is expecting all of its MPs to back the legislation and move Greece a step closer to ...Tsipiras Says More Austerity ComingGreek Reporterall 2 news articles »


Greek Indpendence Message from Philip Christopher, the President of PSEKA

[PSEKA President Philip Christopher, on the occasion of the celebration of Greek Independence, shared his message, via TNH, to the Greek- and Cypriot-American Communities.] As we celebrate the 193rd anniversary of Greek independence after 400 years of occupation by the Ottoman Empire, we are all reminded that 38% of the small island Republic of Cyprus […]

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Healthy and Delicious Lent Recipies

We’ve been posting my Lenten recipes to our website,, since February 15. Lent began on March 3, but we wanted to give everyone a head start. We’re a little more than halfway done now, and there will be 40 recipes in all! Then, to give you a head start for Easter, we will feature […]

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Obama to Honor Greek Independence Day

President of the U.S., Barack Obama will be once again honoring the anniversary of Greek Independence day by organizing a celebration ceremony which will be held in the White House on Friday April 4. In addition to Mr. Obama, the Archbishop of ...


Delly Carr, Best Greek-Australian Photographer

Delly Carr is a top Greek-Australian sports photographer who has been awarded several times for his amazing photographs. His parents were born in Greece, his father in Kastelorizo and his mother in Syros, and they migrated to Australia as teenagers.


Greek Cyprus abolishes daily cash withdrawal limits

300 euro limit per person per day was scrapped, along with restrictions on breaking fixed-interest time deposits prior to maturity. Greek Cyprus abolished on Friday maximum daily cash withdrawal limits from bank accounts, a year after it imposed capital ...


Tsipiras Says More Austerity Coming

With Prime Minister Antonis Samaras hailing a deal with international lenders as the steppingstone Greece needs to finally recovery from a crushing


Greece’s First Fortune-Telling Coffee Shop Opens in Athens

Necessity being the mother of invention, the financial crisis has birthed many new business ideas as people seek innovative sources of money


Famous Greek Reporter Goes Missing

Since last Friday, Greek Police have been investigating the mysterious disappearance of a famous journalist and wife of a well-known lawyer in


EC Takes Greece to Court for Failing to Protect Turtles

Greece will be called before the European Court of Justice for “failing to provide adequate protection” at nesting sites of the endangered Caretta caretta


Alpha sells bulk of new shares to US and UK buyers

US and British investors bought the bulk of Alpha Bank’s 1.2-billion-euro new share issue, it said on Friday, providing further evidence that foreign investors are warming to Greece. Alpha, Greece’s fourth-largest lender, issued new shares to buy back 940... ...


Hospital drivers on strike through Monday; nurses to join on last day

Drivers working at Greece’s public hospitals will be on strike through Monday in protest at a Health Ministry plan to transfer them to EKAB, the national ambulance and emergency care service, the union of hospital workers, POEDIN, said Friday. All hospita... ...


New Democracy, SYRIZA clash over Ecofin protest

New Democracy accused main leftist opposition SYRIZA’s youth wing of “heralding disturbances” by issuing a call for young Greeks to voice their disapproval of the government on Tuesday, when European Union finance ministers will be in Athens for the Ecofi... ...


Greek president a ‘wise’ man, Pope Francis says

The legal status of religious communities, the role of religion in society, and ecumenical collaboration were at the focus of talks between Greek President Karolos Papoulias and Pope Francis at the Vatican on Friday. During the 45-minute meeting, describe... ...


Mitrogoal back soon for Fulham, says Magath

Fulham could soon have Greece striker Costas Mitroglou back to assist in its Premier League relegation fight, manager Felix Magath said on Friday. Mitroglou has featured just twice for the Londoners since joining from Olympiakos Piraeus for an undisclosed... ...


Gains at the closing bell for main stock index

The closing auctions helped the Greek stock market’s benchmark index to post gains of almost 1 percent on Friday, as it registered a small weekly drop of 0.21 percent. The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index closed at 1,327.87 points, adding 0.98 percen... ...


