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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Greek Authorities Also Push Back Refugees

Novinite.comGreek Authorities Also Push Back Refugees - ReportNovinite.comBulgaria: Greek Authorities Also Push Back Refugees - Report Systematic violence of asylum seekers' rights were reported in documents for both Greece and Bulgaria. Photo by EPA/BGNES. Greece has also committed serious violations against asylum ...and more »


Amb. Stearns Awarded Order of the Phoenix by President of Greece

BOSTON – In a touching ceremony at his home in the Boston area on March 24 and in the context of the celebration of Greek Independence Day, retired U.S. Ambassador Monteagle Stearns was presented the with the documents and award indicating that he was made a Grand Commander of the Order of the Phoenix by […]

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Unearthing A 13th-Century Metaverse

...totle and the various Islamic commentators on the Greek philosopher’s work, all of...


Pollution in Asopos River up to 100 times above safe level

The levels of a potentially carcinogenic form of chromium in the Asopos River in central Greece are 500 times higher than the maximum safety standard, local officials have revealed. Asopos has been troubled for many years by the presence of hexavalent chr... ...


Ammunition deal brings EAS closer to survival

Greece’s troubled state-controlled Hellenic Defense Systems (EAS) received a boost Thursday when it signed an 18.5-million-euro agreement to supply 40mm ammunition for the Greek military’s Apache helicopters. The deal gives EAS, which narrowly avoided clo... ...


Book Detailing Orgies Causes Havoc in Halki

A book entitled “Greek expectations,” written by the American author Frances Mayes, has caused havoc and brought on lawsuits on the Greek


The Simple Strategy Alabama Coach Nick Saban Used To Create A College Football Dynasty

Nick Saban is one of the best coaches in college football, having won three BCS championships with Alabama in 2009, 2011, and 2012, and another with LSU in 2003.

He's more successful than most coaches, in part, because he doesn't think like the competition. His guiding philosophy is known as The Process, a way of breaking down a difficult situation into manageable pieces.

In new book "The Obstacle Is the Way," an exploration of ancient Greek Stoicism put into practice by leaders ranging from Marcus Aurelius to Steve Jobs, writer Ryan Holiday says that anyone can take advantage of Coach Saban's process. As Saban tells his assistants and players:

Don't think about winning the SEC Championship. Don't think about the national championship. Think about what you needed to do in this drill, on this play, in this moment. That's the process: Let's think about what we can do today, the task at hand.

Rather than encouraging his players to keep their minds trained on winning another title, visualizing themselves holding the crystal football AFCA National Championship Trophy, he has them focus only on what is directly in front of them. The idea is that concerning oneself too much with the unknowable future is distracting and anxiety-inducing, which can lead to failure.

Even when Saban achieves a major goal, he doesn't miss a beat and shifts his energy to the next objective. For example, when a friend called Saban to congratulate him for winning a BCS title, according to GQ, Saban was fretting that other coaches were trying to steal the high school recruits he had his eye on. He doesn't spend too much time thinking about the future or the past, and is obsessed with moving forward from task to task.

"Whether it's pursuing the pinnacle of success in your field or simply surviving some awful or trying ordeal, the same approach works," Holiday writes.

For example, if you're launching a company, it's great to set a goal of hitting $1 million in revenues. But focusing too much on that ideal can throw your judgment off. Instead, break the challenge down into smaller parts, such as creating an effective VC pitch, acquiring an office, hiring your first employees, etc. You'll be better able to maintain a clear head by ignoring anything unrelated to the current step in the progression.

Whether it's on the gridiron or in the office, you can break down exceedingly difficult projects into a series of manageable steps. By handling the immediate task in front of you before moving on to the next, you'll avoid that creeping sense of panic that comes from biting off too much. "Even mammoth tasks become just a series of component parts," Holiday writes.

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12 World-Class Baby Names You Haven't Considered Yet

