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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Online User from Britain Offers to Help Greek Woman Commit Suicide via Facebook

The Greek police cyber crime unit has opened a case file against an internet user from the United Kingdom for participating in a suicide. According to Greek police, the accused, whose electronic traces have been found but have not been identified yet, tried to help a Greek woman who had expressed her wish to commit suicide on Facebook. He advised her to use a gun and even offered to provide one for her. The case investigation was initiated following a complaint made to the cyber crime unit by another internet user. The District Attorney of Athens has already been informed about the case and ordered to conduct a preliminary examination and get access to all the necessary data by the social network website and internet providers. The online police investigation showed that the accused’s electronic traces came from a UK internet provider. Furthermore, the Greek woman who expressed her intention to kill herself has been identified and is in good health. The file was provided to the Athens District Attorney to examine the possibility of submitting a request letter for the identification of the accused by British authorities.