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Sunday, January 25, 2015

SYRIZA 'Clear Election Winner' According to Exit Polls

Leftist SYRIZA party, which wants to revoke Greece's bailout program, is poised to win Sunday's snap poll in the country, according to exit polls. Though polling stations are to close within a few hours, some pollsters have already announced partial results, according to the BBC and German weekly Der Spiegel. Figures suggest the party has a 12.5-percent lead on its main opponent, governing New Democracy. SYRIZA's support is estimated between 35.5 and 39.5 percent, while that for New Democracy ranges between 23 and 27 percent. This means Tsipras's party could get between 146 and 158 MP seats, with 151 needed for absolute majority that would allow him to make a government on his own.  The final opinion polls on Friday evening had predicted SYRIZA would be the winner, but will fail to attain majority in Parliament.  More to follow.