We're always adding new baby names to our database, and the latest collection all have international roots. These additions were partially inspired by the update of our baby name popularity page to include Top 100 lists from several countries beyond the U.S. We also thank Nameberry readers who contributed names from their home countries that were new to us. Here, the dozen (plus) newest international baby names on Nameberry.BenteCopenhagen, Denmark Bente, the Danish feminine form of Benedict pronounced ben-tah, is a popular girls' name in both The Netherlands and Denmark though largely unknown in the English-speaking world. It suffers by being a near-homonym of the English word bent, not the best dictionary equivalent for a first name. Still, if you're looking for a girls' name that equates to Ben or Benjamin or Benedict, this may be one of your best bets.DucibellaCinque Terre, Italy Dulcibella is an old name that's fallen into disuse but may rise again with the new wave of fashionable names that end in -bel, -belle, and -bella. Behind the Name says that the medieval form of the name was the Dowsabel, which we definitely do not see making a comeback. But Dulcibel or Dulcibelle could work. The origins of the name are Latin, with dulci meaning sweet and bella meaning pretty.FeddeNetherlands pasture Fedde, a Top 100 boys' name in The Netherlands, is a Frisian short form for names beginning with Frid, which means "peace." As with many names popular in contemporary Holland, this short form stands on its own. Pronunciation is feh-deh. A girl's name with a similar sound and feel also popular in the Netherlands and new on Nameberry is Fenne. FelineThe Netherlands plains This Top 100 name in The Netherlands is unlikely to translate to the U.S., where it would undoubtedly pronounced fee-line and mistaken for the adjective that means cat-like. While the name Feline -- and Felina and Felinus -- do have the same root, the considerably more charming pronunciation in modern-day Europe is fee-LEEN-ah. Some websites mistakenly relate it to Felix and give its meaning as happy or fortunate.FerelithThe Old Man Of Hoy, Scotland Ferelith is an unusual yet deeply-rooted Scottish girl's name, also found in ancient Ireland and drawn from the Gaelic Forbhlaith or Forbflaith. While it went through a period of dormancy after the Middle Ages, there are some modern women named Ferelith, including actress Ferelith Young and Princess of Denmark Anne Ferelith Fenella Bowes-Lyon.LadaWooden house in the Ukraine Lada is the Slavic goddess of youth, merriment, and beauty, usually associated with spring. Her name is referenced in wedding and folk songs in Eastern Europe, but largely unknown in the West.LiekeAmsterdam, Netherlands store front The popular Dutch name Lieke is one of those diminutives, like Lena, that can be short for a range of names such as Angelique ending in its sound -- which, by the way, is the two-syllable LEE-ka. Despite its versatility, we don't see Lieke's popularity translating to English-speaking cultures.MoanaAuckland, New Zealand This Maori name, often heard in New Zealand, is an exotic, evocative choice for a sea lover. Moana is a Polynesian sea god and was also an alternate name for the heroine Ofelia in Pan's Labyrinth. Moana may also be a color name for a deep ocean blue. Another intriguing Maori girls' name new on Nameberry is Aroha, which means love.OnniBoreal Forest, Finland Onni is the Number 1 boy's name in Finland yet largely unknown in the English-speaking world. Its uplifting meaning -- it means happiness and luck -- makes it a plausible possibility if you want to honor your Nordic heritage.TeunAmsterdam, Netherlands Teun, pronounced like something between ton and tune in English, is one of the most popular boys' names in The Netherlands, consistent with that country's preference for short, simple names. The equivalent of the English Tony, it doesn't travel quite as well as Dutch favorites Sem and Bas do.TryggTromso, NorwaySarah Palin spelled it Trig, as in the nickname for trigonometry, but Trygg is a genuine Norwegian first name for boys. It means "true" and might make an intriguing middle name choice.TychoGrecian Island Tycho and Tychon are Greek names with modern variations such as the Danish Tyge, the Swedish Tyko, and the Dutch Tygo that are popular throughout modern Europe. Tycho was the name of a Greek saint and a Danish astronomer. Its meaning in the original Greek is "hitting the mark." Perfect! Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact HuffPost Parents


Many Ivy League Kids Don’t Think Taking ADHD Drugs is Cheating

Many students use ADHD drugs for academic performance, and they don't think it's cheating


Greek Photographers Exhibition in Toronto

The exhibition, entitled Identity, is organized by the Greek America Foundation during Greek Film & Foto Week (GFFW) in Toronto, Canada. The event is part of Scotiabank Festival, the largest photography festival in the world which takes place from May 2 to ...


Greek Media Company Antenna Group Taps NBCU Exec Tariq Syed To Lead ...

Broadband TV NewsGreek Media Company Antenna Group Taps NBCU Exec Tariq Syed To Lead ...VarietyIn January the privately owned outfit founded by Greek shipping magnate and billionaire Minos Kyriakou appointed former NBCU Int'l prexy Peter Smith as its managing director. Antenna Group is currently investing aggressively in new markets in South ...Greece's Antenna poaches NBCUniversal channels MDTBI Visionall 4 news articles »


Crackdown on Roma camp reveals suspected looted copper

A police crackdown on three Roma settlements in different parts of Thesprotia, northern Greece, on Thursday led to the detention of six people and to the confiscation of large quantities of copper. Police were reportedly investigating whether any of the d... ...


Greece drops further in press freedom rankings, according to NGO

Greece lost five points in terms of its press freedom last year and now ranks 92nd out of 197 countries, according to an annual report by Freedom House, published on Thursday. The US-based non-governmental organization rated the media in Greece as being “... ...


Riyadh Mediterranean Restaurant Welcomes Global Dignitaries for a Taste of Greece

Greece may have been the birthplace of philosophy, drama and folklore, but its cuisine is arguably its most beloved legacy. From savory souvlaki, to sun-ripened olives and soft cheeses, to desserts delicately ...


