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Monday, October 21, 2013

Greek Health Minister: “Patients will have to Pay if they Choose Patent Over Generic Drugs”

Greek Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis on Monday referred to the generic medicine vs the patent drug option available to patients under public health insurance coverage and to the increased contribution they will have to pay if they choose the patent drugs instead of the generic, a measure effective as of today. In an interview with […]


SYRIZA on Gov’t Stance Before Troika

The Greek government is trapped in the memorandum policy of austerity and destruction, main opposition SYRIZA said on Monday, adding that whatever leaks to the press about so-called negotiating with the troika of lenders to Greece cannot reverse the subordination of Greece to its lenders and the memorandum’s commitments. In an announcement, the party said […]


Collaboration Between Unicef and Olympiacos F.C

Today, PAE Olympiakos and UNICEF announced their collaboration to immunize children in countries where there is an urgent need. Cooperation aims to raise money and awareness in Greece and worldwide. The UNICEF’s campaign titled “100% Campaign” is contributing to immunize children because the modern vaccination programs are not enough. Globally, 1.5 million children are dying […]


Independent Greeks leader faces having his immunity lifted

Judicial authorities in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, on Monday asked Parliament to lift the immunity of the head of the rightwing party Independent Greeks so that he can face trial for incitement to violence. The authorities forwarded a case file to Par... ...


Roma couple face abduction and deceit charges

A Roma couple were remanded in custody on Monday for the abduction of a young girl who was found during a police raid on a Roma settlement in Farsala, central Greece, last week, as a charity caring for the child said it had received thousands of queries f... ...


First ever fall sales start on November 1

Greece’s first ever fall sales are set to start on November 1, lasting for nine days including Sunday, November 3, when all stores will also be open, as dictated by the new law on retail stores. Retailers may get a desperately needed boost, having suffere... ...


Record takings from tourism in first eight months of 2013

Greek tourism registered an all-time record in revenues for the first eight months of the year, as takings in the January-August period amounted to 8.68 billion euros, beating the 2008 record of 8.67 billion. Total revenues for the whole of 2008 came to 1... ...


Greek coalition partners set out ëred linesí ahead of troika inspection

KathimeriniGreek coalition partners set out ëred linesí ahead of troika inspectionKathimeriniSamaras and Venizelos have made several statements to that effect in recent days in response to reports that troika envoys want another 2 billion euros in cuts and to the ECBís refusal to discuss the option of rolling over Greek bonds to cover a ...Greek economy likely to shrink 3 percent in third quarter - finance ministerReuters UKGreek finmin says economy likely to shrink 3 pct in Q3ReutersGreek Government Ready for a Tough BattleGreek ReporterBangkok Postall 7 news articles »


Police ID Roma couple found with kidnapped girl, parents sought

FARSALA, Greece, Oct. 21 (UPI) -- Police in Greece identified the Roma, or gypsy, couple found in custody of an unidentified little girl at a settlement in Greece.


Global search under way for parents of girl found with Greek Roma

The discovery last week of a young girl living in a squalid Roma camp in central Greece has set in motion a worldwide search for her biological parents and generated thousands of calls and emails about missing children, Greek media reported Monday.


Court jails Roma couple accused of abducting 'Maria'

Lawyer representing the couple tells Larissa court it was an adoption, but 'not exactly legal'

Five days after a blonde, blue-eyed girl was found living in a Roma camp in Greece, the couple accused of abducting her were imprisoned on Monday pending trial, as police released a picture of the child seated between the couple.

As representatives from Greece's Roma community gathered outside the courthouse in Larissa, central Greece, specialists continued the painstaking business of trying to identify the girl known only as Maria.

"From medical examinations conducted by a forensic pathologist we now know that she is older than we thought and is probably five or six," said Panaghiotis Partelis at Smile of the Child, the charity tasked with looking after her. "She is still in hospital but she seems to be happy and playing with her toys, doing what all girls of her age do."

The philanthropic organisation was still receiving thousands of calls from around the world, often from people whose children had gone missing, as part of a wider campaign to trace the girl's real parents, he said.

Authorities released the photograph, which portrays the pale-skinned child wedged between the couple and clasping a water bottle, after a court announced there was enough evidence to suggest she had been kidnapped.

