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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

8 incredible black sand beaches around the world

[puerto rico black sand]Jaume Escofet/Flickr When it comes to finding the perfect beach, folks are usually drawn to pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters. But there's another unsung sandy hero that deserves some praise and Instagram love, too. Black sand beaches, which are typically created by volcanic activity that occurs nearby, feature millions of pieces of glistening black basalt. And while many of these spots aren't meant for traditional activities like volleyball or sunbathing (the shores tend to be hotter since black absorbs more sunlight), they offer impressive, larger-than-life views. So where exactly can you find these stunning geological gems? We sifted through several black sand beaches around the world and compiled a list of our favorites, from the Big Island of Hawaii to the glacial shores of Iceland. No photo filters necessary. 1. PERISSA BEACH, GREECE Andrew Fysh/Flickr Positioned on the southern coast of Santorini in the shadow of Mount Vouno, Perissa Beach plays host to the ruins of Ancient Thira. It's also home to restaurants that come with umbrellas and sun loungers that are set directly on the sand and can be used free of charge when ordering food and drinks. Take a seat and watch the sunset or marvel over the mountain that separates Perissa Beach from the bigger and more crowded Kamari Beach.  2. STOKKSNES BEACH, ICELAND jen robinson/Flickr Arriving at the spectacular Stokksnes beach in Iceland feels a lot like stepping onto the set of a sci-fi movie. Here, you'll find black sand dunes and the looming and majestic Vestrahorn mountain. Photographers and tourists tend to visit around sunrise and sunset to snap photos of this beach, which is constantly changing due to shifting sand dunes. You won't be far from the town of Hofn -- about a 20-minute car ride away -- and the famous Vatnajokull glacier as well.  3. PUNALU'U BEACH, HAWAII gail/Flickr Bordered by palm trees on the Big Island of Hawaii, Punalu'u Beach is a popular tourist destination. For starters, the millions of black granules that make up the area dazzle as the clear Pacific Ocean laps on the shore. Here, you'll also likely stumble upon honu (or green Hawaiian sea turtles) and hawksbill turtles, which rest on the shores. If you do spot the creatures, look but don't touch. It's against federal and state law to harass the animals in any way. And while it might be tempting to bring a bag of the black sand home as a souvenir, be careful. Locals believe a curse falls on those who take lava outside of Hawaii. SEE THE REST OF THE STORY AT BUSINESS INSIDER