George Clooney Invited to Tie the Knot in Rhodes

A local association in Paradisi, a village in Rhodes, Greece, has sent a letter of invitation via the U.S. Embassy to George


Huffington Post: 13 Reasons Why Cyclades Are Paradise

An article that should make every Greek proud was published on the famous website Huffington Post. The article focuses on the Greek


HBCU Connect and Atlanta Greek Picnic partner to produce Diversity Career Expo

HBCU Connect and Atlanta Greek Picnic partner to produce Diversity Career ExpoNew Pittsburgh CourierAtlanta, GA ( — HBCU Connect, in partnership with TiwaWorks, producers of Atlanta Greek Picnic Weekend (AGP), is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual HBCU & Black Greek Diversity Career Expo and Speaker Series, Thursday, June 5th ...and more »


Tribeca Filmfest Features Silenced – about John Kiriakou

NEW YORK – This year’s Tribeca Film Festival features the documentary Silenced, about the fate of whistleblowers, including John Kiriakou, whose15-year tenure with the CIA included accolades for leading the team that captured al-Qaeda’s Abu Zubaydah. After leaving the agency, he spoke out against the practice of waterboarding to ABC News in 2007. On January […]

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Contrary to the Media Spin, Greece Keeps on Sinking

ValueWalkContrary to the Media Spin, Greece Keeps on SinkingValueWalkThese last few days, the media would have us believe that Greece is doing better, that the country is on its way back up, and two irrefutable proofs are brought in for that demonstration : Greece is now experiencing a primary budgetary surplus, and it ...


Disparity in Greek housing due to chapter sizes, funding

Disparity in Greek housing due to chapter sizes, fundingRed and Black(From left to right) Sigma Nu, Tau Epsilon Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Phi Delta Theta are four of the five greek organizations that are fortunate enough to have housing in Greek Park on the University of Georgia campus on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014.


Did the Internet Just Make the World Smarter?

It’s easy to hate on the Internet. We used to read books. Today, we read Twitter feeds. Before the web, we used our time wisely. Today, we waste time constantly. Twenty years ago, we had thoughtful, in-person conversations, focusing for hours on a single, worthy topic. Today, we fire off nasty, anonymous YouTube comments, laced…


700 Migrants Rush at Spain’s Border, 140 Breach It

(MADRID) — Around 700 African migrants charged Spain’s barbed-wire border fences Thursday in the country’s North African enclave of Melilla, clashing with Spanish and Moroccan border police. Spain said 140 of the migrants managed to enter Spanish territory despite the efforts of the border police. It was the latest surge in the tide of African…


Boise DNA expert to travel to Greece

Boise DNA expert to travel to GreeceKTVBNow he plans to lend his services in Europe again as he will travel to Greece to help with a case. Hampikian will be an expert DNA witness in a case in Greece involving a man from Ireland. Hampikian will testify for the Irish Innocence Project he ...


Greek workers use May Day to protest against reforms and austerity

euronewsGreek workers use May Day to protest against reforms and austerityeuronewsThe Greek Communist Party Secretary General Dimitris Koutsoubas railed against the government and Brussels saying: “What we need right now is a strong opposition, that will open the road (for workers' rights) and that can smash the monopolies of Europe ...and more »


Greece Arcadia closed Thursday

Greece Arcadia closed Thursday13WHAM-TVGreece, N.Y. -- Arcadia High School and Middle School will be closed Thursday due to a water main break, according to a district spokeswoman. The district originally closed the high school only, but later decided to close the middle school as well. It ...


Greece Sees New Tourism Record

Prime Minister Antonis said Greece will have a second consecutive record-breaking year for tourism as he outlined plans to keep them coming.

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Greece Wants 50-Year Loan Payback  

Greece is still reportedly going to ask its international lenders for a 50-year term to repay 240 billion euros ($330.7 billion) in bailouts.

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Greeks World’s 10th Most Miserable

Greece, still suffering the effects of harsh austerity measures, was listed as the 10th Most Miserable country in the world by the Cato Institute.

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Four Golden MP’s Lose Immunity

ATHENS — Greece’s Parliament has cleared the way for charges to be brought against the last four lawmakers from the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn party who have not yet been prosecuted or jailed for alleged criminal activities. Lawmakers voted to lift immunity from prosecution for Antonios Gregos, Constantinos Barbaroussis, Polyvios Zissimopoulos and Artemios Matthaiopoulos. Judges want to charge […]

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April returns: Russia, Greece, bleh

April returns: Russia, Greece, blehFT Alphaville (registration)Here's a quick update on returns in April and the year so far, courtesy of Jim Reid at Deutsche Bank. A few surprises: British stocks were the place to be in April, while Greek shares did worse than Russian shares – at least in local currency terms ...


Samaras Sees Another Record Tourism Season

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, speaking to the 22nd open general assembly of the Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) said it is the driving engine


Terrorist Maziotis Seen Behind Bank Heist

Greek police said they believe that escaped terrorist Nikos Maziotis, who claimed responsibility for last month’s car bomb attack outside a Bank


Greek Paradises Unknown to Tourists

Every year Greece attracts millions of tourists who prefer to visit specific popular islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Corfu and Rhodes. However, Greece is a country with many beautiful destinations that remain unknown to tourists. Greek Reporter ...


