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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

TEDxKalamata: Embrace and Transcend Your Limits

After the success of last year’s TEDXKalamata, the event was named the second most innovative TEDx on a global scale, as it was the first TEDx in the world to be held at an archaeological site. This year TEDxKalamata invites the public to be inspired, to discover and overcome its limitations, through the personal experiences of the speakers. “Embrace and transcend your limits’ is this year’s theme for the third TEDxKalamata, which is entitled “limits” and will take place on June 7 2014, at the Theatre of Ancient Messene, one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Limits exist to define our identity and challenge us. “In 2014, TEDxKalamata draws its inspiration from ‘ideas’ that indicate the existence of limits and manage to overcome them,” mentioned the event’s organizers. Several stories will be heard, proving how the impossible can become possible. TEDxKalamata proves its social conscience by letting unemployed people attend the event free of charge. For students and pupils the ticket costs 5 euros, while a regular tickets costs 15 euros. Tickets are available online and in selected stores throughout Greece. Tickets include entry to the event, transportation via bus from Kalamata to Ancient Messene and entrance to a party, presented by Kostis Maraveyas, a famous Greek singer, which will take place on June 8. The event will be equipped with a translation system from English to Greek and Greek to English.