DNA tests have proved conclusively that the girl bears no relation to either the 40-year-old woman or 39-year-old man. But the pair, arrested when police conducted a wider crackdown on illegal activities in the Roma community and raided the camp outside Larissa, continued to deny allegations that they had abducted her.

They told a magistrate on Monday they took the girl under their wing within days of her birth because her real mother had been unable to take care of the baby. "It was an adoption that was not exactly legal but took place with the mother's consent," said Constantinos Katsavos, a lawyer representing the couple.

A senior Roma representative supported that claim, telling reporters the girl's biological mother was Bulgarian. "This family got the child from Bulgarians. I know them personally. All the rest they are saying, that they snatched her because she is blonde and blue eyed to beg on the streets, are lies," said Manolis Sainopoulos, the deputy head of the Panhellenic Federation of Roma. "Right now she is in hospital and suffering because she misses the woman she regards as her mother."

With the discovery of the little girl gripping the country, the case has highlighted the profound mistrust between the Roma community and Greeks. In a society that takes pride in its homogeneity, Roma are among Greece's most marginalised minorities.

But sources insisted on Monday that court officials were not persuaded by the couple's assertions. The father, who has a criminal record, has given conflicting accounts of how the pair, who have 14 offspring, came to possess the child. The mother, who was found to have two identities, raised further suspicions when it was discovered she had claimed to have given birth to six of her children in the space of 10 months. Panayiotis Beis, Athens's deputy mayor, said: "This is a clear-cut example of people exploiting a gap in the law to obtain falsified birth certificates." Municipal officials say the couple could have claimed up to €2,700 (£2,290) in welfare benefits for the children.

Police are also investigating whether the girl, who speaks almost no Greek and converses in the Roma dialect, ended up in the couple's hands as a result of a child-trafficking network in the Balkans. Bulgarian women have been targeted as part of a wider operation of children being stolen to order. Greeks are known to have procured such babies for about €25,000.

The girl, who has come to embody the plight of missing children internationally, is expected to remain in hospital until experts, including an anthropologist, conduct further tests to determine her origins. Although there are lingering doubts, officials say her features suggest she is northern European.

"At first she was in shock and very reluctant to even smile," said Maria Petropoulou, a psychologist with Smile of the Child. "It has taken time for her to gain our trust as it will take time for her to adapt to her new surroundings."

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Greek economy likely to shrink 3 percent in third quarter

"The Greek economy is certainly entering a new phase," Stournaras said during a tourism conference in Athens. "We expect an even better result in the third quarter, probably close to -3 percent, a result in which tourism has certainly contributed ...


Lebanese prime minister urges effort to free kidnapped bishops

Michel Sleiman Monday pledged to help free two Christian bishops kidnapped in April near the Turkish border.In a meeting with senior military and security officials at the presidential palace, Sleiman urged them to make every effort to secure the clerics' release, The (Beirut) Daily Star reported.The Rev. Paul Yazigi, the Greek Orthodox archbishop for the Syrian town of Aleppo, and the Rev. ...


Kerry Needham tells Greek police investigate Roma links to Bens disappearance

The mother of Ben Needham urges the Greek authorities to look into the case of a four-year-old girl recovered from a Roma camp to see if there are any connections to the disappearance of her son 22 years ...


Mystery girl found living with alleged abductors in Greek Roma settlement parents sought

In this police handout photo taken on Thursday , Oct. 17, 2013, Christos Salis, 39, right, and his companion Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40, or Selini Sali — as the woman has two separate sets of identity papers. pose with the little girl only known as "Maria" in the Larisa regional police headquarters, Greece. Police in Greece have released the photographs of a couple alleged ...


Greece Roma couple charged with abducting blonde angel as police appeal for help

Greek police are appealing for international help to identify the mysterious fair-haired girl dubbed the 'blonde angel,' who was found in a Roma ...


Greek police had 'past abduction fears but no evidence'

Greek police investigating alleged child abduction among a Roma community have told ITV News tonight they have worries about the way children are registered at birth. Officials said they had suspicions in the past but no evidence to act.