UK manufacturing surges as firms create 10,000 new jobs per month -- business live

Britain's manufacturers report a surge in activity in April, with output growing strongly and firms taking on more staff - details start here.


Nationwide: biggest annual price rise since June 2007

London: £1m+ sales have doubled

IHS: Justifiable to say there's a London housing bubble

9.51am BST

Another highlight -- Britain's factories cranked up their output to the third-fastest rate in two decades, says Markit.

April's PMI Output Index for UK manufacturing was the 3rd highest ever (since 1992). Sector set for 1%+ growth in Q2

9.42am BST

Activity in Britain's manufacturing sector has surged at the fastest rate in five months, bolstering hopes that the recovery is broadening.

Large beat on UK manufacturing PMI!

Supporting these efforts are a strong domestic market and improving global economic conditions, while the ongoing solid upswing in employment is providing the capacity to meet the needs of demand looking ahead.

9.29am BST

Manufacturing data from the eurozone, released this morning, showed that activity in Ireland's industrial base grew at fastest rate in three years. Its PMI, calculated by Markit, hit 56.1 - up from 55.5 in March.

But the Netherlands' manufacturing PMI dipped to 53.4, from 53.7 -- the slowest growth rate in nine months (but also the 10th straight month of growth).

9.26am BST

Lloyds Banking Group is preparing to float its TSB retail business on the London stock market before the end of June, as it strives to become a normal bank again.

Shares in TSB, which is challenging the Big Four high street banks, are to be offered for sale to the public in the next eight weeks.

The flotation of TSB is to take place following the aborted talks with Co-operative Bank to sell the 631 branches, after which TSB was spun out of the wider Lloyds branch network last year.

The sale must take place if Lloyds is to meet the requirements set out by the EU at the time of its taxpayer bailout in 2008, when the government took a 43% stake. This has now fallen to 24% after two placings with big City institutions since last September.

8.56am BST

Over in Greece, unions are holding anti-austerity protest marches to mark May Day.

A demonstration led by the communist PAME union has already headed towards the Athens parliament - here's some tweets from the scene:

#MayDay communist union PAME rally is reaching #syntagma sq. and #Greece's Parliament #1imgr

#MayDay rallies in #Greece called by all major labor unions. 11.00 (GSEE, ADEDY), 10.00 PAME (already there #1mgr


8.53am BST

Nationwide says UK house prices have increased by the most since 2007. Yesterday BOE Dale said he sees no sign of a bubble.

8.51am BST

In the City, the FTSE 100 has hit its highest level in seven weeks.

Growth in economic activity has picked up recently, after having slowed sharply during the winter in part because of adverse weather conditions

8.30am BST

Reckon there's a housing bubble in London? You're not alone. IHS economist Howard Archer says:

It is certainly justifiable to talk of a house price bubble in London (where Nationwide data show that prices jumped 5.3% quarter-on-quarter and 18.2% year-on-year in the first quarter)...

...but the strength of house prices is not yet a serious problem outside of the capital and housing market activity is still not unduly strong compared to long-term norms, so in these respects it is premature to talk of a general housing market bubble.

8.28am BST

Here's my colleague Hilary Osborne's take on today's housing stats:

The annual rate at which UK house prices are increasing moved into double digits in April, according to figures from the country's largest building society, as low mortgage rates and a mismatch between supply and demand for homes continued to drive the market....

8.27am BST

UK house prices have now been higher than a year ago for 14 months in a row, back to March 2013.

8.13am BST

In London, the proportion of house sales involving properties over £500,000 has almost doubled to 25%, from 13% in 2007.

Properties worth £1m or more now make up more than 6% of all sales, more than double the rate seven years ago:

8.07am BST

Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the financial markets, the world economy, the eurozone and business...and a Happy May Day to you all too.

Britain's housing market has boom has picked up pace, with prices surging at their fastest rate in almost seven years. And expensive properties are leading the way.

Earnings growth is beginning to pick up, with wage increases finally outpacing the rise in the cost of living in February. Nevertheless, house price growth is outstripping income growth by a wide margin.

The risk is that unless supply accelerates significantly, affordability will become stretched.

Interestingly, price growth in London and the South East appears to be being driven by the top end of the market, with higher priced locations recording stronger price growth

Happy May Day!

A quiet day seen ahead with share markets across Europe closed for the May Day holiday. London is open though. Financial bookies: FTSE100 +5

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Football transfer rumours: Javier Hernández to Aston Villa?