Greek bank deposits drop for a second month in February

Greek bank deposits dropped in February for a second month in a row and private sector lending continued to shrink, central bank data showed on Thursday, with no sign of the credit expansion needed to spur economic recovery this year. Deposits of business... ...


Did George Joannides Know Who Killed JFK?

If Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, who was behind President Kennedy’s killing? Although he died 24 years ago, one of the most perplexing mysteries in American history remains: if George Joannides, who worked for The National Herald and the CIA, knew the answer.

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Greek Flag Raise, Parade Weekend Begins in NY

TNH Staff Writer NEW YORK – Holidays are warmed and lit from the inside out. Rainy, chilly weather did not interfere with the raising of the Greek flag, official start of Greek Parade weekend in New York. Greek-Americans and philhellenes and passers-by were delighted by the annual ceremony highlight by the appearance of the Greek […]

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Convict fatally beaten after Greek guard death

Greek ReporterConvict fatally beaten after Greek guard deathThe StateTHESSALONIKI, Greece — An Albanian convict accused of fatally stabbing a prison guard after being refused a furlough to visit his critically ill mother has died in detention after being severely beaten and possibly tortured, Greek authorities said Friday.Prisoner who Killed Guard Found Dead in his CellGreek Reporterall 8 news articles »


UK growth steady; current account deficit close to record high

Current account deficit "horrible" at £22.8bnEurozone sentiment hit 5-yr high in MarchGermany backs UK demand to protect interests of non eurozone membersInsurance stocks hammered as UK regulator plans probe of 30m policies

6.07pm GMT

Over to Greece where the finance minister has just told us that he expects a crucial parliamentary vote on the latest package of measures - the price of further further financial assistance - to go smoothly on Sunday. Helena Smith reports from Athens:

The reforms may be unpopular among MPs and industry groups but prime minister Antonis Samaras fragile coalition is confident that the vote now needed to release more than 10bn in aid will ultimately pass on Sunday

As many as eight ruling coalition lawmakers had emerged as potential rejectors of the bill an omnibus piece of legislation encompassing a wide range of measures to boost the debt-stricken countrys competitiveness. With a majority of just three any losses could have have spelt catastrophe for the government which faces a bond repayment of some 9. bn in May.

Deputies in both the centre right New Democracy party and centre left Pasok had been especially incensed by a reform that will allow longer shelf-life for milk, arguing it would enable cheap, low quality milk from Bulgaria and Romania to flood the market. But even though industry figures joined others today in opposing the reform, Stournaras insisted that the issue had been resolved. Its been settled, they now understand that the regulation is actually a good one."

The macro-economics professor, the only technocrat in the two-party administration, said the once crisis-plagued Greek economy was now so benign he did not expect any political turmoil on the horizon. I am not afraid at all, he said speaking of upcoming euro elections in May. Greeces place in the eurozone is fully secured the economy is so benign there wont be any problems, he added predicting that Athens primary surplus, which is to be announced by Eurostat towards the end of April, would be at least 2bn or 1 percent of GDP. I can tell you with certainty that it will be around 1 percent of GDP.

5.22pm GMT

Positive comments from the Chinese premier, Li Keqiang, eased fears that the country's economy would continue to slow down, and helped markets to a positive end to the week. All week investors had been hoping for signs that China would make moves to stimulate its economy, and the premier's words reinforced that view. Mining companies in particular were in demand, China being a major consumer of commodities. Investors seemed able to shrug off the continuing tensions over Ukraine. So the final scores showed:

The FTSE 100 finished 27.26 points or 0.41% higher at 6615.58

4.25pm GMT

The US Federal Reserve should keep interest rates low until early 2016 and only raise them gradually, according to one of the central bank's officials.

Chicago Fed chairman Charles Evans, a noted dove but a non-voting member this year, said the Fed had to make sure it did not derail the economic recovery by acting too quickly. Evans said in Hong Kong:

I personally doubt that the funds rate is going to start to increase before the middle of 2015.

It's more likely to be late, after the middle of 2015. I'd actually hold off until early 2016 for the funds rate increase.

4.12pm GMT

Cyprus has abolished maximum daily cash withdrawal limits a year after it imposed capital controls.

