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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Overpopulation Is Not the Problem? Really?

Last week, the New York Times published an opinion piece titled, "Overpopulation is Not the Problem." Written by Erle C. Ellis, an associate professor of geography and environmental systems at the University of Maryland, the column dismisses as "nonsense" concerns that, "... by transforming the earth's natural landscapes, we are undermining the very life support systems that sustain us." Wow. That's a relief. When scientists around the world are warning that humanity is in danger of exceeding "planetary boundaries" and causing irreparable harm to the environment and its ability to sustain existing life forms, including human life, it is refreshing -- in the extreme -- to hear that we have nothing to worry about. While acknowledging that we live on a finite planet with finite resources, Ellis insists that there "is no such thing as a human carrying capacity." Other species on this planet suffer massive die-offs when their numbers exceed what nature can sustainably provide, but modern humans, according to Ellis, are an exception to that rule. Humans, in his words, do not have to "live within the natural environmental limits of our planet." In support of that bold proposition, he notes that at numerous times in the past 200,000 years humans have altered the natural environment so as to increase the carrying capacity for our species. When we hunted large animals to near extinction, we found ways to hunt and consume smaller species. When our hunter-gather lifestyles did not produce enough food, we domesticated animals and began growing crops. When traditional farming was not producing enough, we manufactured fertilizer and began irrigating our crops. And because we expanded our carrying capacity in the past, we can do so again in the future. However, as anyone on Wall Street will tell you, past performance does not guarantee future results. The fact that a value of a stock has doubled or tripled in the past does not mean that it can go on doubling or tripling on into the future. In nature, as in the financial world, there are limits to exponential growth on a finite planet. Sooner or later, what goes up ultimately comes down. And many times it comes down with a crash or a bang. Bubbles burst. So is there any danger that the human 'bubble' will burst? Ellis says, in effect, don't worry. "There is no environmental reason for people to go hungry now or in the future." In Ellis's worldview, we are gods who can shape the world to fit us, no matter how great the size of our population. He says, "The only limits to creating a planet that future generations will be proud of are our imaginations... " Such a view, of course, is not just silly, it is dangerous folly. The ancient Greeks had a term for it: hubris. The idea that our "imagination" gives us license to stop worrying about pumping too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere or too much nitrogen into our oceans is ludicrous. Scientific advances may yet serve to limit greenhouse gas emissions or protect the oceans, but so far science has moved us in the wrong direction. Human ingenuity is, at best, a two-edged sword. Ellis insists that "The science of human sustenance is inherently a social science." More hubris. The idea that the "social sciences" will enable us to feed another 3 billion more people without inflicting further harm to the soil and water that we depend upon for our long-term survival is, sadly, laughable. Soil degradation and erosion, deforestation, desertification, and the depletion of underground aquifers are clear and present dangers to our ability to feed ourselves. We ignore them at our peril. Ellis concludes his opinion piece by saying that the "... the environment will be what we make it." Well, he is correct on that account: the environment is what we make of it... and so far we are making an enormous mess of it. Ellis, of course, is not the only person currently 'debunking' concerns about population and the ongoing destruction of the environment. Jonathan V. Last, who writes for the Weekly Standard, recently wrote a book ["What to Expect When No One's Expecting"] that urges Americans to produce more babies in effort to avoid a "demographic disaster." Just as there is a cluster of "climate-deniers," there are perfectly intelligent people who absolutely refuse to recognize the obvious: we are taking more from the Earth than the Earth can sustainably regenerate. Sooner or later, we will face a day of environmental reckoning that no amount of human imagination will manage to stave off.


Political Foes Unite Against Killing

The violent attack and murder were discussed in parliament, with the Minister of Justice Charalambos Athanasiou condemning the violence cultivated by Golden Dawn and that "with determination, the State will defend the rule of law and social peace". Greek President Karolos Papoulias, who was a resistance fighter against Nazis in World War II, said, "It is our duty not to allow any ...


Murder of Anti-Fascist Hip-Hop Artist in Greece Adds Fuel to Ongoing Labor Strikes

took to the streets in Greece's two largest cities on Wednesday , part of a broader series of labor union strikes and protests that began earlier this week.Joining secondary school ...


University of Alabama students march in wake of Greek system segregation ...