And you could have it all, today's tell-all's empire of dirt

The adjective "ambitious" is not one you'd readily associate with Aston Villa, but the Star have no qualms about describing their imminent bid for Manchester United's Mexican striker Javier Hernández as exactly that. Despite uncertainty surrounding the future plans of the club's owner Randy Lerner, who has thus far refused to confirm or deny speculation that he's planning to sell his comatose giant to a consortium fronted by a couple of American billionaires, manager Paul Lambert is also being linked with Manchester City outcast Joleon Lescott and Tottenham's on-loan-at-Fulham midfielder Lewis Holtby. Having secured just one point from the last 16 available and with rumblings of extreme discontent behind the scenes emerging from Villa Park, Lambert will need to secure the club's Premier League status before attempting to lure any of the aforementioned trio to the Midlands. The beatings look likely to continue until morale improves.

Arsène Wenger has flipped down all but one of the tiles in his game of Guess Who (My Main Summer Transfer Target Is) and the short-haired, beardless, 25-year-old man left standing is Bayer Leverkusen defensive midfielder Lars Bender. German newspaper Bild reports that long-term Arsenal tease Julian Draxler will remain at Schalke for another season, but with Mikel Arteta likely to leave the Emirates this season, Wenger has been keeping a beady eye on tough-tackling Lille and Senegal midfielder Idrissa Gueye, who would cost the Gunners somewhere in the region of £5.5m. Gueye's 19-year-old team-mate Divock Origi has also got antennae twitching at Arsenal and is valued at over £10m, a fair old whack for a striker who has started just 12 league games. In other Arsenal news, the north London club are hoping to prise Loïc Rémy away from Queens Park Rangers for £12m, but are unlikely to get him that cheaply considering he's also wanted by Tottenham, Everton and Bayern Munich. Meanwhile in Greece, the club's Panini sticker-hunting, on-loan-at-Olympiakos striker Joel Campbell could return to Blighty, where he is being given the glad eye by West Brom.

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Vassilliou: Europe needs more women in football


European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, Androulla Vassiliou spoke at the UEFA Women in Football Leadership Programme, in Nyon. Commissioner Vassiliou stressed that Europe needs more women in football – playing, coaching and running the clubs.

On 30 April the Commissioner said: 

"Dear President, dear friends,

It's a pleasure to be here with you this afternoon for this opportunity to reflect on football and gender equality. I would like to congratulate UEFA for having organised this first 'Women in Football Leadership Programme'.

It comes at the right time, when clearly there is a greater focus on gender equality in sport. In a couple of weeks, thanks to the Greek Presidency, the Council of Ministers of the EU will adopt important conclusions on gender equality in sport. In June, at the initiative of the IWG (International Working Group on Women and Sport), a world conference on women and sport will be organised in Helsinki.

I personally welcome very much this interest, and I consider today's conference as an important contribution since it concerns the most popular sport in the world.

Europe has made a lot of progress on gender equality over the past decades, even if a lot still remains to be done! Unfortunately many sports have not always moved with this trend and are still today a male dominated sector.

This concerns firstly participation in sport where we can do better in terms of gender equality. Although women's participation in sport has grown impressively, it still lags behind the participation of boys and men.

But it is not just about participation. There are other issues too, such as equal representation in decision-making, coaching and training, the fight against gender violence in sport and against gender stereotypes.

Therefore, we should face the facts of the situation squarely and take a positive approach to improving things in the future. It depends on us after all…

I know I am speaking to convinced people… I will not contest that for decades sports like football and others have been seen as unsuitable for girls and women. The truth is that there is no objective reason for this. In my view, the explanation is to be found in cultural norms or in stereotypes, existing both in sport and in society-at-large.

['No excuse for excluding women']

I noticed that football has now become an increasingly popular sport for young girls and women. This is a very interesting new market for the football sector. I am happy that the stereotype that 'football is not for girls' sent out by clubs, organisations and the media is starting to wither and disappear. Times are indeed changing…

But in the effort to develop women's football seriously and effectively, to challenge the high drop-out of girls, there is a need to look beyond the numbers and address some of the root causes. In this respect, there is a great need to reach a more balanced representation of women in key positions of coaching and leadership in sport governing bodies, to create a safe environment and above all to change the attitude and culture of management, and that includes also training male executives and managers.

Football organisations should encourage and facilitate this trend. And there can be no excuse today for excluding women.

A gender friendly climate should become one of the main features of sport institutions in whatever sport.

The idea of a monitoring system should maybe be considered, because further progress in gender equality in sport will not come automatically. We could get inspiration from the Commission's challenge to business leaders in Europe to increase women's presence on corporate boards with the 'Women on the board Pledge for Europe'.

In 2011 the Commission challenged publicly listed companies in Europe to make a voluntary commitment to increase women's presence on corporate boards to 30% by 2015 and to 40% by 2020. We could for instance see how the idea of the pledge could be taken up in sport governance structures. This is not necessarily the best solution, but it is something that I think is at least worth exploring.

Of course, sport organisations must be supported in this process. Member States and the European Parliament have already expressed their positive attitude towards this priority.

You are maybe aware of the negotiation which is presently taking place between EU Member States, concerning the adoption of a future EU work plan for sport 2014-2017.