IMF Completes Third Review Under the Extended Fund Facility for #Cyprus and Approves 83.3 Million Disbursement

4.02pm GMT

Back with the UK insurers, and Resolution has issued a statement after the news of the FCE probe into pensions and savings.

Resolution said:

Resolution notes the FCA's announcement regarding a review of the fair treatment of long standing customers in life insurance. We look forward to receiving further details from the FCA.

We put all of our customers at the heart of our business and engage with them on a regular basis. In 2011, Resolution established Heritage, a standalone division with a dedicated management team specifically focused on meeting the ongoing needs of customers with legacy products.

3.57pm GMT

Earlier, the latest US consumer confidence figures came in lower than expected.

The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan index slipped to 80 in March, down from 81.6 the month before. It was higher than the preliminary March reading of 79.9 but below forecasts of 80.5. Survey director Richard Curtin said:

Opposing forces might have played an important role in driving sentiment in March. More seasonal weather conditions and the improvement in the labour market are likely to have been supportive but rising confidence has been somehow limited from the recent spike in fuel prices and energy bills in late March.

3.32pm GMT

Back in the corporate world and pharmaceuticals group Shire has slipped back after a US court setback.

A Federal court of appeal has reversed an earlier ruling in favour of Shire in a patent case against Actavis. The earlier judgement said Activis' Watson unit had infringed Shire's patent over Lialda - a treatment for bowel disease - but the appeal court said the scope of the patent had been incorrectly analysed.

3.05pm GMT

One final chart from the ONS: here is the UK's current account as a share of GDP. To recap we found out today the UK's current account - a deficit of £22.8bn - is worth 5.4% of GDP.

2.54pm GMT

How much will global warming cost the economy? And can economists be trusted to work out the answer?

A United Nations draft report has forecast that climate change would cut economic output by between 0.2 and 2.0 % a year by damaging human health, disrupting water supplies and raising sea levels.

But many countries reckon that is an underestimate because it excludes risks of catastrophic changes, such as a runaway melt of Greenland's ice, collapse of coral reefs or a drying of the Amazon rainforest that could cause massive economic losses.

Trying to address the objections, an updated draft text from the meeting on Friday, obtained by Reuters, adds that impact estimates "do not yet account for catastrophic changes, tipping points, and many other details.

Economists argue that it's difficult to estimate risks of catastrophic events, so they leave them out. But that's like saying the risk is zero, which isnt true.

2.22pm GMT

Is the picture brightening in the eurozone? While today's consumer sentiment data suggests it is, Capital Economics sounds a cautionary note.

A note from the famously bearish consultancy says that although the recovery "probably gained a little momentum in the first quarter", growth is likely to remain "disappointingly sluggish" while risks of deflation are growing.

Of course, the relationship of these [consumer sentiment] surveys with GDP growth is far from perfect. But they are broadly consistent with the limited hard data that is already available. As a result, the risks to our forecast of 0.5% growth in 2014 now appear to lie to the upside.

Nonetheless, even growth of 0.4% in the first quarter would still be a disappointingly small improvement on the 0.3% registered in Q4 and would indicate that the eurozones recovery is still struggling to gather significant momentum. Even in Germany, the survey data published last week suggest that growth is likely to remain solid rather than spectacular.

1.54pm GMT

In Berlin the red carpet has been rolled out for China's president Xi Jinping, the first state visit to Germany by a Chinese president in 8 years.

The Chinese president described relations between the two economic powerhouses as "close," in a commentary published on Friday in the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Cooperation between China and Germany - the leading economies in Asia and the EU - could open the world to enormous possibilities of economic growth, he added.

China is Germany's most important trade partner in Asia and second most important globally after the US. According to provisional figures the government statistics agency Destatis, the value of exports to China - mainly vehicles, machines, electrical and chemical products - reached 67 billion euros ($92.1 billion) in 2013. Meanwhile, imports from the Asian country cost 73.4 billion euros in total.

1.32pm GMT

I promised German inflation data, and finally, here it is.

Germany's statistics agency has reported that prices are expected to have risen by 1.0% in March 2014 on the previous year. This relatively low rate of inflation reflects falling energy prices, which have offset an rise in food prices.

