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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another blond girl removed from Roma family, this time in Ireland

Another blond girl removed from Roma family, this time in IrelandCNNFew other details have been made public about the girl in Ireland. But the situation echoes a similar case in Greece that has grabbed the attention of authorities and parents around the world. Greek authorities say a girl believed to be 5 to 6 years ...


Greek mystery girl case Second blonde girl put in care

A 7-year-old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes found living with a Roma gypsy family in Dublin has been taken into care, days after a similar case in Greece. Acting on a tip-off from a neighbour, the Irish authorities moved in after concern was expressed that the girl bore no resemblance to her siblings. The parents, who live in a house in the suburb of Tallaght, in south Dublin, told local ...


Leading Economists and Policymakers to Discuss Eurozone Crisis, Greece, and Austerity at Levy Economics Institute ...

ATHENS, Greece -- In November, the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College will gather high-level policymakers, distinguished economists, and leading banking and investment professionals at the conference ...


Ministry of Finance Adjusts New Real Estate Tax Plans

The Ministry of Finances is supposed to be submitting the new bill for the unified real estate tax. Over the past year, we have heard quite a bit about numerous changes on the subject. According to the law, all real estate property is accountable for taxation. The first square meter and the first euro in […]


Roma couple explains their side of mystery girl story

LARISSA, Greece – The lawyer for the Roma couple accused of abducting the little blond, blue-eyed girl who has become known around the world as “Maria” says her clients say the girl’s real mother is a Bulgarian Roma prostitute.


Irish return 2 blond, blue-eyed children to Gypsy homes after DNA tests prove their parentage

by  Associated Press Ireland returns 2 blond children to Gypsy parents Associated Press - 23 October 2013 15:37-04:00

DUBLIN (AP) — Ireland's justice minister says two children temporarily taken by police from their Gypsy parents have been returned to their families after DNA tests determined that the children were rightfully theirs.

Alan Shatter said Wednesday he had ordered the police commander to produce a report into why officers felt it necessary to take the children — a 2-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl — from their families.

In both cases, police suspected that the children might be victims of abductions because they were blond-haired and blue-eyed, unlike the rest of their immediate relatives.

Irish police were responding to public tipoffs fueled by media coverage of an alleged child-abduction case in Greece involving a blond-haired girl and a Gypsy, or Roma, family.

Human rights groups in Ireland have accused police of racism.

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Ireland Shocked As DNA Test Shows Blonde Girl Taken From Roma Family To Be Their Daughter

A DNA test has found that a blonde-haired, blue-eyed child taken from a Roma family by Dublin's police force is their biological daughter, according to Sky News.

Doubts had already been raised about the child in Dublin, with The Irish Times reporting that the parents had produced both birth certificate and a passport to support their claims.

This is actually the second time this month that Irish police took a child from a Roma family and later returned him, the previous one being a 2-year-old boy in the Midlands region of Ireland. The Guardian reports that it is not clear if a DNA test influenced this decision.

The Irish case also echoes the removal of another blonde girl from a Roma camp near the town of Larissa in central Greece. That girl, named "Maria", was found not to be a genetic match to the couple who claimed to be her parents.

Together these stories sparked a continent-wide controversy about the possibility that Roma gangs were responsible for the trafficking of stolen children. Many observers, however, worried that the case was leading to a witch hunt against Europe's Roma communities, historically some of the most isolated and persecuted people in Europe.

Traveler support group Pavee Point has complained about the Irish cases, saying that the removal of children from their families was being treated as "a matter of first resort and not as a matter of last resort."

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Eek At The Greek- Costume Contest

Eek At The Greek- Costume ContestKTLAAllie Mac Kay was live from Griffith Park with a preview of the 3rd Annual EEK! At The Greek!, a symphonic extravaganza that will be held on Sunday, October 27, presented by the MERCEDES-BENZ Dealers of Southern California. This family-friendly event ...and more »


Greece: 3 arrested in new 'abducted' baby case

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Three Greek Gypsies were arrested on the eastern island of Lesvos Wednesday on suspicion of child abduction, days after a similar case involving a girl known as "Maria" prompted an international investigation. Police on ...


