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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Jail Time is Only Making Greece's Neo-Nazi Politicians Martyrs

PolicyMicJail Time is Only Making Greece's Neo-Nazi Politicians MartyrsPolicyMic"They put us in jail. But did we falter? No, we did not. We are stronger, we are more powerful, and in a short time we will be in power." As thousands of black-clad supporters chanted nationalist slogans holding red flags with swastika-like symbols ...FT: New Democracy-Golden Dawn Battle for 2nd Place in ElectionsGreek Reporterall 3 news articles »


Greek farmers to carry on protests, roadblocks

Farmers who gathered in Nikaia, Larissa, Central Greece on Saturday to consider further protest action at the government’s new tax measures, called on farmers throughout Greece to join in demonstrations and roadblocks, as part of efforts to put more pressure.


A great Greek American Story – Athanassios Karvelas

Name: Nick PhillipsItem price: FoodLocation: Detroit, MIDescription:Tom Carvel was the personification of the American dream. Once known as the “patriarch of the world’s biggest mom and pop ice cream parlor,” he was a man who wasn’t afraid of hard work and did what it took to make his “rags to riches” story come true. He had an engaging manner, twinkling blue eyes, neatly trimmed handlebar mustache, and a friendly face. But he was a tough and honest businessman who demanded only the best from those who worked with him.

Athanassios Karvelas (1906-1990) was brought to the United States as a child from his native Greece. At the age of 26, after a variety of careers that ranged from a drummer in a Dixieland band to an auto test driver for Studebakers, Carvel was incorrectly diagnosed with fatal tuberculosis and fled to the country air of Westchester, New York. Borrowing $15 from his future wife Agnes, Tom began selling ice cream from his battered truck. Memorial Day weekend of 1934, Tom’s truck suffered a flat tire so he pulled his trailer into a parking lot next to a pottery store and began selling his melting ice cream to vacationers driving by. Within two days, Tom had sold his entire supply of ice cream, and realized that he could make a lot more money working from a fixed location. The generous potter allowed Tom to hook into his store’s electricity, and Tom opened for business. Two years later, Tom bought the pottery store, converted it into a roadside stand, and permanently established himself as the first retailer to develop and market soft ice cream.

With the coming of World War II, Carvel was sent to Fort Bragg, N.C., where he served as a refrigeration consultant and concessionaire. This experience allowed Carvel to improve his ice cream freezer and team it with a specially formulated liquid ice cream made with the freshest ingredients to create the high quality product we know today.

As Carvel began selling his patented machinery to other stores, he quickly realized that he could sell not only his machinery, but his expertise as well. For a flat fee and a percentage of the profits, Carvel began teaching independent storeowners the ropes and allowed them to market ice cream under the Carvel name. In 1947, Carvel cultivated this relatively unknown idea called franchising, and opened 25 stores by the early 1950′s.

Often referred to as the “father of franchising,” many of Carvel’s marketing concepts have been emulated not only in franchising, but in almost every industry. Perhaps he is most famous for his voice as heard in many unrehearsed television and radio spots. Advertising historians agree this voice, once described as a cross between the marble-mouthed gravel of Marlon Brando’s character in the Godfather and the lovable, cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz, was key to both the growth of the company as well as the brand’s loyal following. The ads attained him regional celebrity status and his golfing buddies included Bob Hope, Perry Como and Jackie Gleason. Even with his celebrity status, Tom Carvel remained down-to-earth, personable and ultimately became one of our country’s most beloved icons, representing the all-American dream with the most all-American of foods.Images:


Greek Health Tourism Showcased in Russia

Leading Greek clinics and medical centers, as well as hotels and resorts that exploit the benefits of thermal springs in Greece are to participate in the “Greek Health Tourism Meeting & Workshop,” so as to boost the medical tourism of Greece ...


