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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Highlights of Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Sia Anagnostopoulou’s interview on ERT1 TV with journalist S. Charitatos (14 May 2019)

Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs Sia Anagnostopoulou gave an interview on ERT1 TV’s For Greece, hosted by journalist Spyros Charitatos. Asked to comment on Turkey’s heightened provocation lately, centring in the Cypriot EEZ, and whether Greece has placed red lines, the Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs noted, “The red lines have been placed and are there to stay. We will not tolerate our sovereign rights being undermined. Tensions are currently mounting in the Greek-Turkish relations, while Greece and Cyprus are continuing their ongoing cooperation. In Romania [during the European Council in Sibiu on 09 May] we managed to have the wholehearted support of Cyprus and that’s how we deal with a provocative neighbour.” The Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs also stated, “The country is prepared to face any challenge.”