The Commission proposed gender equality in sport as a priority for the years to come. And I am happy to see that this is something which will probably emerge from the discussions in the Council. In May 2014, the resolution which will be adopted by the Council should dedicate an important place to gender equality, in the context of good governance.

[Promoting female leadership in sport]

The Commission itself has made significant efforts in this direction and will continue to do so.

Four years ago, the Commission decided to support preparatory actions (pilot projects) to promote women leadership in sport. The projects started in January 2010 and were finalised in March 2011.

By way of example, the WILD (Women's International Leadership Development) project by ENGSO (European Non-Governmental Sport Organisation) has offered training and counselling for women in national and international sport organisations to support their career progression towards positions of leadership and is similar to your approach here.

The projects have been positive and have shown that training and mentoring are helpful in building up the competences of women candidates for leadership positions.

At the same time however, the projects also confirmed that training women made them more competent but did not necessarily break the glass ceiling automatically to get the position as national coach or member of the board. More needs to be done…

For this reason, some time ago, I also asked a group of high level experts to prepare a report on gender equality in sport to break through these gender barriers.

The proposals were discussed at the EU conference on Gender Equality in Sport which took place on 3 and 4 December 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania. UEFA was represented there by Clemence Ross working for the KNVB (Royal Netherlands Football Association).

The discussions there led to a final proposal for strategic actions. I would like to recommend this report to you, as the orientations suggested - including gender friendly procedures concerning candidate identification for posts, gender balanced nomination committees, election procedures and human resource policies - constitute an invaluable input into your current debates within football and UEFA. I am confident that UEFA, with President Platini at your side, will work on the implementation of concrete actions.

[Erasmus+ Sport]

Apart from the preparatory actions and the High Level Group of Experts however, this year marks a new era for the Commission's policy in the field of sport. I am referring to the launching of the new Erasmus+ programme, our major education, training and youth programme covering the period 2014-2020, which includes for the first time a specific budget for sport.

This new programme is good news for sport, as it is for education and youth. It will make it possible to support concretely the good ideas and initiatives of the sport movement and sport organisations. I am therefore optimistic that we can make significant steps towards attaining our goals.

We have clear objectives and we now also have an invaluable tool in the form of the new programme.

I am also optimistic because UEFA and other organisations have opened their minds towards women in sport. Football has become an increasingly popular sport for young girls and women. We now have access from time to time to high-level female games on TV channels. I have been impressed by the technical and tactical level reached by women in the span of only a few years. Apart from the equity dimension, we have to admit that this development could lead to a very interesting new market for the football sector.

The launch of this 'Women in Football Leadership Programme' as part of the Women Football Development Programme is in my view another milestone in the history of European football. I congratulate UEFA for this invaluable initiative. It is an excellent start which should develop as part of a long-term strategy on gender equality in football.

In my view this needs to be more than the development of a separated, segregated women football sector and include the engagement and expertise of the whole organisation - including the men.

Last night and indeed tonight, in the semi-finals of the Champions League, we had a number of great games involving Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich and Chelsea.

Even if the quality is already there, and constantly improving, it may be somewhat ambitious to dream of the same level of attraction and popular enthusiasm today around female games between Potsdam, Wolfsburg, Birmingham or Tyresö. But the popularity of football championships in Sweden and at the Olympic Games in London, and the attractiveness of women's football in the United States offer very promising perspectives.

And why not dream of the day when, on top of the presidents we have already in some clubs, some major national football leagues or federations will be chaired by women!

Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you every success with your programme and all the best in your career in the fascinating world of football!."


Last minute holiday deals: Cornwall, Morocco, Czech Republic, Greece and ...

MetroLast minute holiday deals: Cornwall, Morocco, Czech Republic, Greece and ...MetroFor a dash of Cornish cool, Watergate Bay offers more than a mile of perfect beach, surfing and other board sports, and eating destinations such as The Beach Hut (with its famous 'extreme' hot chocolate) and Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall. Two-storey ...


Gov't moving to get better budget figures

Jamaica GleanerGov't moving to get better budget figuresJamaica GleanerGreece will achieve better-than-expected budget figures in 2014, but unemployment would only decline slowly over the coming four years, the country's finance ministry stated yesterday. The ministry said it expects to achieve a primary budget surplus ...and more »


Greek Beat: Mental health and Greek life

Greek Beat: Mental health and Greek lifeDaily NorthwesternRecently, never mind how recently, I was crushed to a crush party. As people laughed and danced and posed for pictures at the party, I found myself crying in the bathroom. But to understand what led up to this moment, we need to start at the beginning.


Who will listen to the Cassandras?

Like the Greek tragic hero however, his prophecies – while timely and probably true – may well be ignored. Patrick Honohan yesterday cautioned that the Government should continue to keep a tight rein on the public finances “to ensure a more durable ...


Boy’s Death Reveals Amusement Parks Operating Illegally in Greece

Greek police have revealed surprising information regarding a number of amusement parks set up illegally in Greece, while the uproar surrounding the tragic accident that cost the life of a 13-year old boy in Hellenico has yet to settle. Greek authorities ...