2.3 Billion Dollars in Losses for Greek Gamblers in 2013

Greek Reporter2.3 Billion Dollars in Losses for Greek Gamblers in 2013Greek ReporterChina ranked 2nd in gambling when last year it was 9th. In first place for another year are the American gamblers with a total loss of 119 billion dollars. Greece ranked 17th with 2.3 billion dollars in losses, with the Greeks preferring lottery ...and more »


Berlin: George Clooney Tells U.K. to Return Art Treasures to Greece

Hollywood ReporterBerlin: George Clooney Tells U.K. to Return Art Treasures to GreeceHollywood ReporterResponding to a question from a Greek journalist at the press conference in Berlin Saturday for his new film The Monuments Men, Clooney said Greece had “a very good case” in demanding Britain return historic Greek artifacts. Many Greek treasures ...Clooney calls for the return of looted artHaaretzall 1,604 news articles »


Only Greek Citizens to Vote or Run in Local Elections

According to this law, expatriates and foreigners legally residing in Greece, including the citizens of the member states of the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) who hold a valid residence permit ...


George Clooney Tells U.K. to Return Greek Art Treasures

George Clooney Tells U.K. to Return Greek Art TreasuresVarietyBERLIN — George Clooney said the U.K. should return Greek art treasures in its possession, during a press conference for his film “The Monuments Men” at the Berlin Film Festival Saturday. Asked by a Greek journalist whether Greece should claim its ...and more »


The Biggest Threat To Markets That Is Most Likely To Happen Has Fallen Off The Radar

Richard McGuire, head of rates strategy at Rabobank, warns in a weekly note to clients that the groundwork is being laid in Europe for a crisis accelerant down the road.

The chart above maps risks to markets by impact and likelihood of occurrence.

The most likely threat, according to McGuire, is that Eurosceptic politicians dominate European Parliamentary elections in May, leading to increased tensions next time there is a crisis. He writes:

In terms of the risk we judge to be the most likely, at the top of this chart we have the threat of Eurosceptic parties enjoying a strong showing in the European Parliamentary elections on May 22. Certainly given their relatively positive performance in recent opinion polls, whether it be France’s Front National, Italy’s Five Star Movement, the Netherlands’ Freedom Party or Greece’s Syriza, this looks to be a significant risk. Note also that while there can sometimes be a notable divergence between voter intentions ahead of elections and how they actually vote in the election itself (as evidenced by the Freedom Party’s poor performance in the 2012 Dutch elections despite riding high in the opinion polls), this dichotomy is likely to much less marked here. Generally one might argue that voters respond to opinion polls with their hearts but vote with their heads when it comes to putting their cross on the ballot paper. However, given the supranational nature of the Euro-parliamentary elections, we suspect voters are less likely to be swayed by more prosaic local concerns and, hence, feel less constrained in casting a protest vote against the euro.

In terms of the impact of this risk coming to pass, one of the most immediate threats is that regarding the planned banking union — this, as should the current parliament fail to ratify these plans ahead of the election, the makeup of the one subsequent to the poll will make this ratification that much more of a cumbersome process. As such, the ECB could find itself taking the tiller of a boat that has not yet been fully built when it comes to assuming its role of single supervisor in November (this possibly most notably evidenced by the possible absence of a single resolution fund). On a broader (but related) level meanwhile, a Eurosceptic shift within the European Parliament would stand to raise questions as to how easy it might be for the core to develop additional crisis-combating mechanisms should these become necessary once again. That said, though, given systemic concerns within the Eurozone have now shifted to the very edge of the market’s radar (or perhaps rather now stand outside of it altogether), these concerns are possibly less of a trigger for resurgent tensions and rather an accelerant for such tensions should they resurface.

Friday, Germany's constitutional court refrained from issuing a ruling on the legality of the European Central Bank's Outright Monetary Transactions (OMT) program, which has been credited with restoring calm to eurozone financial markets since the summer of 2012.

Instead, the court said it would refer the case to the European Court of Justice, which as Rabobank's risk map shows is a welcoming development from a market perspective, because the ECJ is viewed as less likely to rule against OMT, given the fact that it is a European institution.

However, as Damian Chalmers, a European law professor at the London School of Economics, points out to Reuters, the German court has made clear that if the ECJ does not strike down OMT, it will.

The German court decision reminds that while the eurozone has benefitted as of late from an improving economic picture, there is still a lot of work to be done at the supranational level, which could be complicated by the rise of the Eurosceptics.

Germany has identified this as an existential threat headed into May's elections.