DNA tests on Dublin Roma girl 'show she is part of family'

Washington PostDNA tests on Dublin Roma girl 'show she is part of family'BBC NewsIt is understood DNA tests have proved that a seven-year-old girl taken from a Roma family in Dublin on Monday is their daughter. Police removed the seven-year-old, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl from her home in the Tallaght area. The parents told police ...Greek police arrest 3 Roma in possible child abductionUSA TODAYGreek police arrest 3 in Gypsy community over suspected baby abductionFox NewsMaria mystery: Second Roma couple arrested in Greece over child -The Independent -euronewsall 1,011 news articles »


Roma trio arrested for baby snatched on Greek island

Athens (AFP) - Three Roma were being questioned on Wednesday on suspicion of kidnapping a baby after attempting to register the child with authorities on the Greek island of Lesbos, a police source said.


Greek police arrest 3 in Gypsy community over suspected baby abduction

Police on an island in eastern Greece say they have arrested three people at a gypsy camp on suspicions of child abduction, just days after another case in a different part of the country sparked an international investigation.


Greek Public Debt Reaches 169.1 percent of GDP

According to data released recently by Eurostat and the European statistics authority, the public debt in 24 countries of the European Union rose during the second semester of 2013. According to the same source, the public debt of Greece stood at 160.5 percent of GDP during the first semester of 2013 and it rose to […]


Little Girl Found in Greece: Police In Search of Maria’s Father

The Greek police are now in Sandanski Bulgaria, and are cooperating with Bulgarian authorities who are conducting investigations to identify the father of little blond girl Maria who was found in a Roma camp in Farsala last week. It is possible that Maria’s biological father from Bulgaria has been found. Yesterday, Interpol issued a yellow […]


New Case of Baby Taken by Roma’s?

A new case of a child possibly taken by Roma’s arose in Mytilene on Wednesday morning, the police arrested three Roma’s, of Greek origin, for taking a baby boy aged two and a half months. The police-men found the baby on a Roma camp in the region of Agia Kiriaki, a few minutes away from […]


Syriza Discourages Investors in Greece

Simos Kedikoglou accused Alexis Tsipras of “threatening” ministers and investors, after the statements of Alexis Tsipras on the privatization of the state-controlled electricity provider, Public Power Corporation (PPC). According to the Capital, Mr. Kedikoglou replied to Mr. Tsipras : “The masks are dropping, one by one. His undisguised threats against ministers and investors reveal SYRIZA΄s […]


Hundreds of Child Beggars in Streets of Athens and Thessaloniki

At least 900 child-beggars of various nationalities wander in the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki , begging at traffic lights. This data, published exclusively by the newspaper “Eleftheros Typos” was being selected from May 2012 until June 2013 . The recording was made by the organisation for the social support of youth “ARSIS, ” through […]


Four Greek Companies on World’s Best Multinational Workplaces List

The market research company “Great Place to Work” announced the top 25 multinational companies, through the annual international list- World’s Best Multinational Workplaces 2013. These companies have the best working environment, and among them, four Greek companies that are distinguished on the list. Microsoft, Diageo Hellas, MARS Hellas and Novartis Hellas, are awarded for their […]


European Central Bank to test leading eurozone lenders' stability

Review of balance sheets aimed at boosting confidence before ECB takes over supervision of banks next year

The European Central Bank is to put top eurozone banks through rigorous tests next year in a review that aims to build confidence in the sector.

The ECB wants to unearth any risks hidden in balance sheets before it takes over supervision of the banks, as part of the plans for banking union designed to avoid a repeat of the euro debt crisis – which was exacerbated by massive bad property loans in countries such as Ireland and Spain.

However, analysts said that if the review reveals problems, it could undermine the very confidence it aims to bolster. Eurozone bank shares fell markedly at the prospect.

The ECB intends to scrutinise 128 top eurozone lenders, accounting for about 85% of the euro area banking system.

"We expect that this assessment will strengthen private-sector confidence in the soundness of euro area banks and in the quality of their balance sheets," the ECB president, Mario Draghi, said.

The ECB said it would conclude its assessment in October 2014 before assuming its supervisory role in November.

Banks will be required to make up for any capital shortfalls identified, the ECB said. A provisional list of banks to be reviewed includes 24 German lenders, 16 in Spain, 15 in Italy, 13 in France, seven in the Netherlands, five in Ireland and four each in Greece, Cyprus and Portugal.