Euro-Zone Inflation Accelerates Only Slightly

Wall Street JournalEuro-Zone Inflation Accelerates Only SlightlyWall Street JournalSpanish bar owners, Greek tourism companies and French soda producers alike are trying to adjust to the weak price environment. Some of these efforts are paying off. Spain and Greece, for instance, have regained competitiveness compared to Germany by ...Constancio says banks' cash calls cut risk of ECB test failKathimeriniEurozone inflation rises to 0.7 percent in AprilPost-BulletinRecovery in Europe?EconoMonitor (blog)all 720 news articles »


Diane Wansor: Greek flavors come to life in Jensen Beach

#TCPalmSocial tells you why a trip to Olympic Taverna in Jensen Beach is best made on Friday or Saturday.


Traditional Greek Costumes Fashion Show in Toronto

One hundred and ten people of all ages will be dressing up in traditional Greek costumes this Sunday to take part in the celebration of the Greek Community of Toronto that will be held in Polymenakion Cultural Centre, on May 4 at 4pm. The event, entitled ...


Thursday, May 8

by  Associated Press Thursday, May 8 by The Associated Press, Associated Press - 30 April 2014 18:53-04:00

Today is Thursday, May 8, the 128th day of 2014. There are 237 days left in the year.

Highlights in history on this date:

1794 - Antoine Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry, is executed on the guillotine during France's Reign of Terror.

1811 - British under Duke of Wellington defeat French at Fuentes d'Ontro in Portugal.

1846 - The first major battle of the Mexican War is fought at Palo Alto, Texas, resulting in victory for U.S. Gen. Zachary Taylor's forces.

1852 - Integrity of Denmark is guaranteed through Treaty of London by Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden.

1886 - The first Coca-Cola, an invention of Dr. John S. Pemberton, is sold at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia.

1895 - Japan surrenders Liao Tung Peninsula and Port Arthur to China in return for huge indemnity.

1897 - Greece asks major powers to intervene in its war with the Turks.

1902 - Mount Pelee on the French West Indian island of Martinique erupts, wiping out city of St. Pierre and killing all but two of its 30,000 residents.

1916 - Forces from Australia and New Zealand arrive in France during World War I.

1921 - Sweden abolishes capital punishment.

1945 - German forces surrender to Soviets, who did not recognize the surrender to U.S. Gen. Eisenhower the previous day; World War II ends in Europe.

1973 - Militant Native Americans who held the South Dakota hamlet of Wounded Knee for 10 weeks surrender.

1975 - After South Vietnam falls to Communists, U.S. President Gerald Ford reassures allies in Asia of American military support for South Korea.

1978 - David R. Berkowitz pleads guilty in a Brooklyn courtroom to the "Son of Sam" killings that had terrified New Yorkers.

1990 - Estonia declares itself a republic and drops the words "Soviet Socialist" from its name.

1992 - Some 100,000 Thais defy military orders and march in Bangkok, to protest the government.

1995 - Gigantic celebrations mark the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe.

1997 - In defiance of a U.N. imposed flight ban, Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi flies to meet the president of Niger in Niamey.

1998 - The U.N. human rights spokesman in Rwanda is expelled by the government because of his criticism of the justice system. By July, the entire U.N. human rights mission pulls out because of lack of cooperation.

1999 - NATO bombs hit the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade by mistake, killing three Chinese reporters. In China, protesters retaliate attacking U.S. missions.

2000 - U.S. Navy resumes military training on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques following protests by islanders who say that decades of bombing have harmed their health and the environment.

2001 - Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who appointed a record five women to his cabinet, proposes changing the law which prohibits women from ascending to the Chrysanthemum Throne. By legend, the sovereign dates to 660 B.C. and is the world's oldest hereditary monarchy.

2002 - At least 14 people are killed when a suicide bomber in a car sets off a blast after pulling up alongside a bus outside the Sheraton hotel in Karachi, Pakistan.

2003 - The U.S. Senate votes, 96-0, to ratify the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to include seven former communist countries in Eastern Europe.

2004 - German authorities say they arrested an 18-year-old unidentified student who confessed to creating the "Sasser" worm, which generated computer chaos across the globe as it infected hundreds of thousands of machines.

2005 - Survivors, political dignitaries and others gather inside the Mauthausen Nazi concentration camp to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of what one speaker describes as "hell on earth."

2006 - South Africa's former Deputy President Jacob Zuma is acquitted of rape in the country's most politically charged trial since the end of apartheid.

2007 - Protestant leader Ian Paisley and Sinn Fein deputy leader Martin McGuinness are elected to the top posts of the new power-sharing government for Northern Ireland.

2008 - A Chinese mountaineering team takes the Olympic flame to the top of Mt. Everest, a spectacular feat dreamed up to underscore China's ambitions for the Beijing games.