Last month, in an interview with the Greek newspaper Ta Nea, German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said, "We must not avoid confrontation with populists, nationalists, with these brainless people who call themselves Eurosceptics."

"I am concerned about the situation in our union," Steinmeier told Ta Nea. "The economic crisis could activate centrifugal political forces that could prove dangerous to the European Union as a whole."

READ MORE ... Here's What Investors Think Is Behind The Stock Market Sell-Off This Year (And How Long It Will Last)

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Greek official bribed 'more times than he can remember'

When Antonis Kantas, a deputy in the Defense Ministry here, spoke up against the purchase of expensive German-made tanks in 2001, a representative of the tank's manufacturer stopped by his office to leave a satchel on his sofa. It contained 600,000 euros ...


Melbourne festival celebrates Greek culture

The AgeMelbourne festival celebrates Greek cultureSBSThe Greek community in Melbourne is celebrating Greek culture with a weekend festival of arts, film and food. For 26 years, the annual festival has been held to remember the contribution of the community since its early days when the first immigrants ...Politicians roll in for Melbourne's Greek festivalWarrnambool Standardall 3 news articles »


Cyprus peace talks to resume, leaders meet February 11: U.N.

NICOSIA (Reuters) - The leaders of Cyprus's estranged Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities will resume peace talks on February 11, the United Nations said on Saturday, breaking an 18-month stalemate.


Meehan questions handling of Marine's body in Greece

Meehan questions handling of Marine's body in GreeceDaily Local NewsCOATESVILLE — U.S. Rep. Patrick Meehan, R-7th of Delaware County, is continuing to question the Pentagon and Greek government after the parents of a Marine sergeant who died while stationed in Greece discovered that his body had been sent home ...and more »


Turkish, Greek Cypriots agree on joint statement

The Turkish and Greek Cypriot governments have agreed on a 'joint statement' that paves the way for the resumption of U.N.-sponsored negotiation talks to reunite the island, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus said in a written statement on Friday.


Sorority rejoins greek community

Sorority rejoins greek communityIndiana Daily Student“The competitive spirit is unnecessary, especially in something like greek life where everyone should feel included, and everyone should feel like they have a home,” Amarmath said. DPhiE's motto is “Esse Quam Videri — To Be Rather Than to Seem to Be,” ...


Provopoulos Again Sees Greek Recovery, Cites Reforms Progress

Bank of Greece Governor George Provopoulos, as he has every year for the past few years, said the country’s economy is on the road to recovery, telling an audience at a London think tank meeting that it’s because of what he said was significant progress on reforms, although 153 still haven’t been done. Provopoulos, speaking to the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) on The Greek Crisis – From Grexit to Grecovery, said, “The sacrifices are beginning to bear fruit.” “I am optimistic that Greece’s return to growth, to Grecovery, is ahead.” It wasn’t reported whether he said almost all the sacrifices have been made by workers, pensioners and the poor who’ve been hit with a series of big pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions on orders of the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) that is putting up $325 billion in two bailouts. The Troika rescue funds run out this year and it has complained that Greece is still far behind on some major reforms and hasn’t figured out how to close a 2.4 billion euro ($3.26 billion) hole in the 2014 budget and Germany – the biggest contributor to the loans – is reportedly readying a third aid package after figuring there’s little chance of a recovery just yet. Provopoulos, however, said that Athens has met the conditions demanded by the Troika, has made large strides toward fiscal adjustment, reduced its trade deficit and promoted measures that are crucial for the country’s transformation and return to the markets. It was essentially what he said in mid-January when he said economy was is in the “last mile” of a comeback, during the seventh year of a deep recession in which austerity measures have created record unemployment and deep poverty. But he warned it could be undercut by growing political unrest and feuds between parties, particularly the ruling New Democracy Conservatives of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and his bitter rival and major opposition, the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) that is opposed to the terms of the bailouts. With local government and European Parliament elections coming in May – which SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras said will lead to repudiation of the coalition and see his party come to power, Provopoulos urged the warring sides to put their differences aside and stand behind austerity. The banker told a parliamentary finance committee that with the attainment of a primary surplus – not including interest on debt, the cost of state enterprises and municipal budgets, social security and some military expenditures – the economy is beginning to to around, an assessment disputed by many analysts who said the country’s still staggering $430 billion debt is unsustainable.


