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Monday, September 21, 2015

The lenders are the real winners in Greece – Alexis Tsipras has been set up to fail

The Greek leader won on three promises the troika will make it hard for him to keep Alexis Tsipras has snatched resounding victory from the jaws of July’s humiliating surrender to the troika of Greece’s lenders. Defying opposition parties, opinion pollsters and critics within his ranks (including this writer), he held on to government with a reduced, albeit workable, majority. The question is whether he can combine remaining in office with being in power. Related: Greece election: Tsipras triumphant as Syriza returns to power The prime minister’s plan for weathering this storm is founded on three pledges Related: Greece election result: the key numbers Related: Q&A: What Syriza's victory means for Greece and the EU bailout Continue reading...