After Hedgies Rush to Banks, Mobius Warms to Greece

Famed emerging markets investor Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Franklin Templeton’s Templeton Emerging Markets Group, is warming to Greek equities even after the benchmark Athens index, the ASE Composite Index, has surged 50% since July ...


Review: Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck at the Greek Theatre


'Parents' of mystery Greek girl Maria in court charged with abduction

Metro'Parents' of mystery Greek girl Maria in court charged with abductionMetroHowever, last week's discovery of the blue-eyed and blonde four-year-old girl – only known as Maria – who was living in a Greek gypsy camp gave fresh hopes for the Ben Needham unsolved missing persons' case. Ben's sister, Leighanna, told the Sunday ...


Roma Couple in Custody for Abducting Little Blond Girl Found in Greece

The Roma couple who acted as the parents of the 5-6 year-old little blonde girl found in a Roma camp in Farsala on October 16th, are now in jail charged with abducting a minor. The name of two accused are 39 year-old Christos Salis, and 40-year-old Eleftheria Dimopoulou; both accused for kidnapping a child and […]


Eurostat: Greece has the Highest Debt in the EU

Greece has the highest debt in the Eurozone, with 156% of GDP for 2012, while its deficit was the second highest both in Eurozone and the EU, at 9%. More specifically, according to the data published by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat), Greece’s debt in the end of 2012 reached 156.9% of […]


Italy claims 'traffic-light' labelling unfair on Mediterranean food

Italian government complains to Europe that British nutrition labels discriminate against its traditional produce

Italy – the land that gave the world Parma ham, mozzarella and deep-fried rice balls – has reacted with anger to a UK food labelling system that aims to highlight sugar, salt and fat content, warning that it risks penalising top-quality traditional delicacies of the Mediterranean while doing little to help tackle Britain's obesity problem.

The "traffic-light" system, announced in June, has been praised by UK health campaigners but has proved rather more indigestible in Rome, where one food scientist declared that if the British didn't want to exacerbate their "already terrible eating habits", they should consider embracing a diet that has been proved to work: the Mediterranean one.

Concerned that the labelling could imperil its national products, the Italian government has raised the issue with the European commission and is also discussing it with other European countries. In a letter to EU health commissioner Tonio Borg in June, health minister Beatrice de Lorenzin said the traffic-light labelling "dealt with the characteristics of products in a superficial way and risks discriminating against our traditional foods".

Paolo de Castro, head of the European parliament's agriculture committee, said more labelling was necessary, but that the traffic-light method – which divides a food's nutritional content into fat, saturated fat, salt, sugar and calories, and then colour-codes it red, amber and green according to the levels – was not the way forward.

"All of us want more information for the consumer… The consumer should know everything. Every piece of information should be there," he said. "But the traffic-light system seeks to influence people's choices."

De Castro said the policy was "against the Mediterranean food culture", and that other countries, including Spain and Greece, were affected by it as well.

A former Italian agriculture minister, he submitted a written question to the European parliament last month urging the commission to verify that the new labels were "objective and non-discriminatory" and not contrary to EU rules. He said that, though theoretically voluntary, the practice had been rolled out by the UK government in a way that did not leave much room for choice.

The new, more comprehensive labelling strategy is in use in major retailers across the UK, including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and the Co-op. It is intended to give consumers the information they need to make educated choices about what they eat.

A 2011 report found that 61% of adults in England were overweight or obese, a higher proportion than in almost all other developed nations.

The move has provoked fury from Italy's agriculture and food industry bodies, which say it encourages a "technical" approach to food that steers consumers away from evaluating foods as part of a balanced diet.

"Some types of food products - among them cheeses, meats, confectionary products and jams… would, according to the new guidelines of the [British] department [of health], be placed in the group identified by the colour red … But it is not the product in itself but its incorrect consumption which is harmful: [they] can be eaten in absolute tranquillity as long as you don't go over the top," said Mario Guidi, president of Confagricoltura, an Italian agriculture body.BGiorgio Calabrese, a doctor specialising in food science, said the traffic-light labelling was "an absurd suggestion" that made no scientific sense and risked "further worsening the already terrible eating habits of the English".