University of Alabama students march in wake of Greek system segregation (blog)Crowds of University of Alabama students are gathering on the school's campus in what they are calling the Final Stand at the Schoolhouse Doors, according to reporter Melissa Brown who is tweeting from the scene.and more »


Singer's killing spurs violence in Greece

One person, owing allegiance to far-right Golden Dawn party, arrested in connection with anti-fascist activist's murder.


Greek Cup to return with changes, more prizes

Cal State Long Beach’s second Greek Cup is right around the corner, arriving with a few tweaks designed to include cultural fraternities and sororities in this year’s competition. Last year, cultural fraternities and sororities felt out of ...


Greek public workers start 2-day nationwide strike

Greek public workers start 2-day nationwide strikePress TVThousands of Greek civil servants have launched a two-day nationwide strike to protest a job redeployment scheme and planned job cuts. The striking workers marched through the capital Athens on Wednesday holding banners reading, “No to layoffs” and ...


Greece moves to ban far-right Golden Dawn party

Government to table emergency legislation after murder of anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas at ultra-nationalist rally

The Greek government has hinted that it will seek to ban Golden Dawn after the far-right party was linked to the murder of a leading leftwing musician in Athens.

As violence erupted on the streets and demonstrators protested after the fatal stabbing of Pavlos Fyssas, a prominent anti-fascist, the public order minister, Nikos Dendias, cancelled a trip abroad saying the government would table emergency legislation that would seek to outlaw the group.

Amid renewed political tensions between the extreme left and right, the new law would re-evaluate what constituted a criminal gang, he said.

"Neither the state will tolerate, nor society accept, acts and practices that undermine the legal system," the minister told reporters, adding that the attack showed "in the clearest way the [party's] intentions".

Earlier in the day, police raided Golden Dawn offices across the country, with media reporting running street battles outside branches in Crete, Thessaloniki and Patras.

Voted into the Greek parliament for the first time last June, the neo-fascist Golden Dawn has been widely accused of employing violence to further its ratings in the polls.

The socialist Pasok party, the junior member of Antonis Samaras's two-party coalition, has campaigned openly for it to be banned, saying it should be considered a criminal gang.

The 34-year-old rapper died within minutes of being stabbed in the chest when he and a group of seven friends were set upon by around 30 black-clad supporters of Golden Dawn in the working-class district of Keratsini.

Eyewitnesses said the singer was stabbed several times by a man who suddenly appeared in a car after being phoned by members of the mob. The attack bore all the hallmarks of a premeditated assault, they said.

The alleged perpetrator, a 45-year-old man who was arrested when police rushed to the scene, later confessed to being a member of Golden Dawn. His wife, who was also detained, admitted having attempted to hide incriminating evidence, including party credentials linking her husband to the extremist organisation, when he called her, panic stricken, after the murder. Greek media cited police as saying the man was not only a sympathiser of Golden Dawn but visited its offices in Keratsini "five or six times" a week.

With parties across Greece's entire political spectrum condemning the killing, the far-right group vehemently denied it had any connection with the crime or the alleged culprit. In a rare intervention, the president, Karolos Papoulias, warned: "It is our duty not to allow any space whatsoever to fascism – not even an inch."

Fyssas, who performed under the stage name Killah P, would be the first Greek to have died at the hands of Golden Dawn, which until recently reserved its venom exclusively for migrants. Within hours of his death sending shockwaves through Greek society, the killing was being described as an "assassination."

Greece's third largest party and fastest growing political force, Golden Dawn currently controls 18 seats in the 300-member parliament. It appears to have been emboldened by its soaring popularity on the back of economic desperation.

In an atmosphere brittle with anger, uncertainty and fear, politically motivated violence has escalated, with the ultra-nationalists being blamed for attacks on communist activists last week and on a rightwing mayor in the south over the weekend.

Speculation is rife that the leadership of Golden Dawn may have lost control over a party whose grassroots supporters view themselves as soldiers in an armed struggle aimed at overthrowing a political establishment they blame for the country's woes.

"It is up to the government now to deal with Golden Dawn once and for all," said Giorgos Kyrtsos, a prominent political commentator. "We know very little about the inner workings of Golden Dawn, and whether its leadership has lost control [over its members]. But what we do know is that, for the first time, the government has them in a corner."

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Protesters, police clash in anti-fascist demos across Greece: media

Protesters clashed with police in anti-fascist demonstrations across Greece on Wednesday, sparked by the murder of a leftist musician by a suspected neo-Nazi, local media reported.


