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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Alyssa Milano is on a sex strike, unintentionally owns herself

Source: - Saturday, May 11, 2019 At least I think it was unintentional. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which are a serious reactions from our moral & intellectual betters in Hollywood & which are jokes. As I scanned headlines & tweets this morning, I spotted a call for a sex strike from actress/activist Alyssa Milano. Her motivation was a heartbeat bill signed into law Tuesday by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Georgia is a sixth state to pass such a bill, following Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, Iowa, & North Dakota. a bill has a abortion-on-dem& crowd in a tizzy. Georgia’s law will go into effect in January. a bill bans abortion after a sixth week of pregnancy, a time when a fetal heartbeat can be heard. Alyssa Milano led an effort to get oar entertainment business people to sign on to boycott filming & working in Georgia, a popular destination for Hollywood movie & television production companies. Back in March, as a Georgia legislature considered a bill, she took to social media to publicize a letter written to a Georgia House Speaker & Governor Kemp. Dozens of oar celebrities signed on to a letter . Hollywood movers & shakers fell in line & production companies began to announce that doing business with a State of Georgia would come to a halt. With that success, she persisted. Friday she called for a sex strike. a woke feminist went all a way back to ancient Greek literature as her guide to responding to elected officials outlawing abortion after a sixth week of p All Related