"The [British] government's policy is wrong," he told the Italian newspaper La Stampa, saying he even suspected the move of being "an economic manoeuvre aimed at damaging our products and promoting theirs".

He added: "Instead of doing battle with our food culture, they should learn from us and embrace the Mediterranean diet … Dear English friends … choose our food.

"We are one of the world's longest-living peoples precisely because we understand the art of eating well and in moderation.

"To fight obesity you don't need stickers but a healthy and balanced diet. Do as we do."

The Department of Health did not comment.

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Mark Mobius is ready to buy Greek stocks within a year

Wall Street Journal (blog)Mark Mobius is ready to buy Greek stocks within a yearMarketWatch (blog)Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Franklin Templeton's Templeton Emerging Markets Group, is ready to wade back into Greek stocks because of the country's potential for economic growth. “You can see finally that Greece is coming back with new ideas.Mark Mobius Plans Return to Greek EquitiesWall Street Journal (blog)all 5 news articles »


The two big dangers

Two things could throw Greece into political turmoil and lead to destabilization: irrational demands and pressure from the troika and traps set up by certain people for the government to fall into. Our lenders understand the country well enough by now and... ...


A country striving for normality

When quizzed about whether he is considering calling early elections, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras customarily replies that the country will go to the polls in 2016. Too bad few people believe that to be the case. There is nothing that Greece needs more... ...


Fairfax confirms faith in Greece’s adjustment

The acquisition by Fairfax Holdings of a 5 percent stake in Greek industrial group Mytilineos, worth about 30 million euros, is the second Greek investment this year by the Canadian investment fund, which is controlled by investor Prem Watsa – known as th... ...


Giving hope to cancer patients

A large crowd gathered at the Sotiria General Hospital in Athens on Friday, October 19, to pay tribute to the charity work of Aristides Alafouzos, a Greek from Santorini, who, with encouragement from his late wife Lena and their two sons, realized the dre... ...


Three arrested for running gun-smuggling racket

Three men, aged 35, 45 and 55, have been arrested in Patra, western Greece, on suspicion of running a gun-smuggling racket following a sting operation by undercover police officers posing as buyers. The officers contacted the 35-year-old Greek-Albanian su... ...


'Time to rethink democratic institutions'

The former Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou, says politics must again become the art of imagining a better world -- and collectively finding the power to do so.


Accused couple cared for mystery girl 'as their own'

The lawyer for a couple accused of abducting a girl found living with them in Greece says they adopted her from her birth mother.


Greece's child-trafficking problem

A Roma couple have now been formally charged in Greece with abducting a young blonde, blue-eyed girl called Maria, who was found in a Roma camp in the centre of the country last Thursday. Although the couple insist the girl was informally ...


Greek finmin says economy likely to shrink 3 pct in Q3

"The Greek economy is certainly entering a new phase," Stournaras said. "We expect an even better result in the third quarter, probably close to -3 percent, a result in which tourism has certainly contributed significantly." The European ...


Greece Mystery Girl: Alleged Abductors Of 'Maria' Charged

Police raided a Roma encampment near the central Greek town of Farsala and found the girl, who a DNA test has shown is not the couple's child. The case has triggered a global outpouring of sympathy and possible tips to police about the case but ...


Greek Roma mystery: Accused couple say ‘blonde angel’ was given willingly by her mother

The couple deny they snatched the girl and say her mother handed the ... is under way for the girl's real parents. Social workers suspect the couple of kidnapping the girl and sending her out to beg, or involving her in a sex ring, the BBC reports.


Malta Greece urge EU to share immigration burden

These 3 stocks have outperformed their peers. Is the co placed better than its peers? Or is share price driven by speculation rather than ...


‘Blonde angel’ was adopted not abducted says Greek Roma couple

A Roma couple accused of abducting a mystery four-year-old girl dubbed the "blonde angel" by Greek media told a court on Monday that her biological mother willingly gave her to them as a baby because she could not look after her.The discovery of the girl, known as Maria, has riveted Greece and prompted thousands of calls with leads from across the world as authorities try to track down ...


