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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Municipality of Athens Launches New Social Support Program Backed By Norway

The Mayor of Athens Giorgos Kaminis, the Norwegian Ambassador in the Greek capital Sjur Larsen and the President of the NGO (nongovernmental organization) “Solidarity Now,” Stelios Zavvos inaugurated yesterday a new program aiming to support Athenians in need due to the economic crisis. According to the agreement, the so-called “Solidarity and Social Reintegration” program includes a food program benefiting some 3,600 households, as well as a space provided by Athens’ City Hall and managed by the NGO where it will provide, among other services, social, medical and legal aid. “The aim is the immediate relief of those in need by providing food, medical care, social services, legal support, help finding employment, and support for single-parent families, children and other vulnerable groups,” the Norwegian Ambassador highlighted. His country has donated 95.8% of a total of the 4.3 million euros needed for the program’s support, while the rest of the funding comes from also crisis-hit Ireland and Lichtenstein.