German CPI (YoY). Disinflationary risks in the Eurozone persist - @SoberLook

1.17pm GMT

In the latest update on US consumption, we learn that consumer spending grew by 0.3% in February, a fraction higher than the 0.2% recorded in January.

Here is an extract from the Reuters' report:

The Commerce Department said on Friday that consumer spending increased 0.3% last month after rising by a revised 0.2% in January. Spending was previously reported to have increased 0.4 percent in January.Economists polled by Reuters had forecast consumer spending, which accounts for more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activity, rising 0.3% in February.The dollar rose to a session high against the yen after the data. U.S. stock index futures were little changed.

Spending in February was lifted by an increase in services consumption, likely because of increased demand for health care and utilities.

Many analysts foresee the economy growing 3% for the year, after a weak first quarter. It would be the most robust annual expansion since 2005, two years before the Great Recession began.

The National Association for Business Economics is predicting that the economy will grow 3.1% this year, far higher than the lacklustre 1.9% gain in 2013.

12.25pm GMT

George Osborne and Ed Miliband are attempting to woo small business at the Federation of Small Business conference in Manchester.

In his speech, the Labour leader concentrated his fire on the 'big six' energy companies. He said that the energy market competition inquiry announced on Thursday showed he was right to argue the market was rigged. And he said gas and electricity price rises cannot be justified until the market has been reformed.

The big six energy companies have made huge profits at the expense not just of hard-working families but hard-working business people too. They have done it because the market just isn't working.

And while we reform that broken market, there can be no justification for further price rises. Because we now have official confirmation that these will be price rises taking advantage of a market that is rigged.

A big bank saying 'no' should not be the end of the line for a small business. Now, with our plan, it won't be.

Dealing a blow to Byron Burger, George Osborne tells FSB his fave takeaway is pizza #FSB

12.13pm GMT

More Blackberry crumble.

The Canadian smartphone maker has reported a loss of $423 million (£254m) for the final quarter of 2014. A painful result for shareholders, but not as bad as the £2.7bn loss it reported a year earlier.

11.57am GMT

And now it's all gone.

The tumble in insurance stocks has helped wipe out the gains the FTSE100 made earlier today. The UK's bluechip index is now largely flat on its opening value at around 6590 points.

11.38am GMT

Is it springtime in the eurozone?

Consumer confidence was particularly buoyant, registering the sharpest monthly increase since April 2009 (+3.4). Consumers' views on the future general economic situation and the level of future unemployment, as well as their savings expectations improved sharply. The improvement in households' expected financial situation was comparatively moderate. The slight improvement in retail trade confidence (+0.4) was the result of managers' more positive evaluation of the volume of stocks in combination with broadly unchanged assessments of the present and expected business situation. The flat development in construction confidence (-0.3) reflects opposing tendencies in its two components: while employment expectations were revised upwards, managers showed increased concern about the level of order books.

11.00am GMT

Labour has issued its reaction to news that Germany wants to protect the interests of non-eurozone countries in the event of treaty change. Read in at 8.41.

The party's Europe spokesman Gareth Thomas said:

Labour wants to see Europe work better for Britain, and that includes reforms to ensure Europe does more to boost growth and jobs here in the UK. Of course, as the eurozone consolidates, there need to be proper safeguards to protect the single market.

But what David Cameron won't admit is that, because of his arbitrary timescale of 2017, he now only has 24 months to convince all 27 member states to agree to major treaty change on the terms set by Eurosceptic Tory backbenchers. EU reform is possible, and necessary, but David Cameron is unable to approach it in a sensible way. The gap between what his party will accept and what our European allies can agree to remains unbridgeable.

10.55am GMT

A sharp-eyed reader points out that the savings rate is falling.

Interestingly, tucked away in the ONS GDP data, was detail on our savings rate in 2013 versus 2012; it's now fallen to 5.1% versus 7.3% in 2012...

10.42am GMT

Turning to the Ukraine crisis, Germany's energy and economy minister Sigmar Gabriel has said there is "no sensible alternative" to Russian natural gas imports.

