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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Most Greeks feel new austerity measures are unfair: poll

Most Greeks feel new austerity measures are unfair: poll
ATHENS (Reuters) - An overwhelming majority of Greeks believe new austerity measures the government has promised its international lenders in exchange for more financial aid are unfair and hurt the poorest sections of society, a poll showed on Saturday.
Greece Faces Sept. 28 Deadline to Finalize Budget Cuts -SourceWall Street Journal
Troika may delay Greece report until Nov: reportMarketWatch
Greece: Growing resistance to austerity measuresWorld Socialist Web Site
Chicago Tribune
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Eurozone crisis live: Greece denies US election could delay aid deal

Austin American-Statesman

Eurozone crisis live: Greece denies US election could delay aid deal
The Guardian (blog)
With Greece's next tranche of aid (worth €31bn) dependent on the review and mounting hostility to another round of austerity, the government is in a race against the clock to unlock the rescue funds in the hope that the new cash injection can keep ...
Greece, Italy reiterate stance to save eurozoneAustin American-Statesman
Italy, Greece Insist on Safeguarding EurozoneABC News
Greece's Samaras says euro exit not an option, would be disasterReuters

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Seven Former Greek Ministers Probed For Corruption

Seven Former Greek Ministers Probed For Corruption
Greek Reporter
Seven former ministers in New Democracy Conservative and PASOK Socialist administrations are being investigated for alleged corruption as Greece's financial crimes squad SDOE is continuing its hunt for government figures and others who have evaded ...

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Turkish court sentences ex-generals to 20 years for attempted coup

Civilian government prosecutors demand 15-20 years for 300 officers convicted in so-called 'Sledgehammer Coup' trial

A Turkish court has sentenced three former generals to 20 years in prison on Fridayfor plotting a coup against the government, and convicted 330 of the 365 suspects in the so-called "Sledgehammer Coup" trial.

The officers, all of who denied the charges against them, were accused of planning bomb attacks against mosques in Turkey to trigger conflict with neighbouring Greece in order to destabilise the country and justify a military coup against the Islamic AKP government.

The Turkish military has traditionally played a dominant role in Turkish politics and staged coups in 1960, 1971, 1980 and 1997.

The government's relationship with the military, which regards itself as the guardian of the secular Turkish republic, has been strained since the AKP came to power in 2002.

Since then the military has been successfully kept in check by the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Former generals Çetin Dogan, Özden Örnek and Ibrahim Firtina were initially given life sentences, which were later decreased to 20 years. Six other generals and one former member of parliament from the nationalist party MHP were sentenced to 18 years in prison each.

Prosecutors had demanded 15 to 20-year jail sentences for the 365 defendants, all but one of whom are serving or retired military officers. Thirty-four of the 365 suspects were acquitted.

The former commander of Turkey's First Army, Çetin Dogan, who is said to be behind the coup, called the trial "unfair and unlawful". According to the transcript of his defence, he said: "Here we see a process unfolding to make the soldiers of Mustafa Kemal [Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey], who give their lives for their country, pay the price of their commitment to the republic and its principles." Erdogan said: "We still have to wait for the decision of the supreme court of appeals. We have to see the grounds for the verdict first."

In a statement, lawyer Hüseyin Ersöz called the trial a "massacre of law" and said that the chance of a fair defence had been denied to the defendants. © 2012 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds


Greek royal palace goes up for sale

Greek royal palace goes up for sale
In Greece, the debt laden government has announced a group of state owned buildings will be put up for sale, among them is the Palace of Tatoi. The Palace had been home to the Greek royal family before they fled the country in 1967 and the Hellenic ...


Week in FX Europe – Greece Selling Real Estate as Spain Denies Bailout Request

The Voice of Russia

Week in FX Europe – Greece Selling Real Estate as Spain Denies Bailout Request
OANDA Forex (blog)
Samaras faces an uphill battle outside and inside Greece. The troika has not shown much flexibility to Samara's requests. Greek coalition parties have not agreed on the details of the 11.5 billion euro austerity package. In a surprising move it seems ...
Greece and Spain squeeze pensionsEvening Standard
Greece and Troika unable to reach a deal on austerity package; Spanish yields
WRAPUP 1-Germany's Schaeuble says Spain doesn't need bailoutReuters
Denver Post -Businessweek -The Voice of Russia
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- “I don’t think we can say with confidence that Romney is significantly worse than a generic GOP candidate.”

- Dave Weigel on the Romney campaign’s random approach to gaffe-management.

- New research suggests tax evasion by the self-employed accounts for a third of Greece’s deficit.

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Greece: General strike with a silver lining

If you wanted to get a hip replacement, file for divorce or pay your taxes in Greece this week, you were out of luck as unions staged a series of strikes in key services to protest against a new round of painful cuts being hammered out to secure the next round of eurozone bail-out cash.