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Greece rejects wage, pension cuts to fill budget gap

Greece ruled out on Wednesday any fresh wage or pension cuts to comply with demands from its international lenders for additional budget savings next year that risk deepening the country's social crisis. ...


FBI investigates whether child found in Greece is missing girl

FBI investigates whether child found in Greece is missing girlIrish TimesThe FBI is looking into whether a child found at a Roma camp in Greece is a missing US girl. FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patton said the two-year-old disappearance of Lisa Irwin from her Kansas City home remained an open investigation and that agents ...


Drought May Have Ended Mycenaen Age

A 300-year drought may have caused the demise of several Mediterranean cultures, including ancient Greece, new research suggests. A sharp drop in rainfall may have led to the collapse of several eastern Mediterranean civilizations, including ancient Greece, around 3,200 years ago. The resulting famine and conflict may help explain why the entire Hittite culture, chariot-riding people who ruled most of the region of Anatolia, vanished from the planet, according to a study published in August in the journal PLOS ONE. Even during the heyday of Classical Greek civilization, there were hints of an earlier culture that was lost. Homer's 'Iliad,' written in the eighth century B.C. about a legendary war between Sparta and Troy, paints a picture of sophisticated Greek city-states, which archaeological evidence suggests once existed.


Greek police arrest 3 Roma in possible child abduction

Police say the suspects allegedly tried to register the two-and-a-half month old boy as their own.


Greek police on eastern island arrest 3 Roma people on suspicion of abducting months-old baby

ATHENS, Greece — Greek police on an eastern island say they have arrested three Greek Roma people suspected of child abduction, just days after a similar case in the country prompted an international investigation. Police say the suspects allegedly tried ...


Police Search In Bulgaria For Father of Greek Mystery Child

Bulgarian and Greek Police held a joint operation in Bulgarian town Sandanski in search for father of the little girl found in Greece. Police forces in Bulgaria and Greece have joined forces in search for the father of the little blonde girl that was found in a Greek Roma settlement few days ago, informs bTV. The child, known as Maria and aged about four, was found by Greek police during a drug ...


Uncovering an ancient Greek “strip mall”

Google Earth Blog (blog)Uncovering an ancient Greek “strip mall”Google Earth Blog (blog)Uncovering an ancient Greek “strip mall”. October 23, 2013. Archaeologists in Greece have uncovered an ancient portico in Argilos, which likely would have been a busy market and somewhat reminiscent of a strip mall today. argilos-site. The imagery for ...


Ben Whishaw and Olivia Colman cast in The Lobster

Both are set to appear in Alps director Yorgos Lanthimos's next film, The Lobster, about a group told to find partners or be turned into animals• Ben Whishaw wanted for Freddie Mercury movie, says Roger Taylor• Why is Greece's finest young director making London his home?

The romantic drama meets the creature feature in The Lobster, a new film from Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, in which lonely hearts are ordered to find a partner or face being turned into animals. Ben Whishaw and Olivia Colman are set to star in the production, which begins shooting next March.

The Lobster marks the English language debut for Lanthimos, who picked up a best foreign film Oscar nomination for his acclaimed 2009 film Dogtooth but has been based in the UK since 2011. Deadline reports that Whishaw and Colman will be joined in the cast by Jason Clarke and French actor Léa Seydoux. Clarke was recently seen in Zero Dark Thirty and The Great Gatsby, while Seydoux co-stars in the Palme d'Or-winning Blue is the Warmest Colour.

Set in a dystopian near future, The Lobster focuses on a group of single men and women who are brought to a sinister hotel and ordered to find a life partner within 45 days. Those who fail to find a mate are then transformed into animals and released into the woods.

The Lobster has been bankrolled as a British, Irish and Greek co-production with a script by Efthimis Filippou. Lanthimos and Filippou's previous oddball collaborations include Dogtooth, a stark thriller about life inside a gated community and the 2011 drama Alps, a quasi ghost-story in which actors are hired to impersonate the recently deceased. The Lobster, however, could prove to be the wildest beast of all.

• Interview: Olivia Colman

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Greece wanted nothing to do with his family until NBA noticed Antetokounmpo's ...