Stournaras Says Greece Barely Avoided Fiscal Disaster Of Troika Demands

Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras said a coming much-larger-than-expected primary surplus will prove Greece is making a comeback and that if he had accepted demands from international lenders for three billion euros ($4.09 billion) more in austerity measures that it would have been the final ruination for the economy. Addressing a conference on Dare Democracy, he said that a primary surplus soon to be announced will be “a very-very big surprise” and he criticized the Troika of Greece ‘s lenders for the forecasts made from September 2013 onward, according to the Athens News Agency. He said the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) was way off in its forecasts then – it now says there’s a 2.4 billion euro ($3.27 billion) hole in the 2014 budget. Stournaras said that the lenders left him a report calling for the three billion euros in measures but he wouldn’t go along. “If I had accepted this it would have been a great disaster,” he noted. He has consistently been optimistic about a recovery although many analysts continue to say Greece’s staggering $430 billion debt, including the $325 billion owed the Troika for two bailouts can’t be repaid. He stressed that Greece was making a huge effort to eradicate the two basic causes of the crisis – a general government deficit and a current account deficit – adding that “the other side of fiscal consolidation is a decline in living standards,” noting a  35 percent drop in disposable income in the past few years. “The figures show a significant improvement, maybe better than I was expecting. From the moment that figures improve until the moment that people will see some money in their pockets, it will some time,” Stournaras said. Mario Monti, former prime minister of Italy, told the conference said that achieving a primary surplus was the key for Greece’s success, and he congratulated Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and Stournaras for their work. He warned, however, against any complacency. The primary surplus, which earlier was estimated to be as much as one billion euros ($1.35 billion) doesn’t include interest on debt, the cost of state enterprise and municipalities, social security and some military expenditures, which otherwise together would show a huge deficit.


Politicians roll in for Melbourne's Greek festival

The Festival, Melbourne's largest Greek-themed street party, is being held in Lonsdale Street on both Saturday and Sunday. The main attraction is Greek singer Kostas Makedonas – a star in his native country – who will perform some of his biggest hits ...


Greek Teachers, Workers Protest, Clash With Police

Greek ReporterGreek Teachers, Workers Protest, Clash With PoliceGreek ReporterFeb 8, 2014. Greek teachers, workers protest Thousands of Greek teachers and municipal workers have scuffled with police during a protest at job layoffs as police respond with pepper spray. The state teachers and municipal workers held a demonstration ...and more »


Greek Reform Minister Calls for Fewer MPs, Smaller Electoral Districts in Athens

Greek ReporterGreek Reform Minister Calls for Fewer MPs, Smaller Electoral Districts in AthensGreek Reporterkuriakos-mitsotakis A change in the electoral law calling for fewer deputies, the breaking up of Athens into smaller electoral districts and the better management of political funding are priorities if more transparency is to be achieved in political ...


From Messenia to Minnesota: Senator Sandy Pappas Talks to TNH

Minnesota Senate President Sandy Pappas has deep roots in that state. She was born in Hibbings, a small city in the Northeastern Minnesota, about 100 miles south of the Canadian border. Though relatively unknown throughout the United States, Hibbings is the birthplace of quite a few celebrities, including home run hero Roger Maris and basketball […]

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Avantis “Evia” 2012 – Intensely Floral

Produced in the protected geographical indication (PGI) “Evia,” this 100% Malagousia wine from the Avantis Estate, is an incredibly aromatic experience. Malagousia is a classic Greek varietal that is known among wine growers as a particularly tricky grape to cultivate and grown – a very high maintenance varietal. But, its rising popularity amongst wine drinkers […]

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Greek-Australian to Build Artificial Island Near Darwin

The Greek owned company Halikos Group, considered one of Northern Territory’s leading construction companies, aims to build an artificial island near the port of Darwin in northern Australia. The company led by John Halikos has been a huge ...


