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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Letter From Athens: Storm Coming For Greece

Among the whackier websites out there (I know, it's hard to separate all the whack jobs from each other) is Stormfront, which as Nazi propaganda goes is even funnier than the illiterates of the Greek version, Golden Dawn, which is still looking for its first member who can complete a sentence without drooling and keep his knuckles from dragging on the ground at the same time. A recent comment on the Stormfront website tells you all you need to know about these types, who the sane world hoped were eradicated when Hitler decided to off himself in a bunker. It described black people thusly: ?You have a borderline retarded person who can somewhat function in society within his own limits. He can hold down a menial job, he has got his little hobbies, maybe his own little appartment (sic: they can't spell) or house, and he does his little thing. Sure he might wish he was smarter, he might wish he could do more, but he can't.?