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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Greek Cartoonists Respond to Paris Terrorist Attack on Charlie Hedbo

Greek cartoonists have joined the global mourning and responded with their drawings to the Paris terrorist attack that cost the lives of four top French satirical cartoonists who worked for Charlie Hedbo satirical magazine. Dimitris Chantzopoulos speaks about the people of the pencil and the people of the eraser, the ones who create and the others who destroy. Ilias Makris drew a cartoon of the four slain French cartoonists as seemingly evil creatures who are nevertheless welcomed in the forgiving Christian Paradise.   Andreas Petroulakis shows the cartoonist drawing with his own blood. The Greek cartoonist wrote in where he stated philosophically that, “while it may seem strange, cartoonists and jihadists have one important similarity. They both move inside a fantasy world. They also have an important difference, in that the imaginary world of cartoonists is a product of human intellect and has permanent cosmic references while the world of the Islamic fundamentalist is one otherworldly, imaginary Paradise, to which they only answer to. These two worlds can communicate like a pen can communicate with a Kalashnikov. The cartoon is the naughty child of enlightenment and religious fundamentalism is the spoiled child of darkness.” Petroulakis continues: “The French cartoonists who perished yesterday were not afraid of them. The cartoonists across Europe have flooded today’s press and the internet with bold sketches as responses to fear. It is also crucial to keep calm and maintain our judgement.” He concludes by saying that his statement is not against any religion but against blind religious fanaticism.