Greek Actor Michalis Giannatos Passes Away

The Greek actor Michalis Giannatos, who became known through roles of Turkish characters and who is particularly likeable to the Greek audience, especially through his participation in films of the more recent Greek cinema, passed away on the night of September 17 at the age of 72. Giannatos was born in Istanbul in 1941 and in 1965 he went to study at the Drama School of Dinos Dimopoulos. His ...


The Mediterranean in Thessaloniki Biennale

The Mediterranean Sea will once again be the theme of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, to be hosted from September 2013 until January 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Under the general title New Intersections-Make it New, the Thessaloniki Biennale retains the same spatial and cultural focus under the strategic decision taken by the State Museum of Contemporary Art, organizer of the ...


Greek clashes follow street murder

Clashes have broken out between police and protesters near the site of the fatal stabbing of a left-wing activist blamed on an extremist right-wing ...


Anti-fascist protests across Greece turn violent

KERATSINI, Greece (AP) — Violent clashes broke out in several Greek cities Wednesday after a 34-year-old musician described as an anti-fascist activist was stabbed to death by a man who said he belonged to the far-right Golden Dawn party.


Greek theater? Some say University of Alabama brass turned sorority discrimination protest into PR moment

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama-- Though University of Alabama students, faculty and community members showed a united front Wednesday morning in gathering in front of Rose Administration building to protest Greek discrimination, some felt the student movement was co ...


Greece struggles to slim the state

Greece struggles to slim the (blog)Central and local government, law courts and schools remain closed throughout Greece on Wednesday and Thursday, as the country grappled with a public-sector strike against austerity. Wednesday's march through Athens by roughly 10,000 public ...and more »


Has Greece Turned the Corner?

Has Greece Turned the Corner?Investorplace.comThe fact is that the capital markets have stopped reacting to news out of Greece. Greek bond yields have bounced around in a fairly tight range all year and have actually been falling for the past two months … in spite of the global Fed tapering scare ...and more »


The bright spot in General Mills Greek yogurt strategy

The strong debut is good news for Golden Valley-based General Mills (NYSE: GIS), for whom Greek yogurt has been a sore spot over the past couple of years. The sudden rise of Greek yogurt as a product category took the company largely by surprise ...


Hundreds Of University Of Alabama Students Marched This Morning To Protest Racism In Sororities

Hundreds of University of Alabama students, faculty, and staff marched this morning in protest of alleged racism and segregation in the school's Greek system.

The marchers held signs declaring "The Final Stand In The Schoolhouse Door," a reference to the 1963 "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door" — former Alabama Governor George Wallace's failed attempt to prevent racial desegregation at the university.

The march comes a week after the Crimson White — UA's student newspaper — published a revealing expose of active attempts to bar black students from traditionally white sororities.

Protestors convened this morning at the steps of Gorgas Library, and marched to the Rose Administrative Building, where they were apparently joined by UA president Judy Bonner (seen in red below).

According to, Bonner plans to meet with the student organizers of the march to discuss their concerns.

Check out some pictures of the march below:

150-200 students for University of Alabama anti-racism rally. Pat D

— Alabama Public Radio (@ALPublicRadio) September 18, 2013

Stand at the School House Door 2013 #westand #uastands #standattheschoolhousedoor #2013 #60yearslater

— Morgan Daniels (@modaniels) September 18, 2013

And we march ... again! #UniversityofAlabama

— TMG (@MsTGoddess) September 18, 2013

#uastands #westand #againstracim

— Morgan Daniels (@modaniels) September 18, 2013


— A (@MeelMouse) September 18, 2013

100's of students and faculty on the steps if Rosé Administration

— Kelvin Reynolds (@Fox6Kelvin) September 18, 2013

Khortland Patterson speaking at @UAstands about the Greek racial divide at The University of Alabama #makechange

— Elisabeth Garcia (@LisGarcia519) September 18, 2013

Student leaders addressing Pres. Judy Bonner on steps of the Administrations office.

— Kelvin Reynolds (@Fox6Kelvin) September 18, 2013

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Turkey revives Greeks' hopes by re-opening primary school

ZEYTINLI, Turkey (Reuters) - Four children began classes this week at a Greek school on a remote Turkish island, becoming the first students to enroll here in almost 50 years and giving their tiny community hope of enduring in its ancient homeland.