According to the Neue Osnabruecker Zeitungand he said it was unlikely Russia would stop deliveries because of the crisis over Ukraine.

"Even in the darkest hours of the Cold War Russia respected its contracts.

10.27am GMT

Economists have also been giving their reaction to the latest GDP data.

Howard Archer of IHS, who is forecasting GDP growth of 2.7% for 2014, is encouraged by today's numbers.

Encouragingly, growth in the fourth quarter was much less dependent on consumer spending, with business investment and exports seeing marked improvement. Indeed, business investment rose 2.4% quarter-on-quarter and 8.7% year-on-year. In addition, net trade was markedly positive, with export growth revised up appreciably to 2.8% quarter-on-quarter. Consumer spending growth actually slowed appreciably compared to the third quarter but was respectable.

Exports should benefit from improving global growth in 2014 although net trades contribution will still be limited by solid domestic demand sucking in imports. The strong pound could also have some limiting impact on exports.

While growth has remained strong through the past 12 months or so, todays numbers confirm that it has come at a cost.

Disposable real income fell by 0.1% and the amount of money saved by UK households fell to 5% from 5.6% - a clear sign that the reserves that the UK consumer is relying on to fund services spending is being depleted.

9.58am GMT

Here is a round-up of the best analysis and reaction on Twitter to the latest batch of UK economic data.

Absolutely shocking! In 2013, the UKs current account deficit was £71.1 billion. #GDP #GBP But in an hour people will have forgotten it..

Strong services growth in January point to a healthy GDP increase in Q1

Not so good news! UK #GDP is estimated to have increased by 1.7% in 2013, compared with 2012, revised down 0.1 percentage points

Main culprit for the deterioration in current accout: big fall in income earned on UK investments overseas

Falling investment income from abroad hammered the current account in Q4 2013:

9.47am GMT

As expected the UK economy grew by 0.7% in October- December, in line with earlier estimates. But GDP for the full year was revised down to 1.8%, compared to the earlier estimate of a 1.9% increase. GDP for the five quarters - Q4 12 - Q13 - was left unchanged at 2.7%

The full data set published by the Office for National Statistics is available here.

9.31am GMT

Breaking news: GDP stands unchanged at 0.7% for Oct-Dec 2013, but the current account deficit is worse than expected.

9.29am GMT

But for UK insurance companies it is another story. Their stocks are tanking after it emerged that regulators are planning an investigation looking into 30m policies sold between 1970 and 2000.

Clive Adamson, the director of supervision at the FCA, told the Daily Telegraph

We want to find out how closed-book products are being serviced by insurance companies, as we are concerned insurers are allocating an unfair amount of overheads to historic funds.

As firms cut prices and create new products there is a danger that customers with older contracts are forgotten. We want to ensure they get a fair deal. As part of the review we will collect information to establish whether we need to intervene on exit charges.

9.22am GMT

European stocks are up this morning, as optimism about the global economy lifts mining shares.

We have gathered experience from successfully battling the economic downturn last year and we have policies in store to counter economic volatility for this year.

We will launch relevant and forceful measures according to what we have planned in our government work report.

9.02am GMT

A few more details on those French consumer spending figures: household spending on goods increased by 0.1% in February, Insee reported this morning. This was a big improvement on the 2.1% decrease in January, although far from where economists expected spending to go.

8.41am GMT

In a potentially significant result for David Cameron, Germany has said the interests of non-eurozone countries must be protected in the event of further EU integration.

In a joint letter in the Financial Times chancellor George Osborne and his German counterpart Wolfgang Schäuble say that treaty change must guarantee "fairness" for those outside the eurozone.

A stable euro is good for the global economy, and especially for Europe. The crisis has shown that the eurozone needs a common fiscal and economic policy with corresponding improved governance. The UK fully recognises the progress made so far in responding to the crisis, and it supports the case for further steps forward. But as the euro area continues to integrate, it is important that countries outside the euro area are not at a systematic disadvantage in the EU. So future EU reform and treaty change must include reform of the governance framework to put euro area integration on a sound legal basis, and guarantee fairness for those EU countries inside the single market but outside the single currency.

