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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Guardian view on Greece and the euro: no money left

Deadlines have come and gone before, but Tsipras’s referendum pledge has finally forced a denouement. Creditors must rethink a failed austerity policy, and the political risk of painting themselves as the enemies of the Greek peopleSomething was bound to snap in Greece, and now it has. Over six years, jobs have vanished, hope has been smothered and a generation of progress in living standards has been reversed. Suicides soared among stricken individuals, and the collective sense of sovereignty shrivelled. The nation has been crucified on the cross of a currency that it should never have been allowed to join. It awakes to discover the extent of restrictions on accessing its bank accounts.Step back from the immediate row over proposals and counter-proposals, under which Alexis Tsipras drew a sharp line on Friday with his midnight pledge for a referendum, and this is the real backdrop to Athens’s abrupt decision to stop playing the European game. Fiery and inexperienced, the Greek prime minister has breached all the rules of diplomacy, failing to warn his counterparts about his plebiscite before going public, and perhaps depriving himself of a last bit of leverage in the haggling over bailout terms. His rhetoric contrasts his own mandate with the presumptions of callous technocrats, ignoring the mandates of creditor governments. That threatens the space in which a European club of 28 members is fated to find compromise. And the question he will put to the voters – whether they accept the creditors’ terms for extending a bailout that is now set to finish five days before Sunday’s vote – is arguably a nonsense. Continue reading...