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Friday, May 15, 2015

The greatest European military leaders of all time

Over centuries of inter-state conflict on the continent Europe has seen a number of remarkable military leaders come and go. The common thread linking all those who reached the very top of that profession is a genius for tactics and an ability to adapt mid-way through a battle in order to secure victory. From the ancient Greeks to the modern day the tools of the game have changed dramatically but the aim remains the same for all great military commanders — to leave their mark on history. Those that have succeeded leave behind not only the tales of extraordinary feats of bravery and skill, but also the tactical know-how passed down and used by future generations. Of these, a few names stand out from the rest. These people helped shape the history of Europe in a way that few other individuals can claim.8. Alexander Farnese was born in 1545 to Duke Ottavio Farnese of Parma and Margaret, the illegitimate daughter of the King of Spain, and Habsburg Emperor Charles V. In 1579 Philip II of Spain sent Farnese to Flanders to regain control of the region from the Dutch. The siege of of the heavily-defended Antwerp began in 1585 and, due to Farnese's tactical brilliance in building a bridge to cut off the defenders from the Scheldt river, it soon fell. 7. Maarten Tromp was born on April 23, 1598 in Brielle, Holland and became the highest ranking naval commander during the during the 17th century Dutch wars with Spain and England. See the rest of the story at Business Insider