Greece wanted nothing to do with his family until NBA noticed Antetokounmpo's ...NBCSports.comTo have a passport, they needed citizenship. Giannis, Thanasis, Kostas and Alex (the four children) were all born in Greece, but as children of Nigerian immigrants they were never recognized as Greeks. Nothing was ever steady, certain. They faced ...and more »


Aegean Finally Seals Olympic Air Purchase

Aegean has finally completed the purchase of its fellow Greek airline Olympic for €72 million. The two airlines had originally agreed on a merger in 2010 but this first attempt to bring the companies together was blocked by the European Commission on competition grounds. But Aegean’s offer to buy Olympic was cleared by the EC […]


Eek At The Greek- Family Friendly Fun

Eek At The Greek- Family Friendly FunKTLAAllie Mac Kay was live from Griffith Park with a preview of the 3rd Annual EEK! At The Greek!, a symphonic extravaganza that will be held on Sunday, October 27, presented by the MERCEDES-BENZ Dealers of Southern California. This family-friendly event ...and more »


Greek 'Gypsy' Girl Has No DNA Match In Interpol Database

Despite enlisting the help of Interpol to identify the blonde girl found in a Roma camp last week, Greek authorities remain no closer to finding out who the child is, officials say. The international police agency released a statement Tuesday ...


U.S. couple thinks "Maria" could be their daughter

Greek authorities are still sorting through cases to identify the girl found living with a Gypsy family


Roma cases in Greece and Ireland raise children concerns

The high-profile cases of two young girls in Greece and Ireland have highlighted the treatment of children in Roma communities across Europe. DNA tests conducted in central Greece on a blonde-haired girl known as Maria have shown that the couple ...


Little Girl Rescued From Gypsy Camp Shines Light On Troubled History Of Europe's Wandering Roma People

The Roma people, better known as Gypsies,  have been in the news recently after two separate instances in which blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls were seized by authorities with accusations that the children were abducted. 

Investigations are ongoing into where the "Blonde Angel" from Greece and the little girl from Dublin are actually from.

The Roma are the largest ethnic minority in Europe, with between 8 and 12 million people. They tend to be darker skinned with dark hair and eyes, which is why Maria stood out so drastically when she was spotted. 

Throughout their history, they have been subject to intense oppression, slavery and persecution. During the Holocaust, approximately 1.5 million Roma were killed. Their wandering born of necessity, is now a way of life.

Discrimination against Roma continues to be an ongoing problem in Europe, and current events won't help their image throughout the region. In recent years, a number of anti-Roma nationalist parties have enjoyed electoral success  in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Greece.

Due to the intense racism  they have faced, gypsies tend to be extremely hostile to outsiders, or gaje, and often ostracise those Roma that choose to assimilate into the countries they adopt as their homes.

The little girl Maria, dubbed by European media as "The Blonde Angel" was found in a raid on a Roma camp in Greece by police looking for drugs and guns. This is the Roma camp in Farsala, Greece where "The Blonde Angel" was found. It is typical of Roma settlements — impoverished, makeshift and crowded. Most Roma live in huts clustered together or at encampments filled with car trailers. See the rest of the story at Business Insider    


Girl found in Greece gives hope to parents of missing children

The discovery of a young blonde girl in a Roma camp in Greece has raised the hopes of many desperate parents of missing children across Europe. The Greek charity that has taken in the girl, the Smile of the Child, has received more than 8,000 calls from ...


Mystery Girl Stirs Fraud Suspicion in Greece

ATHENS - A Greek prosecutor ordered a nationwide investigation into birth certificates issued in the past six years, after the discovery of a young girl living in a Roma camp brought to light the possibility of widespread welfare fraud in Greece. The case of the girl, known as Maria in the Roma camp, where her blond, blue-eyed features were uncommon, has drawn extensive media interest and raised a host of questions. It has also underscored the dysfunction in Greece's public sector, where waste and abuse remain rife despite years of overhauls. Government officials said there are reasons to believe that hundreds of children - many of whom might not exist - have been registered with the Athens city government alone in the past two years by people claiming fraudulent government handouts.