Thousands Rally Against Suspensions

The big rally that took place on September 18 at Syntagma in Athens, Greece, by the Civil Servants' Union, ADEDY, where numerous protesters had gathered against the plan to suspend and fire public workers, was converted into an anti-fascist protest. The murder of the 34-year-old Pavlos Fyssas, an anti-fascist and hip-hop artist, a little after midnight in Keratsini, by a member of the ...


Greek Neo-Nazi Accused of Killing Activist-Rapper in Athens

Impunity Watch Reporter, Europe ATHENS, Greece - A member of the Greek Neo-Nazi political party Golden Dawn is the main suspect in the stabbing death of an activist-musician, police ...


Greek Albanian Scuffle in Monastiraki 6 Wounded

A wild scuffle between Greeks and Albanians for personal differences occurred on September 17, at 23.30, in Monastiraki. Six people were wounded. According to the evidence so far, two large groups of Greeks and Albanians scuffled with clubs, knifes and other objects, which resulted in the wounding of four Albanians and two Italian tourists who attempted to separate those involved. The wounded ...


Greece Prevent further extremist violence after activist stabbed to death

Politically motivated violence of this kind is unacceptable anywhere, and history has shown the grim consequences if it goes unchecked. The Greek authorities must send a clear message that attacks like this will not be tolerated, and the individual or individuals responsible must be brought to ...


Neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn member arrested over death of Greek artist Pavlos Fyssas

A member of the Greek neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of involvement in the stabbing of anti-fascist hip-hop artist Pavlos ...


Greek neo-Nazi murders anti-fascist rapper, protests

(ANSAmed) - ATHENS, SEPTEMBER 18 - A brutal murder with political undertones and a racist attack on a young Roma beggar girl sparked tension in Greece on Wednesday. After two days of a general strike and continuing protests against government austerity ...


Russian railroads privatizing Greek OSE would help Greece get out of crisis ...

Russian railroads privatizing Greek OSE would help Greece get out of crisis ...The Voice of RussiaRussian railways company RZhD has filed an application for privatization of Greek national railway company OSE. The company is interested not only in Greek's roads privatization but also planning total modernization of the country's rail infrastructure.and more »


Greece faces week of rolling strikes over austerity

Greece faces week of rolling strikes over austerityCBC.caTeachers chant slogans during a protest at the northern port city of Thessaloniki, Greece, on Wednesday. Thousands of civil servants marched through Athens and Thessaloniki, as part of a a two-day nationwide strike against planned job cuts. (Associated ...


New protests in Greece as tensions high over murder

Thousands of civil servants demonstrated in Greece on Wednesday in the week's second major protest against planned job cuts, as social tensions rose over a leftist musician's murder by a suspected neo-Nazi. A police source said some 20,000 people marched ...


Greece: Clashes break out at anti-fascist protest

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Clashes have broken out between riot police and protesters holding an anti-fascist demonstration near the site of a fatal stabbing attributed to an extremist right-wing party.


Greek Medical Health Tourism Workshop in Moscow

On October 30, the 2nd Greek Medical & Health Tourism Workshop will be held in Moscow. Eleven businesses, among which, private hospitals, rehabilitation centers and hotels with spa facilities have applied to participate, aiming at the ...


