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Monday, June 22, 2015

Bank Manager Accused of Exploiting ‘Grexit’ Fear

Greek Police arrested a 49-year-old manager of a local lender’s branch in western Attica last Friday, accused of stealing his clients’ funds and developing a bogus investment scheme. The suspect is currently detained on charges of fraud and forgery, violation of tax legislation, money laundering and weapons possession. The bank manager persuaded his customers to place their funds in a special investment program account that, according to him, would safeguard their money in case of a Greek deposits “haircut” and a “Grexit.” The 49-year-old suspect’s illegal activities are said to have started in 2013,  having scammed 4 unsuspecting clients of a total of over 1 million euros. During the scrupulous search of the suspect’s residence and car, police found and seized the sum of 56.045 euros, nine weapons, many deposit books, cards, as well as documents belonging to third parties.