Letter From Athens: Greece's Blue Smoke Economy

Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras is wasting his job trying to solve Greece's unsolvable economic crisis: he'd be better off working as a magician, sleight-of-hand artist or on one of those late-night TV infomercials where the barkers persuade people to part with their money in return for abdomen slimmers that don't work, cheap knives that don't cut, or fat-burning bills that are placebos. His best trick though is convincing people Greece's economy is heading toward recovery and a return to the markets next year because it's going to achieve a primary surplus this year. That is, of course, if you don't count the interest on $325 billion in loans, the cost of social security, some military expenditures, and state enterprises and budgets for cities and towns. Under that criteria, I have a primary surplus, if you don't count the money I owe in credit cards, mortgages, loans, and other creditors.


"Maria" mystery lifts lid on bumbling Greek state

The girl is Maria, or the "blonde angel without an identity" as she has come to be known, and the woman is a 40-year-old Roma who claimed to be her mother but has been charged, along with her 39-year-old partner, with the girl's abduction.


Roma case exposes Greek registry flaws

Mayor of Athens calls in state auditors to examine registry’s books after noting a jump in the number of births recorded without supporting documents


Irish authorities take second child in Roma inquiry

Dublin (AFP) - Irish authorities briefly removed a toddler from a family due to concerns about his identity, a day after taking a child from a Roma family in a case with echoes of the Greek 'mystery girl' inquiry, police said Wednesday.


Second child taken from Roma family in Ireland returned to parents

DNA samples taken from Athlone child, two, and parents as another family in Dublin await the results of tests

Irish police who took a second child away from a Roma family overnight have since handed him back, it emerged on Wednesday .

The latest child was removed late on Tuesday night from a family living in Athlone, Co Westmeath, in the Irish Midlands.

DNA samples were taken from the child as well as the Roma couple who say they are the child's parents.

But Irish police officers then gave the two-year-old back to the Roma family this morning. It is not clear if they did so following the results of any DNA tests.

This latest development comes as another Roma family living in west Dublin await the results of DNA tests, which will determine if a seven-year-old girl is their child or not.

The sisters of the child gardai seized from the family home in the Irish capital on Monday insisted on Wednesday that they are confident she will be handed back to them.

They said that the family were sure DNA tests would prove she is their biological relative, but added they had been "traumatised" by the ordeal. The sisters said the family would fully co-operate with the DNA tests, the results of which could be known by the end of Wednesday.

The parents, who are in their 30s, maintain their child was born in Dublin in 2006. It is understood that the family have been in Ireland for more than seven years.

They live in a quiet suburban street with neatly kept gardens and a mixture of privately owned and rented terraces and semi-detached houses. The family home is not far from the commercial centre of Tallaght, a local hospital and the LUAS tram line which runs from there into the heart of Dublin city.

The girl at the centre of the controversy is believed to be around seven and was seized from the family home on Monday afternoon. However, details of the garda operation were not disclosed until Tuesday.

She is currently in the care of Ireland's Health Service Executive under Section 12 of the Republic's Child Care Act.

Her parents told gardai that it was their child but officers who visited the house were not satisfied with the documentation the couple produced.

The child was removed from the family because her features – blonde hair and blue eyes – were different from the other children in the home.

It also emerged today that the family home of the girl taken away from a Roma family in Tallaght has been targeted for attacks in the recent past.

CCTV and perspex glass have been fitted to the front of the house with members of the family confirming that their home has been attacked. The protective glass has been bolted onto the front living room window and the front door. However, the attacks are understood to have taken place at the house before the child at the heart of the controversy was put into care.

Meanwhile, the executive director of the European Roma Rights Centre expressed concern this morning about the way the incident in west Dublin was being reported as well as the portrayal of the Roma in general since the incident in Greece when a child, known as "Maria", was seized from another family last week.

Dezideriu Gergely told RTE's Morning Ireland programme: "The concern related to these cases is that, one way or another, if these cases are not discussed from all angles possible, there's this, if I can say, trap to fall into, basically labelling the whole community for being responsible for something which needs to be looked at from an individual point of view and responsibility point of view".

The centre's concern over the portrayal of the entire Roma community followed warnings yesterday from the Pavee Point human rights group in Dublin that racist elements might exploit both cases.

Aisling Twomey, a spokesperson for the Dublin based Roma and Irish Traveller rights group said: "This specific case could be used as a means to target the Roma community when the reality is that they are one of the most marginalised communities, not just in Ireland, but worldwide. In this particular case, the welfare of the child must be foremost in everyone's mind and correct procedures will doubtless be applied to ensure this child's safety and welfare is paramount. Right now, that should be the concern."