Some suggest that reforming the EU is impossible. We have already proved them wrong. Last year saw the first ever real-terms cut to the EU budget. Together, we are proposing a programme for cutting red tape in Europe that already has the support of 12 other member states and the European parliament.

Germanys desire for treaty change is not shared elsewhere in the EU, especially in France, which does not endorse Berlins enthusiasm for more centralised budgetary control in the eurozone.

There would also be widespread opposition to any treaty change that triggered referendums in any member state because the rise of populist and anti-European parties would make such polls a perilous exercise.

8.16am GMT

Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the financial markets, the eurozone and the business world.

So far, the UKs economic recovery has been a story of shopping and house prices. Today we will learn more about the fine detail of the economic picture, with official data out later expected to confirm that the UK economy grew by 0.7% in the last quarter of 2013.

The growth rate is encouraging and retail sales and confidence are high in the UK, markets will be looking for the needed uptick in investment spending to give the economic recovery more balance.


Greek Market Overhaul Angers Retailers, Opposition

Greek ReporterGreek Market Overhaul Angers Retailers, OppositionABC NewsGreek associations of bakers, pharmacies, booksellers, and milk farmers expressed angry opposition to plans to overhaul trading rules, fearing they will wipe out independent stores and producers — as unions and opposition parties readied new anti ...Citizens have been greatly inconvenienced by the decision of Greek ...Greek ReporterNew Greek austerity bill angers neighborhood stores as market rules face overhaulFox NewsGreece's independent stores, retailers furious over proposed reform to ...GlobalPostall 46 news articles »


Greece reaches long-delayed bailout deal

Greece has reached an agreement that will allow the release of a long-delayed rescue loan instalment.


Greece Allows Smoking Areas in Bars, Clubs, Casinos, Lotto

A provision in the wide-ranging bill tabled by the Greek Ministry for Development will legalize smoking areas in casinos, night clubs and live music venues larger than 300m², as well as betting shops, including lottery outlets. The only ...


Albanian convict accused of fatally stabbing prison guard in Greece dead after severe beating

by  Associated Press Convict fatally beaten after Greek guard death Associated Press - 28 March 2014 12:08-04:00

THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) — Greek authorities say an Albanian convict accused of fatally stabbing a prison guard after being refused a furlough to visit his critically ill mother has died in detention after a severe beating.

Ilie Kareli, 42, died late Thursday after sustaining chest injuries days earlier that led to heart failure, a coroner said.

The Justice Ministry said Friday it was investigating the death of Kareli, who was taken "for his own safety" to the northern Nigrita Prison after Tuesday's fatal stabbing in Malandrino, central Greece. It said he arrived with bruises, but "did not request medical examination."

Guards found him unconscious in his single cell and he was pronounced dead in hospital.

He was serving a 20-year sentence for attempted murder, robbery and drugs.

News Topics: General news, Assault and battery, Violent crime, Crime

People, Places and Companies: Greece, Western Europe, Europe

Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


From Both Sides of The Aegean Until 4/3

NEW YORK – Like all art, Maria Iliou’s film about the aftermath of the burning of Smyrna and the Asia Minor disaster, “From Both Sides of The Aegean: Expulsion And Exchange of Populations, Turkey-Greece 1922-1924,” was born of labor, inspiration and passion – in this case, humanitarian love.  Her own personal story is bound up […]

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BBC: Pilots Among Greeks Pushed to Turkey Because of Crisis

Approximately 800-1000 Greeks have settled in Turkey, mostly in Istanbul due to the economic crisis in Greece, as mentioned in a BBC


Will Mammon be the next British Scandi TV obsession?

The latest Nordic noir drama begins tonight on More4 – and this time it's the Norwegians bringing the thrills

A TV series with a title that essentially means "greed" is always a good start for me. And, in the first episode of Mammon, the latest Scandinavian thriller to follow in the eerie footsteps of The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge, there's plenty of underhand pilfering to fill the conspiracy-shaped hole that may have been left in your wake by the end of BBC2's Line of Duty.