2009 - The United States says it is renewing economic and diplomatic sanctions on Syria, even as two American envoys are in the Syrian capital exploring prospects for improved relations.

2010 - Pakistan successfully test-fires two ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads as the Islamic nation's leader urges the world to recognize it as a legitimate nuclear power.

2011 - Relations between Egypt's Muslims and Christians degenerate to a new low after riots overnight leave 12 people dead and a church burned, adding to the disorder of the country's post-revolution transition to democracy.

2012 - International envoy Kofi Annan gives a bleak assessment of the crisis in Syria, saying violence remains at "unacceptable levels" and warning that his peace plan is the country's last chance to avert a disastrous civil war.

2013 — Italian prosecutors place the captain of the Jolly Nero cargo ship under investigation for alleged manslaughter after his vessel slams into the dock at Genoa's busy port and topples the control tower, killing at least seven people.

Today's Birthdays:

Edward Gibbon, English historian (1737-1794); Henri Dunant, Swiss founder of International Red Cross (1828-1910); Harry S. Truman, U.S. president (1884-1972); David Attenborough, British television producer and naturalist (1926--); Don Rickles, U.S. comedian (1926--); Thomas Pynchon, U.S. writer (1937--); Melissa Gilbert, U.S. actress (1964--); Enrique Iglesias, Latin pop singer (1975--).

Thought For Today:

The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it — George Bernard Shaw, Irish dramatist and writer (1856-1950).

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Opinion: Greek newspaper should find a new identity

Opinion: Greek newspaper should find a new identityLSU The ReveilleIt's a shame that the members of the Greek community see it as a necessity to write their own weekly newspaper instead of relying on The Daily Reveille to keep them informed with goings on around campus. It's true, this paper is not always good to ...


OFAC Lifts Sanctions from Greek Shipping Company

OFAC Lifts Sanctions from Greek Shipping CompanyWall Street Journal (blog)As the U.S. on Tuesday targeted a Chinese businessman accused of selling missile parts to Iran, it also quietly lifted sanctions from a Greek shipping company it said last year had helped conceal Iranian oil sales. The U.S. Treasury Department said in ...


Constancio says banks' cash calls cut risk of ECB test fail

KathimeriniConstancio says banks' cash calls cut risk of ECB test failKathimeriniLenders in Greece, Italy and Austria are among those who are selling new shares to increase their capital ratios, while others have reduced riskier assets to help pass the test. The ECB has set a required ratio of 8 percent of capital to risk- weighted ...Eurozone inflation rises to 0.7 percent in AprilPost-BulletinRecovery in Europe?EconoMonitor (blog)all 650 news articles »


Royal Mail sell-off: Sketch

The IndependentRoyal Mail sell-off: Sketch - Chinese walls are all Greek to MPsThe IndependentA bit puzzling, this “Chinese wall” business. On Monday Lazard and Co's chief executive William Rucker insisted that the separation between his bit of the business, the Government's lead adviser on the Royal Mail sell-off, and the other bit, which made ...and more »


Blackwater and the World Cup

The U.S. private security contractor Academi has trained Brazilian police forces for the World Cup, according to an article published by journalist Patricia Campos Melo, of newspaper Folha de S Paulo. A group of 22 federal policemen as well as military policemen from different states were sent to the Academi training center in Moyock, in North Carolina, where they were taught anti-terrorism techniques in the largest private training center in the United States, that includes scenario facilities, four ship-boarding simulators, two airfields and three drop-zones. According to Lieutenant Ricardo Nogueira, of the Sao Paulo Police, the course -- named "Maritime Interdiction of terrorism" -- focused on the US experience in fighting terrorism. But if you have never heard of Academi, don't worry. I am sure you know who I am talking about. Academi is the company formerly known as Blackwater, one of the biggest U.S. contractors in the early stages of the occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan under billion-dollar military Defense Department contracts. The company is accused of killing 17 Iraqis in a massacre in Nisour square in 2007 and of other misdeeds that led to two changes of its name in the past 5 years. This is the same company that trained the Greek police forces for the 2004 Olympics in Athens, a prominent player in a security market that covers form the protection of sensitive infrastructure like mines in Africa, to secure compounds in Afghanistan, and of course security of mega events. Most of the employees are former soldiers, and the proximity with the U.S. government means that many sensitive tasks -- from training foreign forces to protecting foreign diplomats -- are third partied to them. As Wikileaks documents showed back in 2010, the U.S. has vamped up its assistance on anti-terrorism for the World Cup because it saw a right risk of danger -- and also a great business opportunity for its companies. However, opaqueness surrounds this support; the total investment of the U.S. embassy in the training was only revealed now -- U.S.$ 2,2 million over the past 2 years. The deal was never publicized in full, and many questions remain. The Ministry of Justice is yet to explain for instance, how many courses were funded by the U.S., and who were the trainers -- U.S. military? Mercenaries? And more importantly: in a country with a poignant track record of police torture and abuse, and no history of terrorism-related activities, is this the kind of training our police should be getting?