There are around 5,000 Roma immigrants in Ireland with the majority of them living in Dublin. The European Commission has criticised the Republic for failing to integrate the Roma fully into Irish society. On the island of Ireland Roma have faced far more overt hostility north of the border. In June 2009 up to 110 Roma immigrants including young children were driven out of their homes in south Belfast following a prolonged campaign of intimidation by racists from their nearby loyalist "Village" area.

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Greek Roma case exposes loophole in municipal registries

The case of Maria, a blonde, green-eyed child found living with ... her supposed mother. “Maria’s sad history reveals social ills at many levels . . . We have to update legislation and modernise how municipal registries operate around the ...


Foreign arrivals in Greece up 12.3 percent in first half, in boost to key tourism industry

ATHENS, Greece — Foreign arrivals in financially struggling Greece increased 12.3 percent in the first half of 2013, official data show, backing government hopes of a bumper year for the key tourism industry. The national statistical authority said ...


3600 Bank Employees Losing their Jobs

By the end of 2013, 3600 bank employees will leave Greek Banks with voluntary exit programs. In the new year, 3600 bank employees will be suspended and forced to search for a new job. The reason behind these suspensions is the cut in wages that banks have decided to make. In order to realize these […]


The Municipal Theater of Piraeus Opens its Gates

Aiming to set out “a completely different and creative course, worthy of all the great European theaters,” as its new artistic director Takis Tzamargias stated, the Municipal Theater of Piraeus returned yesterday to life and to its town, opening its gates to the public in the presence of the President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias, […]


Astoria's Big Day

Oct. 21 was an important day for Astoria, perhaps the most significant in decades. It was the groundbreaking for the construction of the new wing of the Mt. Sinai Queens hospital. The design for the new facilities that will serve hundreds of thousands of people in Western Queens - including many Greek-Americans - is impressive, based on the renderings and models on display. The hospital is being upgraded, and, with it, the entire neighborhood will be enhanced. It is an important development because an up-and-coming area such as Astoria needs a good hospital. People cannot be expected to run far from their residences to other parts of Queens or even across the bridge into Manhattan for emergencies and treatment for their ailments.


Greek Lawmakers Axe Golden Dawn Funding

ATHENS (AP) ? Greek lawmakers voted late on Oct. 22 to suspend state funding for political parties accused of criminal activities, a measure targeting the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn group. The proposal was backed by the conservative-led governing coalition, the main opposition and a small left-wing party ? and was voted 235-0 in the 300-seat assembly. It allows an indefinite funding freeze for parties whose leadership is charged with involvement in a criminal group, or terrorism. Golden Dawn is under a criminal investigation sparked by last month's fatal stabbing of a Greek rap singer, an attack blamed on a party volunteer. Its leader and two lawmakers have been jailed in pre-trial custody as alleged members of a criminal organization, and another six lawmakers have been stripped of immunity from prosecution to face similar charges. None of the party leadership has been charged with any direct connection to the killing.


FBI Probes Tips About Girl in Greek Gypsy camp

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (AP) ? The FBI is looking into whether a child found at a Gypsy camp in Greece is a missing U.S. girl, although the children's ages don't appear to match. FBI spokeswoman Bridget Patton said that the 2-year-old disappearance of Lisa Irwin from her Kansas City home remains an open investigation and that agents follow up on all tips. Patton said the agency began receiving calls after the image of a girl found with a Gypsy couple appeared in media reports. A couple charged with abducting the girl has been put in custody, as an international search for the child's biological parents intensifies. A dental examination showed the mystery girl, known only as 'Maria,' is older than previously thought, 5 or 6 years old instead of 4. Lisa Irwin would turn 3 in November.


Hourican to lead Bank of Cyprus

Former accountant who headed UK investment bank from 2008 will face task of executing three-year restructuring of lender severely hit by Greek exposure


Greek neo-Nazi party faces fresh charges after state aid cut

Athens (AFP) - Greek authorities on Wednesday prepared to hit Golden Dawn with fresh indictments, hours after parliament suspended the neo-Nazi party's state funding as part of a crackdown prompted by the murder of an anti-fascist musician.