Religious leaders and Syrian refugees meet in Lebanon

Halba, Lebanon -Here, in the northern Lebanese district of Akkar, Catholic-Maronite, Sunni, Greek-Orthodox and Alawi villages are scattered all over the landscape. The Syrian border is a 15 minute drive to the north of the northern Lebanese town of Halba, and residents can hear shelling in Syria at night and episodes of sectarian strife occurring regularly. In Lebanon, religious dignitaries often give speeches on the inter-relatedness of the three Abrahamic religions, interfaith cooperation, solidarity and peace and love for everyone. Unfortunately such speeches are often just words. One recent event was different. Not just about words, it was about putting theory into practice in the face of a horrendous war raging just a few kilometres away by meeting face-to-face and urging communities to come together. During Ramadan this year, an Alawi Sheikh, a Sunni Mufti, a Greek-Orthodox Metropolitan and a Catholic-Maronite Monsignor, along with a group of over 100 Syrian refugees and 50 local Lebanese met to share a meal together. The unlikely group of diners gathered in front of a beautiful mountain top restaurant in the village of Miniara, near Halba for an iftaar (a meal after a day of fasting), showing that religious leaders and their communities can live in peace together if they want to. The group represented all major religious communities present in Akkar, and Syrian refugees who had arrived from Qusayr, Homs and other parts of the war-torn country just weeks earlier. And guests of honour included the Sunni Mufti of Akkar, the Greek-Orthodox Metropolitan of Akkar and Wadi Nasara (Syria), the Alawi representative for the Akkar district and a representative of the Maronite Archbishop of Tripoli. Out of the spotlight, but very much present, were refugees, both men and women of all ages and all socio-economic backgrounds: Moqtada, a math teacher who had his left leg shot to pieces three months ago; Hisam, the electrician with the sparkling eyes and firm handshake; Walid, 26-years-old and a star basketball player - if only he were not on crutches; Abdul-Karim, whose wife died on the 8-day march into Lebanon and who is now a single dad with 5 toddlers. Putting refugees together in one room with members of the Alawi community was no easy undertaking. The Alawis are often associated with Syrian President Bashar Assad's secular regime - one side of the violent conflict that has led many to flee Syria. And when the Alawi Sheikh stood up to address the room, with a member of his security team behind him, tensions in the room were palpable. And yet, the Sheikh's message of peace hit the refugees as sincere, and they applauded him, which seemed a bit like a miracle in itself. The refugees seemed thirsty for the truth of the atrocities they had faced to be acknowledged, and for the wider public and the dignitaries of the region to recognise their situation. Here in this safe space, they felt they were being taken seriously, opening the door for new opportunities for different faith communities to come together to address some of their shared concerns. That this should have worked in the Akkar district of all places is particularly significant. Akkar is both a safe haven for the swelling numbers of Syrian refugees, and, also a breeding ground for fighters. In Akkar, one of the poorest regions of Lebanon with the greatest number of refugees, potential for tension is greater than elsewhere in the country. The situation is fragile here. Yet, perhaps because of this, many people are also more conscious of the necessity of preserving peace at all cost. And this iftaar and other efforts by Relief and Reconciliation for Syria (R&R Syria), a group made up of concerned citizens in Europe and elsewhere, are showing that religious leaders and their communities can live together in peace. The next R&R Syria interfaith event will take place on 22 September on the occasion of the Christian holiday of Saint Mura, gathering all four religious communities and their leaders for a joint walk to a nearby Christian sanctuary, followed by a children's festival and a communal meal for hungry walkers.* Isabella Eisenberg has spent over ten years working on issues of refugee return, minorities and peacebuilding. She is Programme and Communications Manager for R&R Syria, based in Lebanon. This article was written for the Common Ground News Service (CGNews). Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 18 September 2013. Copyright permission is granted for publication.


Buyer of Greeces OPAP mulls bond to finance purchase-sources

Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:55am EDT * Czech-Greek fund Emma Delta eyes raising 250 to 350 million euros * Fund has money to buy OPAP but bond issue would improve equity return ATHENS, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Czech-Greek fund Emma Delta, the buyer of a majority stake in Greece's gambling monopoly OPAP , is looking to tap bond markets to fund part of the 652 million euro ($870.35 million) purchase, sources ...


Greece Anti-racism rapper stabbed to death in cafe brawl

11/08/2013 19:04 CET Greek police searched the Athens offices of the Golden Dawn party on Wednesday after a 35-year-old anti-racism rapper was stabbed to death by a man who sympathises with the far-right group. A 45-year-old man was arrested and admitted to the killing, police said. Greece’s citizen protection minister the suspect was a Golden Dawn sympathiser. The police said the ...


Students others march to protest racial segregation in Greek groups at University of Ala.

Several hundred people are protesting at the University of Alabama to oppose racial segregation among the school's Greek-letter social organizations. Students and teachers marched Wednesday from the university library to the administration building, where the president's office is located. The group was gathered on the steps of the administration building, standing behind a large banner ...


Greek anti-fascist rapper murdered by ‘neo-Nazi’ Golden Dawn supporter

The far-right party have been known to openly espouse Nazism and Hitler’s ideology, while its logo, the “meander”, an ancient Greek symbol, bears a strong resemblance to the swastika in colour and design. Founded in 1985 as a tiny fringe party, ...