Greece: Golden Dawn plans for election race as leaders face jail

Greece: Golden Dawn plans for election race as leaders face jailFinancial TimesSitting in a cramped office decorated in Greece's blue-and-white national colours, Ilias Kasidiaris talks about his plans to run for mayor of Athens – from a prison cell. “The government's aim is to put me in jail before the elections so that I don't ...Golden Dawn sets up surrogate partyEnetEnglishall 2 news articles »


Greek bank cost savings may help rescue fund buffer

Efforts by Greece’s top four lenders to cut costs and sell non-core activities may generate capital equivalent to a 5-billion-euro boost in the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund’s (HFSF) current buffer, the country’s central bank chief said on Friday. The... ...


Local bourse ends the week with gains of over 6.5 pct

The gains chalked up over the week by the Greek bourse’s benchmark index came to 6.61 percent on Friday as it edged higher for a seventh consecutive session. The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index closed at 1,254.75 points, adding 0.80 percent to Thurs... ...


Two Greek tax inspectors acquitted of bribery charges

A Thessaloniki court on Friday acquitted two tax inspectors over charges of accepting a 30,000-euro bribe to speed up a company tax inspection in order for its owner to receive a VAT return in 2007. While the tax inspectors had been convicted in a first t... ...


Pilot program in pipeline for electronic tagging of prisoners in Greece

Greece will in the next two years run a pilot scheme for the electronic tagging of prisoners aimed at reducing overcrowding in jails, according to a presidential decree put to public consultation. Initially, 200 prisoners who are serving sentences of up t... ...


Certain Greek doctors to be exempt from prescriptions limit

Doctors who work at public hospitals, as well as those who work for retirement homes and nongovernmental organizations, are among those who will not have a financial limit on the prescriptions they issue. Greece’s main healthcare provider, EOPYY, on Frida... ...


Greek and Chinese presidents discuss country ties at Sochi

Greek President Karolos Papoulias met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Sochi, Russia, on Friday, ahead of the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics. The two men discussed the strengthening of ties between the two countries. “I want this friendship... ...


Greek minister says recent road toll rises were part of existing deals

Transport Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis on Friday defended the rise in tolls on some sections of Greek highways, which mean that it now costs 56 euros to travel between Athens and Thessaloniki. Chrysochoidis said that the recent round of increases were ... ...


Migrants’ boat, four bodies discovered off Farmakonisi

The bodies of four more of the 12 migrants who drowned off Farmakonisi last month were recovered on Friday as a navy oceanographic research vessel helped coast guard divers locate the fishing boat in which the migrants had attempted to reach Greece. Sixte... ...


Athens to ask for easier fiscal targets

Armed with the 2013 primary surplus – which according to Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras will create quite a stir when it is announced – the government is putting pressure on the eurozone to launch discussions regarding a new restructuring of the Greek... ...


Exports head south after three years of expansion

As sector professionals had predicted, Greek exports posted an annual decline in 2013 for the first time after three years of growth. According to estimates issued by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) on Friday, the total value of exports in 201... ...


Greek Cyprus agrees on joint statement as Turks 'evaluate'

Hurriyet Daily NewsGreek Cyprus agrees on joint statement as Turks 'evaluate'Hurriyet Daily NewsThe text of the joint declaration is a modified version of the Greek Cypriot proposal submitted Dec. 13, 2013, but there are achievements for the Turkish side in the wording, such as the specification that sovereignty “emanates equally from Greek ...


Parties agree road map for Cyprus talks

The Greek and Turkish Cypriots have agreed on a road map prepared by the UN to resume talks on a reunification of the island, the Northern Turkish presidency said Friday. "The Greek and Turkish sides in Cyprus have reached an agreement on a common declaration for resuming negotiations," the Northern Turkish presidency said in a statement. Efforts to relaunch the UN-brokered talks on ending the ...


Cyprus reunification talks to resume

Talks on the reunification of Cyprus are to resume following agreement between Turkish and Greek Cypriots on a negotiations roadmap.


Greek Gang Scams the Unemployed, Promising Jobs in Canada

A Greek gang in Thessaloniki has been deceiving unemployed citizens by promising them employment opportunities in Canada. Six persons have already been charged (two men and four women) and a Greek couple — the alleged head of the gang — has been arrested. According to Greek police, the gang was operating three employment and immigration agencies in the center of Thessaloniki and were promising jobs in Canada to unemployed people with serious economic issues. In order to convince their victims of the agency’s credibility, the gang was asking for numerous official documents and down payments so as to finalize the alleged employment agreements between their clients and the companies in Canada. The agencies were founded in September 2012 and since then, they have scammed twenty unemployed people from whom they took 40,000 euros. Their headquarters was located in Bulgaria. Moreover, numerous documents linking the gang with the case were found during police raids of the gang’s houses and agencies. The arrested couple was sent to the prosecutor of Thessaloniki and an ongoing police investigation is searching for more victims of the gang.