Roma Couple Held in Girl's Abduction

A gypsy couple that Greek police believe abducted a young girl found in the camp where they live were remanded in custody on Oct. 21 as authorities released a photo of them together in hopes of tracing her identity. The blonde girl was found during a police raid of the camp on Oct. 16 and taken to safety after a prosecutor accompanying officials noticed her blonde hair and that she bore no resemblance to the couple who said they were her parents, but who gave contradictory stories as to how they acquired her. The male suspect, Christos Salis, 39, and his wife, who was identified both as Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40, and Selini Sali, 41, appeared in court as police and investigators reached out to Interpol and for trips around the world to try to find out who the girl is.


Detectives hunting for Ben Needham who found blonde boy in Greek gypsy camp say he was 'like a fly in a cup of milk'

Mr Bakirtzis passed the information on to the Needham family ... But the inquiry appears to have ground to a halt. Mr Bakirtzis's work was done, and he has since died, but other detectives at the agency told The Telegraph that the child was ...


'Blonde Angel' Maria: Gypsy couple in court on abduction charges

Hristos Salis, 39, and Eleftheria Dimopoulou, 40 - are appearing at a courthouse in Larissa. Maria was found in Tabakou gipsy settlement near Farsala, Greece, last week.


Greek Roma mystery: Accused couple's neighbours say Maria's real father came to visit

Neighbours of the Roma couple charged with abducting a child, known only as 'Maria', claim that her real father visited the couple's settlement in the village of Farsala in central Greece.


Greek police release mugshots of Roma couple accused of kidnapping mystery girl

The little girl who sparked worldwide interest after being found living with the Roma couple accused of kidnapping her is ... A defence lawyer said they were motivated by charity, after being approached by an intermediary for a destitute foreign mother ...


Krugman On Austerity: How About Looking At The Facts For A Change?

  New York Times economist and editorial writer, Paul Krugman, has headed the Left’s crusade against austerity, both in the United States and across the industrialized world. To Krugman, “austerity” does not denote a careful husbanding of government money. Rather austerity denotes unwisely large cuts in government spending that, he claims, threaten economic growth and recovery. Krugman bases his opposition to austerity on an empirical assertion that we can test; namely: “Across the advanced world, big spending cuts have been associated with deeper slumps.” Krugman’s testable hypothesis, therefore, is: Countries that experience large reductions in government spending grow more slowly (or not at all or worse). Just as some people speak before they think. Krugman seems to believe his asserting something to be true makes it true. The scientific method does not work this way, however. It requires that we first gather the facts on government spending and growth. Second, we must use these facts to test the Krugman hypothesis of a positive relationship between government spending and growth.   The scientific method, so applied, shows Krugman’s facts to be wrong (where are the “big spending cuts”) and it refutes his hypothesis. Not a good day for Mr. Krugman. time, he should gather and test the facts before he writes. First to the facts: Krugman’s serial attacks give the impression that government spending was decimated after 2009 in the name of a false austerity credo. Wrong! Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development data (updated using OECD data annex) show that, of the thirty top industrialized economies (not counting China), twenty six  have more government spending today than at their elevated spending in 2009 (Hungary spends about the same as it did in 2009). Only three (Greece, Ireland, and Portugal) spend less. All thirty spend more than in 2006, as the government spending was being cranked up. Nor are the “austere” Ireland and Portugal outliers with respect to growth.  Ireland’s growth since 2009 is matched by Denmark, Finland, and Netherland and Portugal’s growth by Italy and Spain (all countries that increased their spending). Only Greece stands out with a large cut in spending and GDP shrinking almost 6 percent per year. But only a fool would base a theory on the unique circumstances of Greece. Greece’s public spending collapsed, not because of dictates of the austerity devils, but because its public-finance disarray ruled out private lending to Greece. Barring neighborly handouts, Greece has had to live (shudder the thought) on its own dwindling revenues -- a victim of unsustainable spending and low tax collections. Its neighbors are loathe to bail it out. Now to hypothesis testing: Economists use fancy statistical methods (called econometrics) to test hypotheses like Krugman’s “more government spending produces higher growth.” Krugman, however, seems so certain of the power of his hypothesis that it should be visible via simple correlations. I offer a simple and direct test. Here is what I have done: I correlate for the thirty countries the increase (or decrease) in government spending share of  GDP against the country’s average annual growth rate, both for the four-year period 2009 to 2013. Therefore, I am looking at the entire “crisis” period, rather than a year or two. A positive correlation would support the Krugman hypothesis. A zero or negative correlation refutes it. The result: There is no correlation whatsoever between spending increases and growth for the four year period. (The correlation coefficient explains a microscopic eight tenths of one percent of the variation). Yes, my statistical procedure is simple and direct. But this is what the scientific method is all about. Let some one else do it in a different manner and prove me wrong. But wait! Krugman has other evidence. He points to a “widely cited report” by a consulting firm that claims that stingy Republican spending will lower U.S. growth. Krugman can have his consulting firm as long as I can have my own, which claims the opposite.  As time passes, we’ll see which of the dueling consultants is correct. The fact that some consultant predicts something does not make it true. But there is more! Krugman claims a mea culpa from the International Monetary Fund – an admission that its pro-austerity policies were wrong. The IMF report, however, is far from an admission of guilt. It finds (using very indirect methods) a short term initial negative relationship that quickly tapered off. The IMF concludes that “there is no single multiplier (Multipliers measure the effects of government spending and taxation on GDP) for all times and all countries… Our results should not be construed as arguing for any specific fiscal policy stance in any specific country.” Hardly the IMF “walking austerity back” that Krugman implies. Krugman is a habitué of the “settled science” ploy. He tells his readers that only fools and crackpots do not understand that if we want growth we must have more government spending. We must crank up government spending as long as necessary until the nirvana of “prosperity” is achieved. (By that time, we also have a government that spends half of GDP). Well then, Keynes himself would be a fool in Krugman’s book. He wrote that stimulus spending can be used only for short periods. In the long run, growth is determined by other factors. Science is never settled, despite Krugman’s claims. In an earlier post, I pointed out that most of the Nobel prizes to macroeconomists have gone to scholars who dispute the so-called Keynesian consensus. The one “Keynesian” Nobel laureate (Lawrence Klein) had to abandon his statistical models of the Keynesian system when they proved unworkable. I guess Krugman has decided to leave his readers ignorant of this rather vital fact. They must go elsewhere to learn it. Do not believe it when Krugman pulls his next “settled science” out of his magician’s hat.


