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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Four New Polls Show SYRIZA Leading Steadily

Four new opinion polls show SYRIZA leading steadily, but percentage differences between the opposition party and New Democracy are decreasing. Smaller parties are shrinking, fighting for third place. While four parties are fighting for third place, the percentages of SYRIZA and New Democracy are increasing. George Papandreou’s new party, the Socialist Democrats Movement is the new player, taking a small chunk from PASOK and other center-leftist potential voters. Golden Dawn, the Greek Communist Party (KKE), PASOK and The River (To Potami) are the big contenders for third place. However, many participants said that they will decide at the last moment. In GPO’s poll, SYRIZA is at 28.5 percent, New Democracy at 25.3 percent. SYRIZA is getting half a percentage point more from the previous poll by the same company, while New Democracy gained 2.2 percentage points. The battle is tough for third place: the River with 5.8 percent, KKE 5.7 percent, Golden Dawn 5.4 percent and PASOK/Democratic Party 5 percent. Independent Greeks (ANEL) received just 2.7 percent, the Socialist Democrats Movement of George Papandreou at 2.6 percent, LAOS appears again in polls at 2 percent,  ANTARSYA 1 percent. “Other” was at 2 percent, while 13.1 percent are undecided. The ALCO figures show SYRIZA at 31.6 percent, New Democracy 28.6 percent, The River 4.2 percent, Golden Dawn 4.1 percent, KKE 3.8 percent, PASOK/Democratic Party 3.6 percent. The rest of the parties do not gather enough potential votes to enter the parliament: ANEL 2.2 percent, Socialist Democrats Movement 2.5 percent. Almost one in ten of the participants, 9.7 percent, are undecided. The Pulse survey shows SYRIZA with a solid 3.5 percent lead over New Democracy (30.5 versus 27 percent). PASOK/Democratic Party, Golden Dawn and The River share third place at 6 percent each. KKE follows with 5.5 percent of potential voters, ANEL at 3 percent and the Socialist Democrats Movement at 2.5 percent. The poll shows that if these figures show in the actual elections, seven parties will be in the 300-seat House, with SYRIZA taking 141 seats, New Democracy 80 seats, PASOK, The River and Golden Dawn 18 seats each, KKE 16 seats and ANEL 8 seats. The vast majority of respondents (57 percent) prefer a coalition government of two or more parties, versus 32 percent who would like a one-party government. Of those who prefer a coalition government, 43 percent prefer a government of national unity with as many parties as possible, 29 percent would like a coalition government with New Democracy as the main body and 25 percent would like to see a coalition with SYRIZA as the major partner. Finally, the Interview poll shows SYRIZA leading by only two points: SYRIZA 27.1 percent, New Democracy 25.1 percent, The River 6.3 percent, Golden Dawn 5.7 percent, KKE 4.6 percent, PASOK 3.6 percent, Socialist Democrats Movement 2.1 percent, ANEL 1.7 percent, Democratic Left 0.2 percent, other parties 6 percent and undecided 10 percent. According to the findings of a nationwide survey, 53 percent of respondents do not trust SYRIZA’s economic program, while 59 percent do not see an end to austerity. Also, Antonis Samaras remains most suitable as prime minister (41 percent) while 29 percent would prefer Alexis Tsipras as prime minister.