Olympiakos’ Chairman Helps Cephalonia

Vangelis Marinakis, chairman of Greece’s football champion Olympiacos, announced on Thursday, his intention to give money to the quake-struck Greek island, Cephalonia. Olympiacos will help finance the effort of the Greek state mechanism to reconstruct schools that have been damaged by the continuous seismic activity. The earthquakes have caused severe damage to many residencies and public buildings including schools which have been temporarily closed. Mr. Marinakis said that “Olympiacos stands by the side of Cephalonia’s residents in a time of need. Solidarity and compassion are dictated by our society’s history, principles and values. We must do our utmost to help Cephalonia’s local society to feel safe again and to rebuild the damaged school in order for the children to carry on their studies. The Greek Minister of Education, Constantinos Arvanitopoulos welcomed the kind gesture of the Olympiacos chairman. Mr. Marinakis promised to cover the cost of repairing the schools in Cephalonia. The authorities estimated that the damage will cost approximately 500,000 euros. Cephalonia has been struck several times in the past by big quakes. In fact, back in 1953 the island was hit by a major earthquake which caused the death of 450 people and nearly destroyed the whole island.


Department of Jewish Studies Founded in Thessaloniki University

During a meeting on February 6, the rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Yannis Mylopoulos and the president of the Jewish community of the city David Saltiel, agreed on the foundation of a department of Jewish studies in Thessaloniki University. The meeting was attended by the Dean of the Philosophical Faculty, Miltiadis Papanikolaou, the vice president and the general manager of the Jewish community in Thessaloniki, Greece. The Jewish community of Thessaloniki will finance the first year of operation of the department, which is expected to be included in the curriculum of the Philosophical Faculty starting from the academic year 2014-2015. “A Department of Jewish Studies was operating  from 1930 to 1935 but it was suspended by Metaxas’ dictatorship. Then the Holocaust took place and today, after seventy years, the Greek state and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki decided to reestablish it. It is a very important decision for us, for the university, but also for the city of Thessaloniki” said the president of the Jewish community. The rectorate of Thessaloniki University described the meeting as “historic.” The main goal of the two sides is “the restoration of historical memory and the transmission of scientific knowledge in the field of Jewish history and culture.” The foundation of the Department of Jewish Studies in AUTH  has a special meaning as the city’s history is closely related to Jewish culture since the Jews of Thessaloniki before the Holocaust, amounted to 20% of the population.


Crete: Olof Palme’s Legendary House for Sale

The legendary residence of the Swedish politician Olof Palme in a village near Heraklion, Crete, Greece, is on sale. The house was given to Palme by the local community when he was the Prime Minister of Sweden. Palme loved the Greek island of Crete and visited very often. “When talking or writing about Crete, you often realize that it is impossible to describe this unique place with the countless historical and cultural elements. The beauty of the island can’t be described by any book or article,” he has said. Sven Olof Joachim Palme, was a very important Swedish politician who was a devoted defender of human rights and was always supporting the poor and weak people. For him, security had never been a major issue and he was often seen without bodyguard protection.  The night of his murder was one such occasion. On February, 28 1986, at night, he was walking home with his wife in a central Stockholm street, when they were attacked by an assassin. Palme was fatally shot in the stomach. His wife was shot in the back. Luckily, she survived without serious injuries. Police said that a taxi driver used his radio to raise the alarm. Palme was immediately transferred to the hospital but he was pronounce dead on arrival. His assassination is still unsolved while many conspiracy theories surround the case.