Is your favorite brand of Greek yogurt the real deal or a Greek yogurt fake out?

Is your favorite brand of Greek yogurt the real deal or a Greek yogurt fake out?NOLA.comOunce for ounce, plain lowfat Greek yogurt has more than twice as much protein as "regular" yogurt, plus it's much lower in carbs. It's also incredibly versatile, standing in for higher-calorie ingredients, such as sour cream or mayonnaise, in creamy ...Fage introduces FruYo, Greek yogurt blended with fruitFoodBev.comall 2 news articles »


Roma couple remanded in custody as police publish their photographs

Greek police on Monday published the details and photographs of a Roma man and woman accused of abducting a child found at a Roma camp in central Greece as a magistrate remanded them in custody. The Christos Salis was born on August 15, 1974, in Larissa, ... ...


Sweden against Portugal highlights UEFA World Cup playoff draw

Sweden v Portugal, Ibrahimovic v Ronaldo - that matchup highlighted the draw for Europe's four World Cup qualifying playoff ties. France were drawn with Ukraine, while Croatia will play Iceland and Greece face Romania.


Greek police release photos of suspected "Maria" abductors, take them into custody

ATHENS, Greece - Police in Greece have released photographs of a couple charged with abducting a girl known "Maria" and taken them into pre-trial custody.


Gypsies fear backlash over mystery of blonde girl

Greek couple charged with abduction says they adopted the child when she was days old.


Greek police release photos of abduction suspects

A 39-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman, identified as Christos Salis and Eleftheria Dimopoulou, were detained Monday on charges of abduction and document fraud following their arrest last week. Police raided a Roma encampment near the central Greek town ...


Greece girl 'Maria': First picture of gypsy couple accused of abducting mystery blonde girl as they appear in court to deny charges

Ben’s family said they believed gypsies “always held the clue ... Maddie, then aged three, vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007, as her parents dined with friends in a nearby tapas restaurant. Clarence Mitchell ...