Spanning a period of six days, the six-part drama follows journalists investigating an embezzlement scandal involving Norway's political and banking elite. In true Nordic noir style, what Mammon is really pointing to – in the genre's typically complicated, baffling way, of course – is corruption everywhere; its country's own grubby underbelly.

As it delves into the nebulous worlds of finance, politics and journalism, the series weaves a labyrinthine plot that lurches between the capital of Oslo, trendy Bergen (where there are some very pretty fjords) and mysterious forest. (The sort you'd avoid, even if you did want to go for an early-morning jog).

It also explores sibling conflict, honing in on a fraternal bond blown apart by a mysterious suicide that becomes crucial to the plot.

Aside from Lilyhammer, which premiered on Netflix in 2012, Norway has experienced limited international success with its original drama programming. Mammon seems to be saying "in your face" to all the critics who didn't believe Norway would create the same buzz around its crime dramas as it has its fiction.

In fact, Mammon has been re-commissioned (season two was green-lit before the show even aired on Norway's public broadcaster NRK in January). It has also been bought by broadcasters in various European countries from Germany to the UK, and – yes – there's a US adaptation in the mix (Fox, who remade The Killing for American audiences, has snapped up the rights).

This all means that Mammon (which isn't actually a word at all in Norwegian but one of murky, possibly Greek, etymology from the New Testament, meaning material wealth or greed that's personified) is a series you might want to give a go when it turns up on More4 this evening. Yes, update your diary – Scandi crime night has moved to Fridays.

• Mammon, Fridays, 9pm, More4. Don't miss Stuart Jeffries dissecting all the action in his first episode-by-episode blog, which will be online straight after the show ends.

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Greeks decry market reforms needed to unlock EU-IMF aid

Greek industry associations criticised as “destructive” reforms that the country must approve by Sunday to clinch bailout loans, although the government expects the final package of austerity measures to pass. Associations of the country’s pharmacists, ba... ...


Greece amends retroactive FIT cuts; leaves solar PV sector divided

MPs to vote on amended PV bill over the weekend as Greek solar agencies squabble over industry's future. The Greek Government submitted a draft bill to its members of parliament (MPs) last night, who will debate on it at the weekend and vote on Sunday.


Greece: Athens, Aegean Islands cruise for less than $1,500

The "Iconic Aegean" package includes two nights in Athens, with time to take in the Acropolis as well as an evening of dancing and bouzouki music. The four-day cruise makes stops at Mykonos, Patmos and the Monastery of St. John the Theologian ...


Greece's independent stores, retailers furious over proposed reform to overhaul market

ATHENS, Greece - Greek associations of bakers, pharmacies, booksellers, and milk farmers expressed angry opposition to a proposed reform that would overhaul trading rules and, they fear, wipe out independent ...


Chaos with Ongoing Greek Pharmacists Strike

Citizens have been greatly inconvenienced by the decision of Greek pharmacists to shut down their stores, protesting to the changes regarding the


Amid ruins of Greek economy, green shoots emerge

Amid ruins of Greek economy, green shoots emergeReutersThe government, which predicts that the 182 billion euro economy will finally grow - albeit a mild 0.6 percent - this year, has already spoken of a "Greek success story" and is mulling a return to the bond markets in the coming weeks. Economists remain ...and more »


European Commission takes Greece to court over failure to protect sea turtles

The European Commission on Friday announced that it is taking Greece to court over its failure to impose legislation for the protection of the Caretta-caretta loggerhead sea turtle, an endangered species that is endemic to the southern Ionian Sea and whic... ...


Stranger in a strange land

Not everyone's home videos have the makings of a modern-day Greek tragedy. Alexandra Anthony's family documentary “Lost in the Bewilderness,” which earned warm reviews at the recent Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, tells the story of a long-lost hero wh... ...


Economic Green Shoots Are Emerging In Greece

By George Georgiopoulos ATHENS (Reuters) - On a cold day in January, car dealer Dimitris Antonopoulos handed over the keys of a brand new, white Jaguar worth 122,000 euros ($167,600), the first one sold in Greece in more than a year amid signs ...