'Neo-Nazi' held over Greek musician Pavlos Fyssas death

BBC News'Neo-Nazi' held over Greek musician Pavlos Fyssas deathBBC NewsA left-wing musician has been stabbed to death in the Greek capital, Athens, and the suspect is a member of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. Pavlos Fyssas, 34, was killed early on Wednesday. Police arrested the suspect and searched Golden Dawn's ...


Greece: Golden Dawn Neo-Nazi Accused of Athens Murder of Rapper KillahP Golden Dawn Neo-Nazi Accused of Athens Murder of Rapper police have arrested a 45-year-old member of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi group for the fatal stabbing of a leftist hip hop artist and anti-fascist. Pavlos Fyssas, 34, whose nickname is KillahP, was stabbed to death after a football argument in the ...


Greek public workers strike over austerity layoffs

ATHENS -- Banging bongo drums, blowing whistles and vowing to topple the government, thousands of state workers took to Greece’s streets Wednesday to protest looming job cuts that international lenders want in exchange for money to keep this ...


Greek Killing Sparks Fears of Unrest

Greece's government moved to quell concerns over politically motivated violence after a self-professed member of a far-right group confessed to killing a prominent left-wing artist.


Director Stamelos Says Hello to Anatolia

After working in the corporate world for years, Greek-American filmmaker Chrysovalantis Stamelos (L) decided to search for his roots in Anatolia, the historical birthplace of his ancestors. It became a film of revelation about family. Greek-American director Chyrsovalantis Stamelos, who left New York and moved to Izmir in early 2010, has shot a documentary about the city. The film titled Hello ...


Woman Kicking Girl Pic Goes Viral

A photograph of a female shop owner pushing a little gypsy girl street musician on a pedestrian walkway under the Acropolis to shoo her away has taken off on the Internet and set Greek authorities to investigate the apparent abuse. The site is frequented by Roma children critics said are put there to beg, play music for donations or sell flowers, activities that in Britain were found to bring in ...


Police Investigating String Of Assaults On UC Berkeley’s Greek Row

BERKELEY (CBS SF) — Police were investigating three unrelated assaults along Greek Row at the University of California at Berkeley during the weekend, a police spokeswoman said. A 25-year-old man was transported for serious injuries after he was assaulted and robbed by four men near Piedmont Avenue and Bancroft Way around 11 p.m. Friday, Officer Jennifer Coats said. The victim was knocked ...


Greeces fragile balance could be overturned experts say

ATHENS - Greece is not out of the woods yet and the fragile balance created as the coalition government tries to implement reforms to tackle the economic crisis could easily be overturned, experts say. "When we are dealing with such a crisis, which is the most serious crisis Greece has experienced since WWII, any sort of accident... could prove fatal for society and institutions," ...


Greek far-right sympathiser admits to killing rapper

Greek police searched the Athens offices of the Golden Dawn party on Wednesday after a 35-year-old anti-racism rapper was stabbed to death ... Pavlos Fissas, who went by the stage name Killah P, was stabbed twice in the heart and chest on ...


University of Alabama: hundreds protest greek system racial segregation

Several hundred people marched Wednesday at the University of Alabama to oppose racial segregation among the school's Greek-letter social organizations. The marchers headed from the university library to the administration building, where the ...


Greek PM pleads for some slack in latest EU/IMF inspection

By Harry Papachristou ATHENS (Reuters) - Greece's lenders begin an inspection on Sunday which will determine the size of a third bailout to keep the debt-laden country afloat and add to pressure on its ...


Greek state workers rally against job cuts

Greek state workers rally against job cutsAljazeera.comThousands of civil servants have marched through the Greek capital, Athens, and the second largest city, Thessaloniki, amid a two-day nationwide strike against planned job cuts shuts. Schools and courts were closed and hospitals were functioning with ...


Greeks Strike Over Planned Cuts

Greek public servants began a two-day walkout over plans to place government workers in a labor reserve that is widely seen as a step toward future layoffs.


Greek Government Moves to Quell Violence Following Murder of Anti-Fascist

ATHENS--Greece's government moved quickly Wednesday to quell rising concerns over politically-motivated violence after a self-professed member of the country's far right Golden Dawn party was implicated in the overnight murder of a prominent ...


Greece's Public Sector Shuts Down For 2-Day Strike As Thousands Of Civil Servants Protest Austerity Cuts

The consequences of the government's measures are permanent," said Themis Kotsifakis, president of the teachers' union. Debt inspectors from the IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank, jointly known as the "troika," are due back in ...