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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tragedy With Three Dead in Lefkada

A tragic incident took place on Thursday noon in the village of Karya, in Lefkada, Greece, spreading sorrow to all residents. The building which was used as a tsipouro distillery became a death trap for the owner and two local men. The three men aged 57, 63 and 65, passed out after inhaling fumes coming from the distillery’s basement. They were immediately transferred in serious condition to the local hospital of Lefkada but it was too late. The director of the hospital, Yiannis Grigoropoulos, announced their death shortly afterwards. Tsipouro is a pomace brandy produced mainly in Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia and Crete, where they call it “tsikoudia”. It is a strong spirit containing 40-45% alcohol and is produced from the pomace (the residue of the wine press). Tsipouro is very popular among Greeks. Distillation in Greece is allowed only with a special permit but there are many makeshift distilleries all over the country.