New Multi-Bill Changes Greek Market

Greek ReporterNew Multi-Bill Changes Greek MarketGreek ReporterThe new multi-bill which will be filed today in the Greek House of Parliament as a matter of urgency is expected to bring significant changes to the Greek market. The bill consists of three main articles. Its voting is a prerequisite for the ...New Greek austerity bill angers neighborhood stores as market rules face overhaulFox Newsall 28 news articles »


Greece's Alpha Bank sells bulk of new shares to US, British investors

KathimeriniGreece's Alpha Bank sells bulk of new shares to US, British investorsReutersAlpha, Greece's fourth-largest lender, issued new shares to buy back 940 million euros of preferred shares from the government and cover a 262-million euro capital shortfall revealed in a stress test by the central bank earlier this month. "The 1.2 ...Greece's Draft bill will open the way for Eurobank's planned capital Business Newsall 9 news articles »


UN's top human rights body renews investigation of suspected rights abuses in North Korea

by  Associated Press UN renews North Korea human rights investigation Associated Press - 28 March 2014 08:45-04:00

GENEVA (AP) — An international investigation that found suspected crimes against humanity and other abuses in North Korea has been renewed for another year, after a testy exchange between diplomats for the communist nation and the United States.

The U.N.'s 47-nation Human Rights Council on Friday approved the resolution, sponsored by the European Union and Japan, on a vote of 30-6, with 11 abstentions.

Greece's U.N. Ambassador Alexandros Alexandris, speaking for the EU, said nations are "gravely concerned" by suspected crimes discovered so far.

But North Korea's U.N. envoy So Se Pyong said the resolution's sponsors had turned the council "into a stage of political confrontation."

The head of the U.S. delegation, Paula Schriefer, interrupted the North Korean envoy repeatedly to complain he was straying off-topic and inappropriately accusing other nations of crimes.

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Greek History Classes at the University of Queensland

Alastair Blanshard, professor at the University of Queensland presented a lecture entitled “Explorations of Beauty and Desire in Ancient Greece” during the Greek history and culture seminars held by the Greek community of Melbourne on ...


Olympiakos Knocks Off Malaga, 80-63

European basketball champion Olympiakos ran way from Unicaja Malaga for the fourth time this season, beating the Spanish team 80-63.

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More Signs Of Greek Recovery

More statistics are showing that the faltering Greek economy will likely begin a recovery this year and that a third bailout won't be needed.

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Greeks come together for week of service, competition

After coming back from Spring Break, the three nationally-affiliated Greek councils at Murray State competed and united for Greek week. Re’Nita Avery-Meriwether, director of Student Life and the Curris Center, said the All Greek Assembly was a ...


Crisis: Greece, unions to hold general strike on April 9

Philly.comCrisis: Greece, unions to hold general strike on April 9ANSAmed(ANSAmed) - ATHENS, MARCH 28 - Greece's largest public sector union says it will join a nationwide general strike April 9 to protest austerity measures as daily Kathimerini online reports. The move means that the walkout will affect all private and ...Greek unions to hold general strike on April 9Hilton Head Island Packetall 54 news articles »


Bloomberg on Greece’s Recovery

Bloomberg Businessweek published an article entitled “Yasou: Greece Is Pulling Off an Amazing Recovery,” praising Greece’s efforts and recovery. According to the article, the yield on the Greek government’s 10-year debt had reached 30%.


Peripheral bank bond penalty vanishing as confidence returns

The penalty that banks in Europe’s most indebted nations pay to borrow compared with those from the richest economies fell to the lowest in four years amid growing confidence in the region’s economic recovery. Lenders from Italy to Greece now pay 0.38 per... ...


Greece: austerity bill angers neighborhood stores

Greece: austerity bill angers neighborhood storesModesto BeeProtesters are reflected on the door of a closed shop as the storefront is covered with a photograph of Athens by night during a rally against unemployment and austerity on Thursday, March 27, 2014. After a deep recession that started in 2008, Greece ...


Outgoing Greece police chief reflects

Greece, N.Y. -- Chief Todd Baxter said when he took over as police chief in Greece four years ago, the department was in much worse shape than he realized. He credited the 78 officers who were there for keeping the department running despite corruption and a lack of leadership at the top. ...