Tsipras: If I Get Elected…

In an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the leader of the Greek major opposition party Alexis Tsipras revealed his future plans in the case that he is elected Greek prime minister. Tsipras, who is currently paying a three-day visit to Italy in light of the upcoming EU elections, mentioned in the interview that 2014 will be an election year and revealed what his first actions as Greek PM would be. “I would be reviewing the current bankrupt bailout package imposed on Greece and also the entire European policy on responding to the crisis,” he said, while underlining that the solution to the crisis would not be found with Greece exiting the eurozone. The Greek politician also mentioned that he would seek help in Italy if he was to become head of the government in Greece, so as to combat Angela Merkel’s politics together with the other southern EU countries. “What has happened since 2008 will be taught in business schools, so as to be prevented in the future. The crisis is the product of a monetary asymmetry. The European political establishment, which was backed by people’s parties and socialists, worsened the situation. But why did they do this? In order to save the banks which held state bonds belonging to countries with large debts,” said the SYRIZA leader, upon being asked about the European financial crisis. Tsipras also talked about the need of a European “New Deal” and a new EU convention on debt modeled on the one of 1953, which wrote off a big chunk of Germany’s debt enabling the country to grow, and added, “The European Central Bank should act as a true central bank, like the Fed in the U.S., which lends money to states and not to banks.” Referring to Golden Dawn, the Greek leader said that the party is a “political product of liberalism,” mentioning that it rose to power during the years of austerity.


Cyclades Among 7 Most Romantic Destinations

Business Insider places the island group of Cyclades, Aegean Sea, Greece among the seven most romantic places in the world. The article states that Cyclades are the ideal destination for both honeymooners and seasoned travelers. “There are some places in the world where there is romance in the air. From the cherry blossom-lined streets of Kyoto to sensual tango dancing in Buenos Aires,” says the article noting that romance isn’t just a candlelit dinner. Cyclades were placed in seventh place thanks to their “shimmering turquoise-blue waters  and rustic mountains, bright sun, and delicious food.” The article praises Santorini, the most famous of the island group, with “its breathtaking sunsets and dramatic white stone cliffs.” The Greek island of Naxos the biggest of Cyclades, is also mentioned thanks to its “long, sandy beaches, and stunning green valleys and ravines.” Tourists are advised to visit Cyclades in the spring or fall since in the summer the islands are overwhelmed by visitors and the weather is stormy. Business Insider’s list includes Bali, Indonesia (1st place), Bruge, Belgium (2nd place), Buenos Aires, Argentina (3rd place), Charleston, South Carolina (4th place), Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera (5th place) and Fez, Morocco (6th place).


Samaras to Bild: We Won’t Need any New Packages

A video featured on the website of the German tabloid “Bild” talks about the “impressive confidence with which the Greek prime minister faces his critics” and the “passion with which he discusses the austerity measures that must be imposed.” The German journalists Kai Diekmann and Paul Ronzheimer, who recently held an interview in Athens with Antonis Samaras, describe the Greek PM as a fighter who is trying to restore his country’s credibility. The two journalists of the most critical German newspaper on Greece and its bailout program, in this video, gave their impressions on their interview, mentioning that Samaras had allocated enough time to their meeting and that we went in on all his objectives for the coming years. The journalists noted that Samaras seemed to be very well-informed about the current headline of the German newspaper, which on that day featured the statement that Greeks were richer than Germans. Samaras also agreed to talk about the proposed taxation on Greek assets and questioned the data by the European Central Bank concerning the amounts of these assets, while being optimistic that Greece is on a good track and won’t require any additional bailout packages. The German journalists noted that Samaras is struggling to regain Greece’s credibility and mentioned that the Greek finances are better now than they were two years ago, while underlining that no one is talking anymore about a possible breakup of the eurozone. The video also states that the Greek PM with his gaze upon his glass of water stated, not long ago this glass was half-empty, now it is half-full.


Greek, Turkish Cypriot Leaders Agree to Resume Reunification Talks

NICOSIA, Cyprus—Leaders of the Greek and Turkish communities on Cyprus have agreed to resume long-delayed talks on reunifying the island and ending a split that has eluded solution for 40 years. A face-to-face meeting could come as early as ...


Greek Authorities Recover the Bodies of 4 Immigrants

On Friday, February 7, Greek authorities discovered the bodies of four immigrants. The immigrants drowned while a coast guard vessel was towing their boat last month. The Greek divers recovered the bodies of two adults and two children from the ...